Farm 255 Advertising Plans Book


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Mock advertising campaign plan for a restaurant in Athens, Georgia including a situation analysis, creative brief, and creative executions including IMC and guerrilla tactics.

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Farm 255 Advertising Plans Book

  1. 1. The Complete Experience Campaignkristen bowman • toni dawkins • georgia drummond • fiona nolan • amber trani
  2. 2. table of contents Situation Analysis 3-14 Company History 4-5 Product History 6-7 Consumer Evaluation 8 Market Evaluation 9 Competitive Evaluation 10-12 SWOT 13 Brand Essence 14 Marketing Direction 15-21 Communication 16 Brainstorming 17 Creative Brief 18-19 Target Profiles 20 Creative Concept 21 Creative Tactics & Execution 22-30 Interactive Ads 23-24 Story Board 25 IMC: Eggs 26 IMC: Seed Paper Fliers 27 IMC: Postcards 28 Guerilla 29 Future Recommendations 30 Summary 31 Page 2
  3. 3. situation analysis Page 3
  4. 4. company history The Farm 255 building was originally establishedin the 1930s and housed local art and music shows.The restaurant has stayed true to the character of theoriginal establishment with its rustic ambiance andentertainment from up and coming bands in the Athensarea. Farm 255 offers a complete dining experiencefrom farm to table. Whether food is traveling from FullMoon Farms, Moonshine Meats, or other local farmsand ranches, each delicacy served at the restaurant isone hundred percent locally grown and sustainable.Farm 255 now offers lunch in the afternoons from afarm cart located on the patio, unique dinner entreesin the evening, and extensive drink options and liveentertainment from local bands later in the night. Employees are required to volunteer at Full MoonFarms once a month to close the gap between the farmand restaurant. Dinner at Farm 255 emphasizes theimportance of community with an open kitchen thatconnects the chefs preparing the meals to the guests thatenjoy them. Their menu changes seasonally and all oftheir products are produced in-house to provide guestswith fresh and personal dining options. The nightlyentertainment stays true to the music scene of Athenswith performances from local bands. Farm’s bookingagent, Mercer, is in complete control of choosing whichbands play at the restaurant to ensure that qualityentertainment is provided. Page 4
  5. 5. company history Farm 255 is located at 255 West Washington Street past the Morton Theater and behind Clocked. The restaurant’s original owners were Olivia Sargeant and Tamar Adler. After graduating from Haverford College in 1999 where she met Tamar Adler, Olivia Sargeant shifted her focus from art history to agriculture and moved to Italy where she learned how to farm. She worked as a part-time farmer in Italy while teaching food systems education with NextCourse in Northern California for two years. Because of her experience in sustainable agricultural research and the restaurant business, Sargeant called on Adler in 2004 to help with the development of Farm 255. Sargeant moved to Georgia to help establish Farm’s menu and locally grown system. She began as the head chef and was the general manager for three years until 2010. Sargeant currently works with public relations, marketing, event planning, financial analysis, and still farms at Full Moon whenever she is in Athens. Jason Mann, a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, was working as an organic farmer when he responded to a Craig’s list ad posted by Olivia Sargeant in regards to the restaurant. Mann is still in charge of farm operations and has added the financial, political, and culinary direction of Farm 255 to his responsibilities. The restaurant has been open for six years and Sargeant and Mann are still partners. Page 5
  6. 6. product evaluation Farm 255 offers a dining experience incomparable to other restaurants by providing locally grown nutrition with stunning flavor only found in the fresh food, harvested and brought to chefs within a few hours of being plucked at the peak of ripe freshness from rural farm areas located just minutes from Athens. Every gourmet dish is prepared with all the care and consideration that Farm and their suppliers use to nurture and coax seedlings from the ground. The Farm 255 adventure revolves around local, seasonal, and sustainable food supplied by Full Moon Farms and Moonshine Meats. Their animals are completely grass-fed and pasture- raised and vegetables picked that morning can be found in the evening’s entrees. The Menu expands on Southern comfort by taking a fresh and inventive approach that cannot be found elsewhere. Farm 255 is, very simply, a delicious dining encounter with an explosive taste that can only come from the unabashed, wholesome freshness. The restaurant is nestled in an off-street nook separated from high traffic areas. Page 6
