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Empower Knowledge Workers



- Knowledge Work and Adaptive Cases

- Knowledge Work and Adaptive Cases
- Papyrus ACM Quick Facts



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Empower Knowledge Workers Empower Knowledge Workers Document Transcript

  • <PAPYR U S AC M> Empower Knowledge Workers Empower Your Business Papyrus Adaptive Process and Case Management INSIDE  Knowledge Work and Adaptive Cases  Papyrus ACM Quick Facts KEY ADVANTAGES  Process adaptability with Design by Doing  Business and marketing control their processes, content and templates  Flexibility and compliance for manager, architect and knowledge worker  Consolidated view of inbound and outbound documents and status
  • Empower Knowledge Workers – Empower Your Business Cross Public Knowledge workers are found at the Industry Healthcare Insurance Financials Sector heart of every service- and customer- • Accounts • Virtual patient • Claims • Loans • Grants driven operation in a business, performing payable records handling operations management mission-critical and complex activities • Contract • Claims • Underwriting • New accounts • Tax processing management processing from customer claims management • New accounts • Wealth • Investigation • Employee • Member management and contract management to account on-boarding enrollment • Policy • Case management • Branch management management and fraud investigations, • Problem • Revenue cycle operations • Partner • Environmental among others. tracking management Management  Knowledge work is mostly UNSTRUCTURED and UNPREDICTABLE Knowledge work is about deci- ACM for Knowledge Work sion-making that requires tio n Exp va lo Businesses benefit from empowering employees and turn- transparency and real-time no i ta ing as many production workers as possible into knowledge n access to content and tio &I Repetitive workers. data in the context of the n E x p l o rat i o n business process. Knowledge Process standardization is a key element in the cost savings of Administrative BPM because implementing processes is so cumbersome and As knowledge work does not have a predefined expensive. It therefore promotes "good-enough" processes flow, it requires clear rather than a perfectly customer-oriented outcome. goals, authority assigned Supportive to a performer, and defini- Ex plo r a ti on & rc h 19 91 director I n n ov atio n - J. M a tion of the means (budget or targets process resource) to achieve the goal. goals lex it y mp Co Complex Spectrum of work processes ss ce executive Pr o Somewhat objectives Economist James March defined that for businesses to suc- complex ceed in the long run, they need to both exploit existing knowledge and explore and innovate continuously. A strong Not complex at all cost focus can cause business management to lose sight of (done today by Excel effectiveness. BPM automation further Word over e-mail) and faces the danger that skilled workers become redundant or leave in frustration. customer actor perception knowledge/skill Goal REDUCE MANPOWER driven AND AUTOMATE AS PROCESS UNPREDICTABILITY ACM MUCH WORK AS POSSIBLE! ACM is "empowerment technology" that focuses on the WHY and WHO and not on the HOW, because that knowledge is "between two ears only" (Peter Drucker). BPM TURN AS MANY PEOPLE C E S S AS POSSIBLE INTO Top-down business transparency ensures that knowledge O KNOWLEDGE WORKERS! CRM P R workers understand why they are doing things, and real-time E V A P T I process transparency enables process owners to intervene ECM A D immediately when customer quality assessments are poor. PROCESS COMPLEXITY
  • Adaptive Case Management Empowerment is not about social networking - it's about authority, goals and means. Effectiveness and transparency are achieved by linking customers and process performers in the process context. Why would empowerment work better than reward and pun- Goal-oriented, adaptive processes ishment, or strict even quality monitoring? Each action in an empowered organization drives productivity forward, while ACM first empowers the high-level knowledge workers in a rigidly planned organizations (hierarchically or not) waste business by enabling the executive to communicate business precious energy and time on analysis and designs, policing strategy (in terms of models) to them. It helps align financial procedures and reward/punishment systems. Each control- goals with process and budgetary planning, to empower ling or monitoring action and each reward will cause counter- both management to define the goals and actors to add the productive forces in the organization. tasks that achieve them. Driving processes with GOALS rather than flowcharts, and then mapping inbound and outbound Only empowered actors can use intuition and experience to CONTENT to them, supports the processes that generate new implement many small, low-cost improvements that follow knowledge and successful outcomes. the business architecture and can be verified for benefits representatives respond within days. customer focus inquiries within 24h executive director objective director target Five elements of ACM target Empowering knowledge workers requires adaptive technol- ogy to enable business communications and processes using achieve one sub-goal, alert after 20h five basic elements: process process  Entities: SOA or other interfaces connect the silos to the goal goal process environment.  