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  1. 1. New England Land Title Association’s GUIDE TO LOCATING INTERNET INFORMATION FOR THE NEW ENGLAND REGION AND BEYOND Researched, Compiled and Documented By Diane L. Monahan 1
  2. 2. Table of Contents Introduction …………………………………………………………………………… Internet Website Directories ……………………………………………………… Business and legal websites ………………………………………………… Case Law, Statutes, Rulings and pending legislature ………………… American Land Title Association (ALTA) …………………………… Title Insurance Company websites …………………………………… Miscellaneous Legal Forms ………………………………………………… Real Estate Law Lists ………………………………………………………….. State Specific Government websites Maine ……………………………………………………………………. New Hampshire ……………………………………………………….. Massachusetts ………………………………………………………….. New Jersey …………………………………………………………….. Connecticut ……………………………………………………………. State and Municipal information …………………………… Federal Government …………………………………………. Federal and State Judicial Websites ………………………. Banking, Mortgage Lending websites ………………………………… Real Estate and Legal news websites ……………………………………… Professional Associations …………………………………………………….. Real Estate and Mortgage Information …………………………………… Reference Materials including dictionaries, encyclopedias ………… News and weather websites ………………………………………………… U.S. Postal Services and miscellaneous courier websites …………… Maps and directions ………………………………………………………… 2
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Guide To Locating Internet Information has been developed to help our members effectively use the internet to obtain useful information. This Guide is designed for the occasional, novice internet user as well as highly experienced web surfers. Although we have provided websites in an effort to help you locate information, NELTA does not endorse any of the websites listed herein and makes no representation or warranties as to the accuracy of any information provided on the websites. Also, please note that the world wide web is an ever-changing domain. Many web addresses change and as such, part of this guide could become outdated. SEARCH ENGINES AND WEB DIRECTORIES One of the first things a user of the internet should become familiar with is the various search engines to find various sites containing your requested information and also web directories. Two of the most common search engines are Google ( and Yahoo ( These search engines allow the user to search the internet for text, images, articles, names, etc. generally by “keyword” searches. Web directories are contained in specific websites whereby a wealth of information is stored in a “tree” formation. All information is linked for a specific topic and/or category by subchapters in a “tree” formation. A click of the mouse will bring you too many subchapters on a particular topic. Following is a list of a few of the major search engines and web directories: Cyber Times Navigator Cyber Times Navigator is a selective internet directory created by the New York Times for its reporters and is one of the best starting points for doing general research on the internet. Registration is required. Refdesk is a good attempt at making order of the chaos that is the internet by indexing quality internet sites and assisting visitors in navigating these sites. Alta Vista Alta Vista has historically had one of the larger databases of the search engines on the internet. Google 3
  4. 4. Google rants web sites according to their “popularity” of links. Google is a good way to avoid “reinventing the wheel” – web users have in effect “voted” for the best web sites. Northern Light Northern Light features one of the larger indexes on the web, and has the ability to group search results by topic into folders. Northern Lights also includes a “special collection” of documents not easily assessable to other search engines, for which there by be a charge. Yahoo! Yahoo! Is the web’s oldest and most popular “major” search engine and contains an impressive web site directory. While it is one of the smaller search engines, Yahoo! Is useful for finding what you need easily and without a lot of clutter. Meta Search Engines If one search engine is good, then ten search engines must be even better! That is the philosophy behind the “meta” search sites, which query several search engines simultaneously when you request a search. Listed below are a few of the better known meta search engines. Dogpile Mamma Metacrawler People, Lawyer & Business Searches One of the useful types of web sites is that of people and business search tools. For example, you may need to track someone down to sign a release of an old mortgage. Or, you may wish to find someone’s Email address. There are many different sites available that offer people and business searching tools. A few are listed below: Lawyer Searches Martindale-Hubbell The Martindale-Hubbell legal directory online. Includes a lawyer locator and online directory listings. Search for a lawyer, review a lawyer’s listing or update your own listing online. FindLaw West Legal Dictionary A searchable directory of more than a million lawyers and legal professionals. 4