  7. 7. product evaluation In addition to its prime downtown location,Farm 255’s patio houses the Farm Cart as wellas a spacious outdoor seating area. The FarmCart serves fresh, farm grown, and economicallyfriendly lunch on wheels. It can be found outsideon the restaurant patio, but on Saturday andTuesday evenings the Cart moves to the AthensFarmer’s Market locations. The Farm Cart alsohas late night Friday and Saturday openings onthe patio. Unlike any other restaurant in Athens,Farm 255 provides music from up and comingbands nightly. The featured music genres varyfrom day to day and the full bar is open untilmidnight, except on Monday, and 2 am Thursdaythrough Saturday. The Farm 255 dining experienceis entertaining, convenient, and above allsustainable. Completely grown in Athens fromneighbors who care, Farm 255 provides food andentertainment that excites the senses and nurturesthe soul. Its wonderful bounty is a smorgasbord,that values the Earth and recognizes it as a link tolife. Page 7
  8. 8. consumer evaluation Farm 255 attracts professional and college aged Athens locals with their unique food offerings and live entertainment. Whether their interests include eating healthy, living a green lifestyle, or enriching themselves in a piece of the Athens culture, Farm 255 is a completely homegrown experience echoed from food and entertainment to atmosphere and ideology. Their farm fresh veggies and upstart entertainment provide a unique dining destination that keeps guests coming back for more. Loyal guests of Farm 255 tend to be actively involved in their communities. They may be regular volunteers or members of city council. Many visitors of the restaurant are ahead of upcoming trends. They are interested in the Athens music scene and the rich culture of the city. Other regulars support Farm because of their strong philosophy. They believe in things like sustainability, organic farming, and cruelty-free animal products. Page 8
  9. 9. market evaluation The current recession has caused the number of people dining out to significantly decrease. Consumers have less disposable income and they are saving money by preparing meals at home. When people go out to dinner they are looking for more than just a decent meal. Consumers in today’s society are obsessed with the concept of one-stop shops. Farm 255 offers unique dishes, entertainment, and a wide variety of drink options that are backed by a well engrained philosophy. In addition, the green movement has created a preference for sustainable products that Farm 255 can provide. Despite the state of the economy, Farm 255 has an advantage in a market concerned with sustainability.Page 9
  10. 10. competitive evaluation lunch/brunch Brunch/Lunch Farm 255 Cart Big City Bread Last Resort The Grit Atmosphere Outdoors, rustic, ca- Casual, Upscale, romantic Warm, relaxed, rustic sual, simplistic Target Market Young business per- Locals of all ages Students, couples, lo- Young adults, vegetar- sons, locals, professors, cal business persons, ians, vegans, trendy students families locals Price Range $4.50-$6.50 $3.50-$8 $2.95-$8.95 $1.95-$9.50 Food Locally grown produce Bakery and coffee shop New take on Southern Vegetarian and vegan and meats with a variety of fresh classics offerings salads and sandwiches Location Moves around between 393 North Finley 174-184 W Clayton St, 199 Prince Ave Athens, the patio, Athens Street, Studio A, Ath- Athens, GA GA Farmers Market, Lit- ens, GA 30601 tle Kings, and Bishop Park, also available for catering Hours Cart: Mon: 11:30am- Mon-Sat: 7am-5:30pm; Mon-Sat: 11am-3pm; Mon-Fri: 11am-10pm; 2:30pm on patio, Tues: Brunch: Sun: 7am-3pm Brunch: Sun: 10am- Brunch: Sat-Sun: 11:30am-1:30pm on 3pm 10am-3pm patio & 4pm-7pm at Little Kings, Wed-Fri: 11:20am-2:30pm on pa- tio, Sat: 8am-12pm at Bishop Park; Brunch: Sun: 11am-2pm Page 10
  11. 11. competitive evaluation dinnerDinner Farm 255 Big City Bread The National The Grit Last ResortAtmosphere Rustic, modern, Casual, relaxed Upscale Warm, relaxed, Upscale, romantic trendy rusticTarget Market Trendy locals, Young locals, Local Young adults, Students, couples, business persons, students, business professionals, vegetarians, local business young adults, grad persons people looking for vegans, trendy persons, families students a Mediterranean, locals European menuPrice Range $3-$22 $3.50-$17 $4-$25 $2.75-$7.50 $4-$17.95Food Local fresh fruits, Upscale seafood, Mediterranean, Vegetarian and Upscale, vegetables, and steaks, pork, and European style vegan offerings expensive seafood, meats rabbit, vegetable food pastas, salads, plates, flatbreads, and meats salads, and burgersLocation 255 Washington 393 North Finley 232 W Hancock 199 Prince Ave 174-184 W. Street, Athens, GA Street, Studio A, Ave, Athens, GA Athens, GA Clayton St, 30601 Athens, GA 30601 Athens, GAHours Tues-Thurs: Mon-Sat: 5:30pm- Mon-Thurs: 5pm- Mon-Fri: 11am- Sun-Thurs: 5pm- 5:30pm-10pm, 9:30pm 10pm, Fri-Sat: 10pm, Sat-Sun: 10pm, Fri-Sat: Fri-Sat: 5:30pm- 5pm-11pm 5pm-10pm 5pm-11pm 10:30pm, Sun: 5:30pm-9:30pm Page 11
