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  • 1. ACM CHI 2014 NewsViews: An Automated Pipeline for Creating Custom Geovisualizations for News
  • 2. Online news is a preferred source of information among many individuals.
  • 3. Data visualizations can add context to news, making trends in the article more tangible.
  • 4. Maps are particularly helpful for news articles that contain mentions of locations. They can orient a user to unfamiliar locations,
  • 5. and summarize data important to the story.
  • 6. Annotated maps deliver more content with text explanations of interesting data points.
  • 7. For instance, what data best summarizes the article topic? However, the decisions involved with generating a visualization to accompany an article are complex.
  • 8. Should the visualization focus on data at different locations, or across different time periods? What is the best content for creating annotations? Where should they be placed?
  • 9. There are millions of articles, but professional news visualization designers are scarce.
  • 10. NewsViews automates a complex news visualization pipeline, making it possible to scale visualization creation to large sets of articles. +
  • 11. For example, given an article about obesity in the U.S., NewsViews presents a map of county- level obesity rates.
  • 12. Important locations in the article are labeled, and annotations display content from other relevant articles about the location and topic.
  • 13. The NewsViews system in action:
  • 14. NewsViews can also generate line graphs, when an article focuses on comparisons across time.
  • 15. NewsViews works by extracting key features (places, topics, etc.) from an article, and selecting relevant “data views” from a table database.
  • 16. A visualization generator creates multiple visualizations of each view, including choosing a visual format and annotating the visualization with articles from a news corpus.
  • 17. The most relevant and ‘visually interesting’ visualization is then chosen from the set and presented to the news reader.
  • 18. ACM CHI 2014 NewsViews: An Automated Pipeline for Creating Custom Geovisualizations for News