  5. 5. People & Business Searches Starting Page Httpo:// Contains links to the “Best People Search: White Pages, Yellow Pages, Reverse Lookup Telephone Directory” web sites. AT & T Anywho Includes a fast, simple interface, a toll-free directory, and a reverse phone directory. One of the better people finding websites. Includes Yellow Pages. InfoSpace White & Yellow pages and reverse directory. Reverse Phone Directory As the name implies, it includes a reverse phone directory. Yahoo! People Search Telephone and Email search. Also includes a link to, a fee-based service. Title Insurance Company Websites CATIC Chicago Title Insurance Company Commonwealth Title Insurance Company Fidelity National Title Insurance Company First American Title Insurance Company Land America 5
  6. 6. Lawyers Title Insurance Company Old Republic Title Insurance Company Ticor Title Insurance Company Stewart Title Guaranty Company Title Resources Guaranty Company United General Title Insurance Company Law-Related Search Engines & Directories Anyone doing legal research on the web should familiarize themselves with two web sites that are the leaders in the field: FindLaw and Cornell’s Legal Information Institute. Both are summarized below. FindLaw & FindLaw is a legal search web site that includes a search engine and a comprehensive directory of legal web sites organized by category, including federal and state statutes and case law. Legal Information Institute (Cornell) Cornell University’s Legal Information Institute is one of the best legal research sites on the internet. It includes a comprehensive directory of federal and state statutes and case law, the full U.S. Code, links to web sites organized by subject, and much more. ABA’s LawLink “ABA Legal Technology Resource Center” is a service of the American Bar Association. FindLaw LawCrawler Lawcrawler is a search engine powered by Alta Vista that returns information only from web sites that deal with legal issues. Jurist: The Legal Education Network 6
  7. 7. Jurist describes itself as follows: “JURIST” is the Internet’s legal education portal, the university-based academic gateway to authoritative legal information, instruction and scholarship online . . . JURIST is especially designed for individuals learning, teaching or researching law – legal scholars, law students, law librarians, lawyers and judges, journalists, and interested citizens. “ The site contains presentations, law reviews, links to useful legal sites, and more. Case Law, Statutes, Public Acts, Court Rules & Pending Legislation In addition to the sites listed below, New England case law, statutes, etc. can also be found at the general legal research sites, such as Findlaw and Cornell’s Legal Information Institute. Connecticut Cases, Statutes, etc. Casemaker® Connecticut Bar Association sponsored legal search engine. Bar Association membership is required to access Casemaker. Casemaker includes Connecticut case law of all levels, Attorney General Opinion, General Statutes, State Regulations, Workers’ Compensation Administrative decisions, and CBA ethics opinions. It also includes U.S. Supreme Court decisions, U.S. Court of Appeals and District Court decisions, U.S. Code, Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, and Federal Rules of Evidence and much more. Casemaker includes materials from a select few states. Additional state materials will be added as states join the Casemaker consortium. Connecticut Public & Special Acts Public & Special Acts from 1996 to present. This page also contains links to the General Statutes. Browseable Version of Connecticut General Statutes http://www.cga.state.ct.us2001/pub/titles/htm Contains a browseable version of the General Statues, revised to 2001. Connecticut Supreme and Appellate Court Advance Release Opinions Part of the State of Connecticut judicial branch web site. This site provides public access to Supreme Court and Appellate Court opinions prior to their publication in the Connecticut Law Journal. Unfortunately, the opinions are only kept on the site for a month. Connecticut General Assembly – legislative information, statutes, public acts Status of pending legislation, Connecticut statutes, and public acts can be accessed through the State of Connecticut General Assembly web site. Click on “Leg. Info” 7
