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  1. 1. OFFICE OF THE STAFF JUDGE ADVOCATE Legal Assistance Office OFFICE OF THE STAFF JUDGE ADVOCATE 1537 HARDEE AVE SW BUILDING 41 FORT MCPHERSON, GEORGIA 30330-1056 Legal Assistance – comm. (404) 464-2626 DSN 367-2626 Fax (404)464-3550 Fax DSN 367-3550 Legal Assistance At the Legal Assistance Office you may obtain advice and assistance on personal legal matters, which are primarily civil in nature. Location The Fort McPherson Legal Office is located in Building 41 (north of the main gate on Hardee Ave.). Duty Hours The Legal Assistance Office is open on duty days, Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. until 4:15 p.m. It is closed for training every Wednesday afternoon at 11:30 a.m. Walk-In Service l. Notary Services and Powers of Attorney are available daily during duty hours on a walk-in basis. 2. Walk-in legal advice is provided each Wednesday morning from 0830 until 1100 with priority for active duty in uniform until 1000 hours. 3. Wills are executed every Monday on a walk-in basis between 1 and 2 p.m. The will worksheet is
  2. 2. attached. If your appointment is for more than one person, please have one filled out (hand written) by each person prior to their 1st appointment. At that appointment, our office will schedule your return appointment for the will execution/signing for a Monday afternoon. Both parties must be present for both appointments. Tax Services During tax season, the legal assistance office operates a tax center in Building 400, to assist clients with the preparation and filing of federal and state income taxes. Electronic filing and direct deposit of refunds is also available. Additionally, we distribute both state and federal tax forms. Legal Services Our legal assistance office provides a variety of legal Available services for our soldiers, retirees, and their family members. We provide advice and prepare pro se petitions in divorce cases, separation agreements, legitimations, name changes, probate petitions, and custody cases. We also prepare wills, provide estate- planning advice, and prepare quitclaim deeds. Additionally, we offer assistance in non-support cases. Other common areas of assistance include credit/debt problems, consumer issues, landlord- tenant problems, and real estate transactions. Persons Entitled to Legal assistance is available to members of Legal Assistance the Armed Forces of the United States and their family members, retired military personnel and their family members, and survivors of members of the Armed Forces who would be eligible if the service member was alive. Reserve Component personnel on active duty for twenty-nine days or more are also entitled to legal assistance. Staffing The Legal Assistance Office is staffed during duty hours with qualified attorneys who are members of The Judge Advocate General’s Corps or civilian
  3. 3. employees. When you consult with a Legal Assistance Attorney, he or she can interview, investigate, advise, and assist you on personal legal matters. Presently, Legal Assistance Attorneys are not authorized to appear with you as your attorney of record in any court. However, as your legal advisor, your attorney will keep confidential any matters that you disclose to him or her in connection with your legal problems. Tips concerning An attorney cannot provide competent legal advice Legal Assistance unless he knows all of the facts regarding your problem. For this reason, you should bring all relevant documents to your appointment, and you should be ready to discuss your legal problem in detail. If you forget to bring relevant documents, a follow-up appointment may be necessary. Please note that we are prohibited by regulation from providing legal advice by telephone. Service of a Before seeing a Notary Public, the following matters Notary Public should be considered: - A Notary Public is subject to severe legal penalties for improper performance of notary services. Consequently, do not be surprised that the Notary will pay close attention to such “details” as your identification and the nature of your signature. - DO NOT sign or make any changes to any documents that you desire to have notarized until you are in the presence of the Notary. - Documents CANNOT be notarized unless the individual whose signature is to be notarized appears in person before the Notary. - A Notary Public cannot make certified copies of birth certificate, death certificate, and marriage license. Certified copies of documents must be procured from the office (normally the county/city clerk’s office) that issued the original document.
  4. 4. - DO NOT ask a Notary Public to notarize a blank form. All blanks should be completely filled in when you sign any document. If you have any questions concerning these matters, please contact the Chief, Legal Assistance at 404-464-2068.