Goals and goal rules: Direction and measurement ensure sub-goals contact sub-goals create and customer to send results understand proposal to  Content: Inbound and outbound correspondence needs better sub- customer user actions process within 24h  Rules: NLR (natural language rule) editing  GUI: Users can define forms and wizards from widgets Design-by-Doing CONTRACT New knowledge requires the creation of new data, new POLICY content, new rules, new goals, new user interfaces and new m t roles - by the business users who need them. Business user gem al Ledocs trac service os n copy invco oic empowerment must be linked to a common GOAL-oriented ACTIVITIES e RULES approach - business users don’t understand complex gate- manage TASKS GOALS ma nag e man a ge ways in 2D BPMN flows. CASE/ TASK TEMPLATE ma na ge ma nag e “Business users do not just influence the GUI design, they actually create the process PORTAL BPMN ENTITIES SOA OPTIONAL on the fly.” - Max J. Pucher Benefits of Papyrus ACM ACM allows the business to selectively and securely empow- mization without ANY bureaucratic governance overhead. er all the people that take action and those for whom action  Empowers non-technical business users is taken. ACM is about communication and process as ONE.  Builds virtual process organizations ACM leaves the automation of the low-value, highly repeti- tive tasks to BPM, while providing the platform for the high-  Users create dynamic knowledge processes value, unique and skill- or knowledge-intensive customer  Assembles optimized process templates service processes. This is where customer loyalty is being  Delivers real-time customer perceptions created and maintained.  Gathers actionable process knowledge But ACM also empowers because it interconnects the man-  Links business and process goals agement layers and enables continuous innovation and opti-  Provides operational transparency
  • ACM Empowered: Closed-Loop Busi Processing a case involves a substantial amount of business communication - both incoming and outgoing – that adds to the complexity and challenge of effectively managing successful progress and resolution. Papyrus Adaptive Case Management ACM exposes structured (business data) and unstructured Using the templates for data, content, rules, actors and GUI, (content) information to the actors of structured (business) a business user can create or modify case templates or in- and unstructured (social) organizations to interactively cre- stances. By means of the Case Builder, those templates can ate, modify and securely execute – with knowledge gathered be assembled by drag-and-drop and linked to BPMN activi- during run time – structured (process) and unstructured ties that are assigned to a hierarchy of process goals. (case) work in a transparent and auditable manner. Adaptive processes, despite lacking a predictable and re- peatable progression, nevertheless go from a less ordered to a more ordered state through user action. During execution, the actor may receive Comm rise erp suggested actions but can decide otherwise (given the authority). E nt s- The decision is stored in the template and available to ru other actors, but it is not py turned into hard-coded Y Pa flowcharts that replace U YR I SI S human intuition. Inbound P PA (Classify, Capture, Extract, Embed inbound business communication Capturing and archiving inbound documents is an essential element of a full case man- agement solution. Typically, inbound documents range from known forms and semi- structured accounting documents to totally Fa Fa x x unstructured letters and /SM SCAN SM FAX E-MAIL WEB S S e-mails. ACQUISITION ACM is fully consolidated with the Papyrus Capture products and can be installed as one homogenous so- Custo CLASSIFICATION determine document type lution. Automated capture processing of doc- uments as they are received must occur efficiently to AUTOMATIC quickly start activities triggered by their content. INDEX AND DATA EXTRACTION With the use of classification taxonomy, documents are handled based on their apparent similarities, before any VALIDATION OCR reading has taken place. To classify and extract busi- with data look up ness data from scans requires training a relevant sample set, but not programming. Adding barcode reading can VERIFY help identify relevant detail information such as case or customer numbers. CATEGORIZER document distribution Papyrus captures ALL incoming content, performs ma- chine-learning classification, extracts and validates busi- INBOX INBOX INBOX INBOX INBOX DEPARTMENT “A” DEPARTMENT “B” DEPARTMENT “C” DEPARTMENT “D” DEPARTMENT “E” ness data, and executes automated business responses and initiates straight-through or user-interactive processes.
