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  • 1. ord er fo rm fo r SOUT HEAST TENNESSEE LEGAL SERVICES 29 Patten Parkway Chattanooga, TN 37402 Telephone: 423-756-0128 Fax: 423-756-0181 800-836-0128 I W I SH T O PUR C HA SE T HE FOL L OW I NG FOR M S: Price Quantity Total  UNCONTESTED DIVORCE WITH NO CHILDREN $40 ______ $______  UNCONTESTED DIVORCE WITH CHILDREN $40 ______ $______  CONTESTED DIVORCE WITH NO CHILDREN $40 ______ $______  CONTESTED DIVORCE WITH CHILDREN $40 ______ $______  ENFORCING OR MODIFYING THE DECREE $35 ______ $______ THE PERTINENT INSTRUCTION BOOKLETS WILL BE INCLUDED AT NO CHARGE. A n u n c o n t e s t e d d i v o r c e i s o n e i n w h i c h b o t h p a r t i e s s i g n a m a ri t a l di s s o l u t i o n a g r e e m e n t O R one where the defendant is served with process but does not dispute any relief sought by the plaintiff. A contested divorce is one where it is necessary to serve the defendant with process and he or she will not agree to the relief sought by the plaintiff. If you are not sure whether the divorce will be contested or uncontested, you should purchase the forms for a contested divorce. If you have already been granted a divorce and want to change the provisions of the f i n a l d e c r e e o r t o c o m p e l y o u r f o r m e r s p o us e t o o b e y i t , o r d e r t h e l a s t s e t o f f o r m s a b o v e . I have enclosed a check or money order to cover the costs. I understand that no shipment will be made until a check clears. Please print below. This will be your address label. Name: __________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________ ________________________________________ City, State, Zip ___________________________________ __________________________________