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  • Information is found by clicking on our web page
  • Under each industry we have lists of providers. A recent review showed that 10-12 of our providers had expired licenses
  • Mortgage Education is on this page – next page shows real estate education
  • Real estate education is on this table.
  • This page has a question concerning education waivers. 1 st click: shows title and education wavier 2 nd click : the questions will come up Next 5 clicks: shows the available answers Last click: the correct answer is highlighted
  • Recap of waiver requirements Click once for each item to come up.
  • Real Estate Core Topics as found on Page 6 of newsletter Note: old and new hours were added
  • Question on Real Estate Core Topics 1 st click: The question will come up – give the audience time to read it or read it to them 2 nd click: first option comes up 3 rd click: second option comes up 4th click: last option comes up 5 th click: the correct answer is highlighted.
  • Appraisal reminders that Carla wanted you to mention: Banking – the educators are getting better. Remind them to continue with each course. Education Rosters need to be turned in following completion of course Qualifying Education reminder about approvals CE courses need to be approved before offering.
  • “ We” – your followers, decided to put this into a graph for simple review. We think it is right. Note: It does not reflect PLM courses that have not changed.
  • Mark Fagergren's presentation

    1. 1. October 20, 2009 Mark Fagergren Licensing/Education Director Ins tructor Developm ent Workshop
    2. 2.
    3. 3. 10-12 Schools Expired!!
    4. 4. Pre-licensing Education Changes Mortgage 40 Hours – UDRE approved 40 Hours – UDRE approved Lending Manager (PLM and ALM) 20 Hours – NMLS approved 40 Hours – UDRE approved 20 Hours – UDRE approved Mortgage Officer On 01/01/2010 Until 12/31/2009
    5. 5. Pre-licensing Education Changes Real Estate 120 Hours 90 Hours (if enrolled in 2009 licensee has until 3/31/2010 to complete licensing) Sales Agent On 01/01/2010 Until 12/31/2009
    6. 6. Real Estate Education Waivers For an education waiver to be valid what conditions must be met? a) The student has enrolled for 12 hours of Utah law b) The student has a waiver signed and stamped by the DRE c) The licensing process must be completed prior to the expiration date of the waiver d) b and c e) all of the above
    7. 7. Real Estate Education Waivers Important. For an education waiver to be valid: a) The waiver must be obtained prior to enrolling in a course. b) The waiver must be signed and date stamped by the DRE. c) Although education is valid for one year, an education waiver is only valid for 6 months and so the licensing process must occur prior to the expiration date on the waiver.
    8. 8. Real Estate Core Topics New Core Topics State Approved Forms/Contracts Other Industry Forms $ Contracts Ethics Agency Prevention of Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud Federal and State Real Estate Laws Administrative Rules Brokers’ Trust Accounts Short Sales or Bank Owned Property Sales Property Management Environmental Hazards Note: 9 hours of core required Old Core Topics State Approved Forms/Contracts Ethics Agency Prevention of Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud Federal and State Real Estate Laws Brokers’ Trust Accounts Note: 6 hours of core required
    9. 9. Real Estate Core Topics <ul><li>If an education provider wants a currently approved CE course to be reevaluated under the expanded list of core subjects what is NOT the correct procedure? </li></ul><ul><li>Submit a new application (including fee) requesting that the current CE course be considered for Core course approval. If approved by the Division, a new CE course certificate and number will be provided to the provider for distribution to students who attend the course AFTER receiving approval as a core course. </li></ul><ul><li>At the time of CE course renewal, submit the course for consideration as a core course. </li></ul><ul><li>Call Tiffeni at the DRE and request Core topic credit. </li></ul>
    10. 10. Appraisal Reminders <ul><li>Banking of Education </li></ul><ul><li>Education Roster </li></ul><ul><li>Qualifying Education must have AQB approval and online courses must have IDEC approval </li></ul><ul><li>All CE must be approved </li></ul>
    11. 11. Education can not be duplicated You may take a course only once in any renewal period.
    12. 12. Mortgage Education Approvals NMLS NMLS – 20 hours DRE – 40 hours 2011 NMLS and DRE NMLS – 20 hours DRE – 40 hours 2010 DRE – 14 hours DRE – 20 hours 2009 Continuing Education Pre-licensing
    13. 13. Rules, rules, rules….