  8. 8. Maine Cases, Statutes, etc. Constitution, Statutes and Session Laws of Maine Location of the official legislative branch website. Maine Statutes Browseable and searchable Maine Statutes. Maine Administrative Code Code of Maine Rules (CMR) from the Maine Secretary of State. Maine Supreme Judicial Court Includes decisions from 1996. Maine Legislative Information Track pending legislation, get text of bills. Massachusetts Cases, Statutes, etc. Massachusetts General Laws Browse or search the Massachusetts General Laws online. Includes recent session laws. Massachusetts Constitution Text of the Massachusetts Constitution. Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Opinions Browse or search Appeals Court opinions since 1997. Massachusetts Appeals Court Opinions Browse or search Appeals Court opinions since 1997. Massachusetts Legislative Information Massachusetts General Court web page. Track pending legislation and get text of bills. Code of Massachusetts Regulation Not all sections are available online. 8
  9. 9. New Hampshire Case, Statutes, etc. New Hampshire Constitution Text of the State Constitution New Hampshire Revised Statutes Browse the statutes by the index of titles or search the statutes online. Also includes a list of sections affected by recent legislation. New Hampshire Judicial Branch Web Site Supreme Court slip opinions from 1995, selected Superior Court orders, probate court forms, court rules, rules of evidence and rules of professional conduct. New Hampshire Legislative Information & Administrative Rules Tracking pending legislation, get text of bills and the Code of Administrative Rules at the New Hampshire General Court website. Rhode Island Cases, Statutes, etc. Rhode Island Constitution Text of the State of Rhode Island Constitution from the Secretary of State’s website. Rhode Island General Laws Browseable and searchable Rhode Island statutes. Rhode Island Rules & Regulations Searchable interface to Rhode Island rules and regulations. Supreme and Superior Court Cases The official Judicial Branch website contains Supreme Court opinions from 1999 to the present and Superior Court decisions from 2000 to the present. Go to Findlaw for Supreme Court cases from 1997: Rhode Island Legislative Information Track pending legislation, get text of bills. 9
  10. 10. Vermont Cases, Statutes. Etc. Vermont Statutes Browseable version of the unofficial Vermont statutes/ This site contains a link to the official, and searchable, version of the Vermont Statutes and Court Rules maintained by LexisNexis® Vermont Opinions The judiciary’s web site contains Vermont Supreme Court Opinions from 1993 to present, Environmental Court Opinions for 1995 and 1999 to present and family court forms. Vermont Legislature – legislature information Status of pending legislation and text of bills can be obtained through the Vermont Legislature’s web site. Also contains a link to the Vermont Statutes and Constitution. Vermont Constitution Text of the Vermont Constitution Federal & Nationwide Cases, Statutes, etc. Findlaw – federal and state statutes and cases Includes links to federal and state statutes and case law. Legal Information Institute Published by the Cornell Law School. Includes links to the federal and state statutes and case law. This site includes a full text and searchable version of the United States Code. LexisOne is a free service introduced by Lexis. LexisOne contains selected federal and state case law from January 1, 1996 forward (reportedly consisting of all federal circuit cases and each state’s two highest courts), and the complete Supreme Court collection (from 1790). American Law Sources On-Line (ALSO!) American Law Sources On-Line is a terrific index to federal and state laws, cases, regulations, court rules and more. Also include is an index to the laws of Canada and Mexico. 10
  11. 11. – Court Rules http://www.llrxcom/courtrules/ This site includes links to over 700 sources for state and federal court rules, forms and dockets. U.S. Tax Code on-line This site allows you to access the complete text of the Internal Revenue Code (26 USC) in a variety of ways. Includes a full text search engine and hyperlinked cross-references between sections. National Conference of State Legislatures Links to legislative web sites for all 50 states. Code of Federal Regulations Retrieve CFR sections by citation or search the CFR online. Federal Register Federal Register from 1995 to the present. Legal Forms ILRG Legal Forms Archive Legal forms archive of the Internet Legal Resource Guide. Findlaw Forms Legal forms from Findlaw. Contains a collection of judicial forms. Findlaw, in its Forms Collection and Index, also has links to many other web sites with free, and fee-based forms. Freddie Mac View and print Freddie Mac’s uniform forms and documents Including single-family uniform mortgage instruments and multifamily mortgage documents. FNMA Forms FNMA forms for a fee. 11