  12. 12. competitive evaluation entertainment Entertainment/ Farm 255 Caledonia Flicker Theater Max Canada 40 Watt Bar Atmosphere Relaxed, funky, Grungy, dirty Relaxed, fun, Rock and roll dive Dark, club feeling rustic artsy bar with outdoor patio Target Market Students, young People who enjoy Local music and Local rock music Music lovers of all adults music who are 18 movie lovers fans who are 18 or ages years of age or older older Price Range Free for concert, Concert tickets $3.50-$7 Free-$20 for con- Concert tickets $5- $3-$10 for drinks $3-$7 certs $30 Product Offerings Local bands, cof- Live music, beer, Live music, mov- Live music, pool Live music, dance fee, beer, wine, and liquor ies, art, coffee, tables, beer, and floor, beer, and and liquor beer, wine, and liquor liquor liquor Location 255 Washington 256 W Clayton 263 W Washington 243 W Washington 285 W Washington Street, Athens, GA Street, Athens, GA Street, Athens, GA Street, Athens, GA Street, Athens, GA Hours Tues-Wed: Mon-Sat: 10pm- Mon-Sat: 4pm- M-S 4-2 Mon-Sat: 10pm- 10:30pm-12am, 2am 2am 2am Thurs-Sat: 10:30pm-2am, Sun: 10:30pm- 12am Page 12
  13. 13. SWOT analysisStrengths Weaknesses• Fresh, locally grown produce and ethically • Small visibility on West Washington raised meat used in dishes • Limited parking downtown• Open kitchen and relaxed environment • Relatively narrow target market as result of the• Numerous vegetarian options high price point and limited menu options• Live entertainment • Only outdoor seating available for Farm Cart• Mobile and affordable lunch service customers• Full drink menu and large bar • No kid friendly options on the dinner menu• Keeps up with social media via Twitter, which may prevent some families from coming Facebook, and blog siteOpportunities Threats• New parking deck will provide more parking • The more affordable dinner options nearby downtown • The state of the economy that affects peoples’• The popularity of the “green”, “sustainable”, and spending and dining-out habits “locally grown” trends • Inclement weather affecting the crops on the• Farm Cart has flexible hours and ability to farm and the availability of the Farm Cart move to different venues • Crop disease and livestock illness which could• The Georgia Theater re-opening could bring in compromise the restaurant’s food supply more people• Partnership with Morton Theater to offer dinner specials after shows/plays• Numerous businesses are available for partnerships and promotions Page 13
  14. 14. brand essence Page 14
  15. 15. Marketing Direction Page 15
  16. 16. communicationCOMMUNICATION OBJECTIVES:-Increase understanding of full array of offerings-Increase awareness of the brandSTRATEGY:Our strategy is to illustrate the complete diningexperience offered by Frarm 255 using a variety ofhands on methods.RATIONALE:We observed that Farm 255’s target audience wasencountering the brand in fragments and wantedour campaign to increase awareness of everything the restauranthas to offer. We chose to create a “hands on” campaign to mirror theinteractive nature of the brand itself. The employees of Farm 255 arerequired to get their hands dirty by volunteering at the farm and wewanted to give restaurant guests the same opportunity. Page 16
  17. 17. brainstormingWe created a cluster web with word assocations related to farm, then expanded into different tiers of ideas. Page 17
  18. 18. creative brief CLIENT: Farm 255, 255 West Washington Street Athens, GA 30601 MEDIA: full page and full color interactive print ads; post card advertising farm animal event as guerilla tactic; plastics eggs made to look like real eggs that you can “crack” open for a cou- pon for Farm 255; flyers made from seed paper. KEY FACT/BACKGROUND: Farm 255 has truly distinct product offerings and a unique selling proposition with its sustainability approach and focus on the journey food makes from its origins to the table. This locally ingrained philosophy extends to create a line of product offerings that span from locally grown food to entertainment from up and coming bands. PROBLEM: Farm 255 provides customers with a completely local experience, however this encounter is divided among segments and many of Farm’s customers are unaware of all of their product offerings. OBJECTIVE: To raise brand comprehension by 35% among Farm 255 customers by the end of 2011 Page 18