  • ness Communications and Processes RULE #1: "There is no process without content, and content without process you don’t need." Papyrus EYE Widgets Most BPM products only offer simple forms, while Papyrus enables intuitive, fully functional graphical user interfaces. Dashboards, process queues and application dialogs read data models from the repository and are simply populated with business data from for an SOA interface through drag- and-drop. Empowered employees can create user inter- faces without programming through the powerful Papyrus EYE Widget technology. Widget definitions are centrally managed, version-controlled and time-stamp deployed to all production servers. municatio na nd EYE Widget applications are Pr deployed identically in the desk- oc top and in the browser. User- e definable themes enable ss CSS-like configuration. The Pl YE user Papyrus Client is deployed atf i nt as a Browser plug-in. er orm Outbound fa c e (Batch, Online, Interactive, Embed outbound business communication The use of Papyrus outbound products closes the communications loop with the cus- tomers, clients, stakeholders, agents and vendors with high-quality content. E-m tter Fa one l Ph ai Le Data-driven, specific MS x/S business documents must REPOSITORY be either generalized or personalized. While the core structure is defined initially by IT experts, the final content must be DESIGNER WORKPLACE omer under full control of the business users to maintain text and messages: multi-lan- guage, resource management (fonts, forms, logos) and FORMATTER CLIENT change management supporting batch, online, interactive (thin and thick client) and Web form/document solutions. To ensure compliance and enable adaptability, both pro- BUNDLING & MAIL SORT ARCHIVE cess managers and business users can apply rules to docu- ment events for automation and case status tracking at any point in the process, including required predefined tasks and documents via template and allowing ad–hoc DELIVERY PORTAL activity and content at run time. Papyrus provides the complete output and print manage- PRINT FAX E-MAIL WEB MOBILE ment functionality, including PrintPool for bundling and WebArchive for Web distribution of business content.
  • Papyrus User Trained Agent - UTA For the purpose of process mining, the Papyrus User-Trained REPOSITORY Actors METADATA Agent performs pattern recognition on the data objects and content ACTIVITIES entities their relationships across the complete state space of a busi- GUI CONTENT rules RULES ness case each time an action is performed by an actor role. GUI Architecture re co The UTA analyzes what elements of the pattern are relevant CASES m for its subsequent repeated actions. That will include infor- recommend m needs AC process en template d TI mation about previously executed steps and their results. ON m e galm Ledocsos iceract serv t copy invoicn If the actor performs that recommended action the confi- co e verif dence level of that recommendation is raised, if not, the con- train y fidence level is lowered. One or more of the most confident recommendations can be presented. User-Trained Agent Process Owner Natural Language Rules Rule entry in Papyrus is a natural language (NL) capability without complex syntax that guides the user and offers both multilingual presentation and editing from a single-rule definition. Rules are defined in the process engine and must be tested and approved. NL rules can access any data model stored in the central metadata repository, and the execution of rules is verified against user role policy setting. Normal change management processes apply. Papyrus Natural Language Rules (NRL) Editor Informal communications network HISTORY OF CONTENT Adaptive Case Management can apply rules to document WITH EXPERTS AND events for automation and case status tracking at any point TOPICS CONNECTING in the process, including predefined tasks and documents, PEOPLE WITH PEOPLE allowing the addition