  12. 12. LexisOne Provides access to thousands of official and “approved” forms. There is more available for those who register, and registration is simple and free. Capital Consortium –Securitized Lending Forms Securitized lending articles and forms Real Estate Law List Services (DIRT) Dirt and Broker-Dirt DIRT is an internet discussion group for real estate professionals. The message volume varies, but commonly runs 5 – 10 messages per workday. Daily developments (generally summaries of cases pertinent to the real estate profession) are posted every workday. DIRT has an alternate, more extensive discussion group called “Broker DIRT” that includes not only commercial and general real estate matters but also focuses specifically upon residential real estate matters. The DIRT website contains instructions for subscribing and unsubscribing from DIRT and BrokerDIRT. DIRT and BrokerDIRT are services of the American Bar Association Section on Real Property, Probate & Trust Law and the University of Missouri, Kansas City, School of Law. Government Web Sites – State, Municipal, Federal & International Connecticut State of Connecticut Home Page Most, if not all, of the web sites listed in this section for Connecticut can be accessed by starting with the State of Connecticut home page. List of State Agencies & Phone Directory All Agencies and Offices in Connecticut State government are listed alphabetically with hyperlinks to available websites Also contains a link to the state government telephone directory for help on how to locate state employees. Judicial Branch Web Site Look up docket information for civil and family cases (search by party name or by docket number for case details, look up short calendar assignments, view decisions of the Grievance Committee, download court forms, view the Code of Evidence, model civil jury instructions, the Connecticut Practice Book, and advance opinions of Appellate and Supreme Court opinions. 12
  13. 13. Secretary of State Download forms or view UCC and Corporation information online using the Concord system. Also, view the State Register and Manual online. Connecticut State Library Search the library catalog, public acts, Connecticut statutes and more. Department of Banking Click on “Information About Banks” for information on failed banks, bank mergers and acquisitions. Department of Revenue Services Download forms and publications or research rulings and administrative pronouncements on conveyance tax and other taxes. Connecticut Municipality Websites A complete listing of Connecticut municipalities’ websites. Maine State of Maine Home Page The official website of the State of Maine List of State Agencies All Agencies and Offices in Maine State Government are listed alphabetically with hyperlinks to available websites. Also contains a link to the Maine State Government Electronic Directory Listings. Judicial Branch Website Download court forms and advance opinions of the Supreme Judicial Court Secretary of Sate, Bureau of Corporations Obtain information on the status of corporations, LLCs, LPs, etc. and do UCC searches Maine Towns and Cities Listing of Maine towns and cities with websites. 13
  14. 14. Register of Deeds Massachusetts Massachusetts Home Page Commonwealth of Massachusetts home page. Includes links to all state agencies. List of State Agencies & Phone Directory All Agencies and Offices in Connecticut State Government are listed alphabetically with hyperlinks to available websites. Also contains a link to the state government telephone directory for help on how to locate state employees. Judicial Branch Home Page Supreme Judicial court opinions may be downloaded from a Bulletin Board Services, but may not be viewed online. For Supreme Judicial Court and Appeals Court opinions, go to the Massachusetts Law Weekly website – Secretary of the Commonwealth – Corporations Entities/BEMaine.htm Search for information on all business entities and download business forms. Secretary of the Commonwealth – UCC Perform UCC searches and UCC filings online and obtain UCC forms. Commonwealth Communities Information on Massachusetts’ 351 towns and cities, including links to those with websites. Registry of Deeds Locator A directory of Massachusetts registries of deeds, with addresses, phone numbers, hours, and a link to those with websites. Online access to the registries is usually for a fee. For example, Barnstable County charges $50.00 annually and $0.50 per minute. New Hampshire State of New Hampshire Home Page The official State of New Hampshire website, with links to all branches of state government and municipalities, legislative and judicial resources, and more. 14