  19. 19. creative briefINSIGHTS: “My husband and I are as active in our business as we are in the community. We love tosupport other local businesses and Farm 255 is the perfect place to do that because they use localfarms to gather their produce.” “I care a lot about the environment and prefer to eat meals that are locally grown andorganic. I would love to be able to eat out more but I am unaware of any restaurants offeringlocal produce and meats.” “Athens was my first home away from home and I love to come back to visit and enjoy thewonderful music scene and feel a sense of community. I enjoy places downtown that offer foodand entertainment unique to Athens.”PROMISE:Farm 255 allows me to immerse myself in a completely home grown experience.SUPPORT: locally grown produce fresh from farms in the area ethically-raised meat nightly entertainment open kitchen sense of tradition sophisticated, yet relaxed environment unique food fusions wide selection of alcoholic beverages green, self-sustaining seasonal menu Page 19
  20. 20. target profiles Stephanie Sharp is a 40 year old Brandi Rigsby is 38 years old. She business woman. Her and her is the president of Row Your Boat husband Buck manage a local web Records and a UGA Alumni. Although design business, Plexus. They are she currently lives in Tennessee, she both fast paced and very active is in love with the culture and music in their business. Stephanie is a scene of Athens. Whenever there is long time member of the Athens an in-town event, Brandi makes a community. She is very committed trip back to Athens. When she gets to serving her community and seeks dinner downtown, she is looking for opportunities to do so. For her and the charming character of Athens her husband, Farm 255 is an escape and the nostalgia she feels when she from their hectic business that allows immerses herself in the rich culture. them to enjoy a healthy meal and still give back to their community. Jake Matthews is 45 years old and is a senior grants officer at the University of Georgia. He enjoys hiking, camping, and cooking. He is environmentally conscious and makes a point to live as green as possible. He divides his time as best he can between work responsibilities and spending time with his girlfriend, Catherine. As much as he loves the outdoors and getting his hands dirty, his schedule keeps him from being able to farm for his own food. He prefers to eat meals that are locally grown and organic. Page 20
  21. 21. creative concept It’s a Friday night after a long hard week of work.Nancy is ready to let go and have some fun with her friendsbut there is just one problem…there are a million options andno one wants to suggest a place for dinner. Nancy turns toJenelle and says, “Well maybe it will help if we decide whatwe want to do after we eat.” “I don’t know,” Nancy responds,“listen to music and grab a few drinks.” Nancy immediatelytakes the next left, “I know the perfect place.” When people dine out they are looking for more thanjust a tasty meal. They value complete encounters that allowthem to escape from the reality of their hectic lives anddig in to a truly unique dining experience. From fresh andoriginal dishes created with a strongly engrained philosophyto entertainment and ambiance that stay true to the richculture of Athens, Farm 255 is the ideal destination forlunch and dinner. Page 21
  22. 22. Creative Tactics & Executions Page 22
  23. 23. interactive ads This storybook mirrors the journey food takes from local farms to Farm 255 by following a boy named Timmy on an adventure to satisfy his mysterious tummy rumble in a series of interactive ads designed to create hype among consumers over the brand. Its hands-on design allows consumers to interact with the ad, thus making the ad memorable and increasing awareness of the brand. In the ads, Timmy visits the Farm Cart at Bishop Park in the afternoon and follows his treasure map to Farm 255 for dinner and entertainment. These ads are constructed to inform current and future restaurant guests of all of Farm 255’s product offerings. The lunch ads will be handed out to the dinner crowd and the dinner ads will be given to lunch guests to encourage them to visit a different day part. Page 23
  24. 24. Page 24
  25. 25. story board for viral video1 2 3 4TExT: Night before event 12:00 a.m. TExT: Morning of event TexT: One hour prior to event TexT: Thirty minutes prior to11/11/11 (:01) SETTING: Downtown Athens SETTING: East Broad Street side- event 11:30 a.m. (.01)SETTING: building in downtown VIDEO: Medium shot of woman from walk SETTING: W. Washington StreetAthens the back reading announcement VIDEO: Camera pans along with VIDEO: Long shot down street;VIDEO: Long shot of side of a brick board that says, “Where’s Timmy? chalk that reads, “Where’s Timmy?” camera tilts to a woman walkingbuilding. The character Timmy is --Farm 255”. along with clues leading up to Farm by a Farm employee (wearingprojected; zoom to text on building AUDIO: same, but faster (:04) 255 “Where’s Timmy? shirt)that says, “Where’s Timmy?” AUDIO: same (:04) He says, “Follow me to 255”AUDIO: “Circus Attraction” (:03) AUDIO: same (:04)5 6 7 8TExT: Where’s Timmy Event Kick- SETTING: Farm 255 Patio TExT: (..There’s Timmy) TExT: “Farm 255” logo and “dig inoff VIDEO: Medium shot of Farm wait- SETTING: Farm 255 Patio to the experience” tagline (:03)SETTING: Farm 255 Patio ress handing woman a small book, VIDEO: Close up of story book open AUDIO: Tada sound clip (:03)VIDEO: Long shot showing crowd mischevious look on her face in woman’s hand TRANSITION: Fade to black. Endgathered around stage and farm AUDIO: “Circus Attraction” cuts AUDIO: “Circus Attraction” fades (:03)cart back in, loudly (:03) into the background (:03)AUDIO: Live Music playing in back-ground, then fades (:04) Page 25