of ad–hoc activity and content. CONTEXT AND AUDIENCE  External events, such as receipt of a phone call, letter, fax, or e-mail related to the case, are added to the case folder and new tasks or processes are created. m em Legal service act docs o s tr  For internal events, case workers assign tasks and initiate copy pn r LINKING CONTENT co oject processes as needed to work on the case, and business WITH DATA rules within the case may automatically create and assign AND PROCESSES tasks or trigger fully automated actions. LINKING  Those tasks and activities define the case context and are CONTENT WITH PEOPLE visible, along with case documents, in the shared case folder, where the state of the case as a whole is deter- mined by the combined state of all tasks and documents. Embed social media and Google Maps Papyrus enables Rich Internet Apps, chat, wikis, blogging, user-configurable GUI presentation and social interaction with co-workers - all under control of the role/policy autho- rization and in context with the process. The EYE Widget UI allows the dynamic inclusion of general Web content, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Maps into the application. This allows the busi- ness to create very customer-oriented applications without opening these applications to misuse.
  • ACM Customers: AG Insurance Papyrus ACM quick facts AG Insurance, a subsidiary of ageas (formerly Fortis SA/NV), Papyrus Adaptive Case selected the ISIS Papyrus Platform for adaptive case manage- Management offers your orga- ment to enhance insurance services (claims, underwriting and nization the most advanced general services) and resolution in several business lines. software solution for enabling knowledge workers to man- AG Insurance will use the Papyrus Business Communications and Process Platform to age the complexity, quality and optimize processes, tasks, communications and documents across a wide range of change of case-related activity: insurance activities.  "Design by Doing" - users create, modify and analyze processes on the fly SCAN FAX E-MAIL WEB MAIL FAX E-MAIL WEB Digital Capture Archiving Batch / online production  Flexibility in execution Papyrus Adaptive Case Management Conversion Scan Inbound documents of ACM at the manager, Output formats Attachments formatting Marketing Templates Advanced messages Automated recognition architect and knowledge Variables with integrated inbound and outbound correspondence Outbound documents Manual recognition & handling Images, audio, video, ... Routing worker levels Tasks Tasks Tasks Validation rules  Tight but flexible integration Process Management and management of process, Document design content and data Overview, Analysis, User-Trained Agent Business Rules Adapter Adapter management Monitoring CORE BUSINESS Queue Manage building blocks, APPLICATIONS inventory, branding, ...  Consolidation of data, content, rules, goals and Tasks Events Correspondence / letter writing interaction for compliance Case Management Output formats  Consolidated view of Attachments formatting Marketing Templates Advanced messages Variables Free text Integrated overview Sort/Search User profile mgt. inbound and outbound Communications History / events Tasks / to-dos Navigation activity, documents and IN/OUT Define processing rules, Rules GUI, authorizations “WYSIWYG” by profile, ... status Status mgt. Validation rules  User presentation (GUI) is The Power of ONE System user-definable by role using Widget technology  Outbound business content “The Papyrus About AG Insurance: “The Papyrus Platform approach to With a market share of 25.1% offers a win-win for is developed and maintained fully integrated (by the end of 2009), AG AG Insurance, ... the by business users customer Insurance is the market leader Insurance staff and  Knowledge workers leverage communica- in Belgian insurance. It owes system can respond, personalization, automation tions aligns this position to a broad and