  15. 15. Directory of New Hampshire State Departments All executive, judicial and legislative departments in New Hampshire state government are listed with links to their websites, addresses and phone numbers. Judicial Branch Web Site Supreme Court slip opinions from 1995, selected Superior Court orders, probate court forms, court rules, rules of evidence and rules of professional conduct. New Hampshire Department of State UCC forms and filing guidelines, and corporate forms. New Hampshire Banking Department Contains the state banking regulations and a directory of branch locations of state- chartered financial institutions. New Hampshire Department of Revenue Obtain real estate transfer tax forms and revenue rulings. Cities and Towns in New Hampshire A directory of cities and towns in new Hampshire with links to those with websites. New Hampshire Registries of Deeds Online access to Belknap, Cheshire, Hillsborough, Rockingham and Strafford counties indices and document images Rhode Island Rhode Island Government Rhode Island government information Secretary of State Obtain UCC information or access the corporation’s page. Secretary of the State, Corporations Division 15
  16. 16. Obtain information on the entity status, registered agent and address, initial directors, date of incorporation, address of principal office and activity history. Judicial Branch Website Obtain Supreme Court opinions from 1999 to the present and Superior Court decisions from 2000 to the present. Rhode Island Division of Taxation Obtain tax forms and regulations Rhode Island Probate Forms Download printable probate forms in PDF format. Rhode Island Department of Transportation This site contains digitized maps of Rhode Island. Also useful when dealing with condemnation issues. Rhode Island Cities and Towns List of Rhode Island cities and towns. Includes municipal tax rates. Vermont State of Vermont Home Page Official home page of the State of Vermont, with links to all branches of state government and municipalities, executive branch agencies, legislative and judicial resources, and more. Vermont Judiciary The judiciary’s website contains Vermont Supreme Court opinions from 1993 to present, Environmental Court opinions from 1995 and 1999 to present and family court forms. Secretary of the State – UCC Center Perform debtor searches, view UCC images and file UCCs online. Vermont Secretary of State – Corporations Division Search for domestic and foreign corporations, limited liabilities, general partnerships, limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships and obtain business forms. 16
  17. 17. Banking & Insurance Vermont Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities & Health Care Administration. Obtain banking and insurance regulations and a directory of financial institutions. Vermont Department of Taxes Click on forms to obtain Property Transfer forms and Instruction Booklet, including Real Estate Withholding Tax Return and Act 250 Disclosure Statement. Also obtain technical rulings and formal bulletins. Vermont Towns Vermont towns on the web. State & Municipal Information – Nationwide VisionAppraisal – Assessor’s Information Obtain assessment information on properties located in a number of towns in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. State and Local Government on the Net Piper Resources’ guide to government sponsored and controlled resources on the Internet. National Recorders Directory Contains addresses for town and county recorders across the country. Municipal Code Corporation Index of municipal codes from across the nation. Click on “Online Codes.” American Legal Publishing Corporation Also contains certain municipal codes from across the nation. For New England, it only contains Boston and Manchester, New Hampshire. Administrative Regulations (50-state listing) Lists internet address of each state’s register (equivalent of Federal Register), code of regulations (equivalent of Federal Code of Regulations), guidance documents used to assist rule-writing agencies, and agency responsible for publishing all of the above. Delaware Secretary of State Divisions of Corporations of Delaware Department of State. 17
  18. 18. Federal & International Government-Related Directories and Portals FirstGov “Your first click to the U.S. Government”. FirstGov is intended to be the starting point for finding federal government information on the internet. Federal Web Locator – Center for Information Law & Policy Links to many federal government web sites, including federal court web pages. Findlaw FindLaw’s guide to federal resources. Hieros Gamos Gide to legal and government materials around the world. Hieros Gamos’ endeavors to be the comprehensive starting point for all law and law related information. Federal Government Websites The White House The White House’s web page. Housing & Urban Development Print HUD-1, and other HUD, Fannie Mae and other forms. RESPA Information Information about RESPA from HUD’s website. Includes links to the statue, final rules and regulations, frequently asked questions, information about PMI, public guidance documents, and more. Internal Revenue Service Visit the taxman. Download IRS forms, bulletins, Internal Revenue Procedures, regulations and publications. Thomas Legislative Information Contains current, up-to-date federal information, including status of legislation, Congressional Record and committee information. 18