  26. 26. IMC:Eggs These plastic Easter eggs have been painted to look like real eggs so that they are consistent with the look and feel of the campaign and will be used as an interactive promotional item. The eggs can be handed out all over Athens, specifically in the downtown area. When opened there is one of three coupons inside: buy two entrées get the second entrée free, buy one entrée and get a free dessert, or buy one entrée and get a free appetizer. They will be handed out at the Farm Cart to encourage people to try dinner at Farm 255. These eggs will raise awareness among those unfamiliar with the restaurant and provide an incentive for customers already aware to revisit.Page 26
  27. 27. IMC:seed paper fliers These flyers made from seed paper are another way to get the target audience involved with Farm 255. They provide a brief description of the restaurant and the web address for more information. Each flyer encourages consumers to literally dig into the Farm 255 experience by planting the seed paper and watching it grow. The paper stays true to the brand’s philosophy while furthering its creative concept. Page 27
  28. 28. IMC:postcardsFarm 255 will send out postcards toinvite people all over Athens to jointhem for the Cow N’ Chow, PatioPigout, and Goat Guzzler. Page 28
  29. 29. guerilla tactic Farm 255 will host a series of farm animal events as a guerilla tactic over three months to raise awareness of the Farm Cart. They will be inviting people to join them for lunch on a Friday at the Farm Cart with eveyone’s favorite furry friends. Actual farm animals will be there from 12:00-2:00 and lunch will be served for the cart’s regular hours. Guests will be allowed to pet, play with, and feed the animals. A few visitors will even be allowed to milk their own cow! This tactic will raise awareness and create hype over the brand. Everyone will be mooooooovin on down to Farm 255! Page 29
  30. 30. future recommendations SPONSORSHIPS: Farm 255 could work with places like the Morton Theater to organize a promotion that combines dinner at Farm with a show at the Morton Theater at a discounted rate. This promotion would raise awareness and provide an incentive to choose Farm 255 over other restaurants in Downtown Athens. LUNCH MENU ExPANSION: Farm 255’s Farm Cart could add a wider variety of lunch options to appeal to more people. This could help them obtain a more loyal customer base. The Farm Cart is already affordable, so with the expansion of the lunch menu the business as a whole has room for growth. The Farm Cart could introduce a kid friendly option like a grilled cheese sandwich or bite sized chicken nuggets. For the adult lunch crowd, some type of sandwich, like turkey and avocado, would make a nice addition to the menu. Page 30
  31. 31. summary In our campaign we wanted to show that Farm 255 offers a complete dining experience, explore the journey food takes from farm to table, and convey this message in an interactive way to highlight the nature of the brand. To do so we created a series of storybook ads that followed a character named Timmy as he explored the adventure food takes when traveling to Farm 255 as well as the restaurants vast array of product offerings. The idea that employees of the restaurant were not only required to but also volunteered additional hours working on the farm intrigued us, so we decided to bring out the inner child of our adult target market by making our ads and tactics hands on so that guests of Farm 255 could dig into the experience just like the Farm 255 staff. Our ads and IMC pieces can be described as rustic, scenic, and involved. We used a picturesque background for our storybook, seed paper for our flyers, and pictures of actual vegetables growing to give the ads a sophisticated and classic feel similar to that of the restaurant ambiance. We added Timmy as a character to our ads and the farm animals on our postcards to give the ads a playful feel that allow consumers to have fun and enjoy the ads. Farm 255 is not a plain and conventional brand so why should their ads be plain and conventional? We used earthy tones to prevent the brand from straying from its connection to nature. The tone of our campaign is highly playful. We emphasize the “fun” to be had with a Farm 255 experience by using rhymes and playful event titles. Page 31