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University of California, Irvine 2


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  • 1. Education Abroad Program Pre-Departure Orientation Spring 2002 WELCOME!
  • 2. Welcome from Faculty Director Professor Gail Hart
  • 3. EAP Pre-Departure Process…What do I need to do?
    • Read and re-read Selection Letter
      • EAP Packet
      • Orientations
      • Country Project
      • Passport
      • Photo
  • 4. EAP Questions???
    • EAP General Information Guide
      • Table of Contents
      • Save Your Life Information (front inside cover)
    • Country-specific Student Guide (Can download from EAP web site)
    • EAP web site (Country page and others)
      • UCI Contact Information (also in Appendix IV)
    • EAP Packet (visa, arrival, etc.)
    • CIE Web site
  • 5. Things to Know Before You Go
    • If abroad during the academic year:
    • Do not register for Fall Quarter 2002
    • Do not pay ZotBill for Fall Quarter 2002
    • Do not leave unpaid bills at UCI
    • Everyone:
    • Don’t petition to graduate while on EAP
    • Inform CIE and UCI of address, phone, and e-mail changes (before, during, and after EAP)
  • 6. Academics
    • Before Departure - Get the Credit You Deserve
    • While Abroad - Study List - General Petition - Student Course Information Form - Registering at UCI from abroad
    • Upon Return
  • 7. EAP Fees
    • Financial Information
    • Country-specific Student Guide (in Packet)
    • EAP web site (Under “Finances”)
    • Undergraduate Student Budget Worksheet Sample Sweden
    • Payment Coupons (Tear out of Student Guide and mail to UOEAP, Not UCI!)
    • Student Address/Information Form
    • Pay ALL of your bills (at UCI and abroad)
  • 8. Financial Aid
    • UCI Financial Aid & UOEAP Student Finances
    • How is aid calculated = Program Budget
    • Check with UCI Financial Aid Office to see if your file is complete
    • How do you receive aid?
    • - Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    • - Student Address/Information Form
    • When do you receive aid?
    • - Disbursement schedule
  • 9. $$ Money $$
    • Wake up! This section is for ALL students
    • Accessing money from abroad - EAP web site
    • - CIE web site
    • Guides & Returned students
    • Power of Attorney
    • Exchange $50-100 US to local currency before you go
  • 10. Housing While Abroad
    • Housing options vary by country
    • Options in Country-specific Student Guide and EAP web site
    • If choices are available, talk to returned students and ask returnees at your country orientation
  • 11. Housing upon return to UCI
    • On-Campus Housing
    • Different procedures for summer, fall, and year participants
    • Check CIE Web site for details while abroad
    • You MUST use your UCI e-mail account
    • Adhere to ALL Housing deadlines (strict!)
    • Off-Campus Housing
    • Use the CA Housing Bulletin Board, linked to the EAP web site
  • 12.  Health
    • Read section in General Information Guide, Country-specific Student Guide, EAP web site , and Health Travel Guide
    • Health Clearance
      • Due at UOEAP no later than 30 days prior to departure!
  • 13. EAP Health Insurance
    • Insurance Details
    • Automatically included in EAP fees
    • Worldwide coverage
    • Keep all medical receipts (even if you don’t pay for anything)
    • Claim Form
    • Extension of Coverage
  • 14. UCI Health Insurance
    • USHIP - UCI Insurance
    • EAP Insurance automatically substitutes for USHIP insurance while on EAP
    • DO NOT apply to waive out for the term(s) you are on EAP
    • To waive out of USHIP for when you return to UCI, check SHS web site
    • Gap in Insurance coverage
  • 15. Going International Safely
    • EAP Updates on Security Issues
    • Why health and safety are different when you are abroad
  • 16. Health & Safety Tips
    • Know what to expect
      • The World at Your Fingertips
      • Read your EAP General Info and Country-specific Student Guides
    • Think about emergencies before they happen - Where to go? Who to contact?
    • Be alert to your surroundings
    • Try to blend in
  • 17. “ The world is a book ~ those who stay at home read only one page.” ~ St. Augustine Refreshments are in the foyer Thanks for coming!