  19. 19. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Access to consumer, banking, statistical, and asset information of the FDIC, as well as the FDIC corporate library and the FDIC gopher and FTP servers. In the site’s Institution Directory, you can look up demographic and financial information on FDIC-insured banks and trace inactive (closed) banks to their successor institutions. Federal Reserve – National Information Center FFIEC stands for Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council. The FFIEC National Information Center lets you search for banks, determine what happened to a particular institution or who and institution has acquired. U.S. Census Bureau Obtain demographic information for communities. Federal Judicial Websites Federal Judiciary Home Page Official website of the federal judiciary. Links to the Federal Courts. Supreme Court of the United States Court calendar, opinions, some history of the court. Although the site includes biographies of the Justices. First Circuit Court of Appeals Federal Court of Appeals for Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. Second Circuit Court of Appeals and Federal Court of Appeals for Connecticut, Vermont and New York. The sites includes cases from the early 90’s to the present. United States District and Bankruptcy Courts Obtain local court rules, copies of opinions, or case information using Pacer® – US District of Connecticut – Connecticut Bankruptcy Court US District of Maine Maine Bankruptcy Court US District of Massachusetts Massachusetts Bankruptcy Court US District of New Hampshire New Hampshire Bankruptcy Court US District of Rhode Island 19
  20. 20. Rhode Island Bankruptcy Court US District of Vermont Vermont Bankruptcy Court Banking, Mortgage Lending Sites FannieMae Fannie Mae’s homepage. Provides lender information, search engine for Fannie Mae- owned properties, information on the financial aspects of FNMA, and a section for homebuyers. The forms on this site are a little difficult to find. For single-family forms, click on “Single Family”, the “Originating and Underwriting”, then under “Forms and Guidelines” click on the category of forms you want. Forms appear to be available in either PDF or Word format. Freddie Mac View and print Freddie Mac’s uniform forms and documents, including single-family uniform mortgage instruments and multifamily mortgage documents. MERS Web site of Mortgage Electronic Registration System, Inc. the online mortgage registration system whose mission is to register every mortgage in the United States. Lending Tree Apply for purchase money mortgages, refinances, car loans, home equity and other loans online. Quicken Loans Quicken’s foray into on-line lending. Legal & Real Estate News “News, legal information and e-law services”. You can register for Legal Newswire— national legal news delivered to your Email box daily. Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly Rhode Island Lawyers Weekly Contains links to Court opinions, state statutes, lawyer referrals, and national legal news. 20
  21. 21. New England Real Estate Journal Contains numerous links to commercial real estate resources. The American Lawyer Online version of The American Lawyer. The current issue is available on the site. Inman News Features Inman News features includes news on residential real estate, commercial real estate, market trends, emerging technologies and news for homebuyers and sellers. TitleWeb TitleWeb is an online source for information on title industry technologies and trends, with a special focus toward internet commerce. The Title Report News about, and of interest to, the title insurance industry. Professional Associations, Service Providers American Bar Association American Bar Association web site. Acrel Website of the American College of Real Estate Lawyers. The site contains an impressive collection of seminar materials and articles. ABA Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section Home page of the RPPT section. Links, listservs, and a limited number of articles to download. American Congress of Surveying & Mapping (ASCM) Home page of ASCM. Links, articles, forms, membership information. American Law Institute American law Institute web page. Order any of the Restatements online, inclucing the new Restatement Third Property (Servitudes). 21