react and adapt and organization of perfectly with high-quality product range, efficiently to the communications our business excellent service and its diverse and changing  Consolidation of and technology cooperation with a network of needs of customers requirements.” independent insurance brokers, without sacrificing multichannel outbound – AG Insurance Fintro agents and BNP Paribas quality, speed or delivery for personalized Fortis agencies. AG Insurance compliance.” communications employs more than 4,000 – Annemarie Pucher,  Management can define specialised staff members. ISIS Papyrus CEO quality goals and outcomes ACM Book: Mastering the Unpredictable A global team of respected business process leaders and technologists have collaborated to highlight the key con- How Adaptive Case cepts, important ideas and recommended approaches for Management Will Revolutionize harnessing, enabling and empowering knowledge work in the Way That Knowledge the organization. Workers Get Things Done - By Keith D. Swenson For executives and managers of knowledge workers, Mastering the Unpredictable: Contributor:  Explains why previous trends don’t meet the need Max J. Pucher,  Explains the current technology gap and the new technol- ISIS Papyrus Chief Architect (Chapter 5: Elements of ACM) ogy coming to fill the gap  Lays out the options available to increase organizational efficiency  Equips them to best take advantage of the evolving trend
  • A comprehensive, f lexible and scalable solution ISIS Locations for consolidated management of inbound and outbound customer com- International Headquarters, Austria munications across channels, departments and systems. ISIS Information Systems GmbH ISIS Marketing Service GmbH Alter Wienerweg 12 A-2344 Maria Enzersdorf Pa py ru s Ad a p t i ve Pro ce s s Platform T: +43-2236-27551-0 F: +43-2236-21081 Distributed Nodes with Enterprise Service Bus E-mail: info@isis-papyrus.com US Headquarters Customers Business Repository ISIS Papyrus America, Inc. Metadata, Process, Content, GUI, Rules 301 Bank St. Administration Southlake, TX 76092 Partners T: 817-416-2345 SECURITY Security, Monitoring, Auditing, Reporting LDAP F: 817-416-1223 e-mail fax letter SMS print Web e-mail fax letter SMS scan Web Asia-Pacific Headquarters ISIS Papyrus Asia Pacific Ltd Sales 9 Temasek Blvd. Portal Outbound Inbound Content Content #15-03 Suntec City Tower 2 Singapore 038989 Service Operations T: +65-6339-8719 CRM BPM ECM F: +65-6336-6933 processes processes processes United Kingdom ISIS Papyrus UK Ltd. Accounting BUSINESS DATA ENTITIES Watership Barn SOA and other adapters Kingsclere Business Park Union Lane, Kingsclere Hants, RG20 4SW CRM ECM SOA ERP MQ BI Management T: +44-1635-299849 F: +44-1635-297594 Germany ISIS Papyrus Deutschland GmbH Heerdter Lohweg 81 Organizations can d e f i n e , m e a s u r e , a n d m a n a g e process, 40549 Düsseldorf T: +43-2236-27551-0 content and data in complex service environments with a shared F: +43-2236-21081 customer view and customized GUIs. The Netherlands ISIS Papyrus Netherlands B.V. WTC World Trade Center These mission-critical A C M a p p l i c a t i o n s are built from a Zuidplein 36 1077 XV Amsterdam foundation of Papyrus standard sof tware components. T: +31-20-799-7716 F: +31-20-799-7801 Italy ISIS Papyrus Italy Srl Claims Purchase via Monte Navale 11 Patient Care 10015 Ivrea (TO) Processing To Pay T: +39-0125-6455-00 F: +39-0125-6455-150 France ISIS Papyrus France SARL Account Contract Immigration 21, Rue Vernet Opening Management 75008 Paris T: +33-1-47 20 08 99 F: +33-1-47 20 15 43 Nordics HR Campaign Mortgage ISIS Papyrus Nordics ApS Management Framework Management Science Park Scion DTU, Diplomvej 381 2800 Lyngby T: +45 8827 6170 F: +45 8827 6171 Papyrus Adaptive Case Management Spain ISIS Thot SL. Sainz de la Calleja, 14 28023 Madrid T: +34-91-307-78-41 F: +34-91-307-75-08 A one system solution or just the capabilities you need www.isis-papyrus.com