Alfresco One (Enterprise) vs Alfresco Community 2014

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Alfresco One (Enterprise) vs Alfresco Community 2014

Alfresco One (Enterprise) vs Alfresco Community 2014

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  • 1. Alfresco One (Enterprise) vs Community
  • 2. Non functional differences (1/2) • Ready for Production • We release Service Packs and Updates • Priority on Problem Resolutions and asking for new product features • Intense program of QA and testing • Certification with multiple platforms (OS, DB, App Servers, etc.) • Supported and Certified for High Availability • Support for developers and administrators during the customization, installation and upgrade
  • 3. Non functional differences (2/2) • Support based on SLA (including 24x7 follow the sun) • Support Portal available 24x7 • Support Management Tools available for customers • Indemnity and Warranty • Access to our support Knowledge Base, reduce your time to solve issues. • Certified Training for users, developers and adminsitrators • Support and services by a Certified Partner Network in your country • Consultancy and Professional Services available in Alfresco (Premier and TAM, consultancy packages). • Migration Support
  • 4. Technical differences (1/3) • Enterprise DB Support like Oracle, MS SQL Server and DB2 (besides MySQL and Posgres). • Enterprise Application Servers Support like Weblogic or Websphere (besides Tomcat and Jboss). • Certified Integrations with third party products (SAP, Salesforce, AWS S3, Outlook, Brava Viewer, etc.). • Clustering • Storage Policies (Content Store Selector) • Benchmark Framework
  • 5. Technical differences (2/3) • Cloud Sync (Hybrid Sync). • Hybrid Workflow between Alfresco On-Premise and Alfresco Cloud • Jod Connector performance improvement for OpenOffice / LibreOffice (default transformations) • Transformation Server: scalability, accuracy and performance with MS Office. • Dedicated Alfresco Index Server: scalability and performance • Admin Panel and Admin Tools (JMX Support) • Cluster config: web and Hazelcast (4.2) • Authentication config: web (4.2) • Advanced monitoring with JMX (native support for Hyperic monitoring and third party plugins for Nagios or Icinga).
  • 6. Technical differences (3/3) • Alfresco Workdesk: • DB Role Manager: filter roles • History Manager: changes control. • Plugin “Send as attachment”. • Alfresco Mobile (free) but: • Data Encryption in the device. • Alfresco Distribution Polices: time control on the syncronization withing the device. • Alfresco for Good: MDM (Mobile Device Management)