  22. 22. American Land Title Association The web page includes links to news items that might interest anyone involved in the business of title insurance. View the Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/ ACSM surveys by clicking on the “ALTA store” and then “ALTA/ACSM Standards”. If you were looking for copies of the new ALTA 13 and 13.1 Leasehold endorsements, you would find them in the ALTA store. Charles Jones Patriot Act, Public Record Searches Homeclosing 101 ALTA consumer website. Information you need to prepare yourself for closing day. By becoming familiar with topics such as title insurance, escrow fees and closing costs — when the time comes to sign on the dotted line, there won’t be any unwelcome surprises. New England Land Title Association The New England Land Title Association (NELTA) is a non-profit trade association for professionals engaged in the all aspects of the title industry in each of the New England states. Check out the site for news about the annual NELTA convention held yearly at a New England resort. National Federation of Paralegal Associations Internet legal research reference, list serves and live chats, job listings and more. Includes home pages for local paralegal associations. Massachusetts Conveyancers Association Registered members have access to archived newsletters, title standards and forms, land court guidelines and pending legislation. Payoff Assist/Kay Directory Real Estate Bar Association of Massachusetts (REBA) State Surveyor Associations – Connecticut Associations of Land Surveyors, Inc. Massachusetts Association of Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers, Inc. New Hampshire Land Surveyors Association - Rhode Island Society of Professional Land Surveyors 22
  23. 23. State Bar Associations – Connecticut Maine – Massachusetts – New Hampshire - Rhode Island Vermont American Society of Home Inspectors – New England Real Estate & Mortgage Information Services Search multiple listings on the net. Pikenet General access point for commercial real estate information on the internet with almost 3,500 links to resources and service providers This site includes numerous resources for renters, first-time buyers and those interested in mortgage finance. Includes a Salary Calculator, a Moving Calculator, a Monthly Payment Calculator, and Mortgage Qualification Calculator. Also see National residential home listings, mortgage rates and other information for buyers and sellers. Yahoo! Real Estate Yahoo’s real estate information center. Includes an amortization calculator, payment calculator, pre-qualification program and mortgage quotes from E-Loan. General Reference: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, etc. Merriam-Webster Online Online access to Merriam-Websters Collegiate® Dictionary and Collegiate® Thesaurus. Encyclopedia Brittanica 23
  24. 24. This is a premium service costing $50 a year. Get online access to the Encyclopedia Brittanica including online maps and research tools. Acronym Finder Don’t know what an acronym stands for? Type it in and find out. News & Weather Most newspaper websites contain selected recent stories and the ability to search the newspaper’s archives for a fee. Rather than list a number of individual web sites for newspapers and television stations across New England, listed is an excellent site that contains links to them all. Kidon Media Link Kidon Media Link provides a complete, world wide directory of newspapers and broadcast news sources on the internet. To see Massachusetts, for example, click on USA, then Massachusetts. The link listed above is directly to the Massachusetts directory, which lists 134 websites. The Weather Channel All weather, all the time. Also try MSNBC Current news and features CNBC Business news. CNN Interactve Selected news stories, analyses and in-depth features. The place to go during big news stories. New York Times Selected news stories and an archive. C/net Technology news, features, free downloads. 24
  25. 25. Postal Service and Overnight Couriers Look up zip codes. Track your overnight packages or look up zip codes. Airborne Express Federal Express United Parcel Service United States Postal Service Maps & Directions MapQuest, Yahoo! Maps, and Expedia all provide driving directions and maps online. Try them all and pick the one you like the best. MapQuest Includes aerial photos. Yahoo! Maps MapBlast! Includes the new LineDrive system that maps just the roads on your route. Connecticut Maps – Maps from DECD Connecticut maps from the State of Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development. Massachusetts GIS Massachusetts Geographic Information System Vermont Maps Vermont maps and a link to the Vermont GIS home page. 25