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Kickoff Presentation - February 25, 2009
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Kickoff Presentation - February 25, 2009


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  • 1. Colorado’s Contract Management System C M S
  • 2.
    • Governor’s Office Of Information Technology
    • Individual or Workgroup Role/Responsibility
    • Corinne Jones OIT Project Manager
    • Andy Johnson Core Tech Team Member - Technical Lead
    • Vernon Lyles Core Tech Team Member - Server builds
    • Laura Kramer Core Tech Team Member - SQL Server SME
    • Ken Hausauer Core Tech Team Member –
    • Security & Architectural Design
    • Matt Moynahan SME – Server & Architectural Design
    • Ruth Crawford SME
    • Dave Cuneo Work Unit Manager: on-going application support
    Who’s Involved C M S
  • 3.
    • State Agencies and Higher Ed
    • Individual or Workgroup Role/Responsibility
    • Brenda Lujan DPA Project Manager, OCA Director
    • Bob Jaros SME – business processes, contract templates, routing
    • Agency & IHE
    • Single Points of Contacts
    Who’s Involved C M S
  • 4. Work Breakdown Structure C M S
  • 5. Work Breakdown Structure
    • Individual or Workgroup
    • Brenda Lujan – OCA
    • Bob Jaros – OSC
    • Agency & IHE
      • Subcommittees
    C M S
  • 6. Work Breakdown Structure
    • Individual or Workgroup
    • Corinne Jones
    • Andy Johnson
    • Vernon Lyles
    • Laura Kramer
    • Ken Hausauer
    • Matt Moynahan
    • Ruth Crawford
    • Dave Cuneo
    C M S
  • 7.
    • All deliverables identified in the Work Breakdown Structure is complete
    • The CMS is implemented, working correctly, is stable and no errors are generated when a trained users uses the system.
    • The system is fully configured to meet all the requirements of the Senate Bill.
    • Initial user set-ups are completed
    • Business Process documentation is complete
    • Templates with associated workflow/routing are complete
      • Will include the Model contracts
      • Will include a Generic Processes for:
        • A Contract created and signed outside the system (an agency follow their own process, load the completed contract in the system, enters in required field data, performs regular vendor performance, and final vendor performance)
        • Construction Contract
        • Purchase Order (planned)
    • The following Training deliverables are complete:
      • Train agency and IHE single point of contacts
      • Technical training to ensure that IT staff can perform future configuration and template creation. Technical Training on system administration, DB schema and website administration.
      • Complete training for System Owners – Brenda Lujan and Bob Jaros
    What is “Done” as of 7/1/2009 C M S
  • 8. What Happens after 7/1/2009
    • Production Support Mode – On-Going Support
      • Continual Implementation of Templates
      • System Refinements
        • As Driven By Office of Contract Administration
      • Sub-committees 1 and 3 continue to meet
  • 9.
    • The Scope of this project EX cludes:
    • Any interfaces with other systems
    • Specific contract templates
      • Will become part of the on-going (future) production support of the system.
    • System Refinements
      • Initial project implementation will include configuration for only those fields required by the Senate Bill and those deemed necessary by the Office of the State Controller.
      • Following initial implementation, users groups can request configuration changes to the system. The Office of Contract Administration will manage these requests.
    • System Customization (i.e. modification of the base code).
      • At no time will any customization of the system be implemented by the Office of Information Technology.
      • System customization may be requested and implemented by the vendor.
      • The Office of Contract Administration will manage this process and associated costs.
    What is NOT included C M S
  • 10. Big Picture Schedule C M S   Subcommittee Group 2 Core Technical Team , IT SMEs   Both PMs 5/31/09 5/1/09 Training & Testing 7/1/2009 Go Live   IT SMEs Core Technical Team 3/31/09 3/1/09 Prod & Test Environment Business SME Subcommittee – Group 3 Both PMs Tech Lead 3/31/09 3/1/09   Define Business Processes and Templates needed for system configuration   Business SME   Both PMs, Vendor   Core Technical Team   4/30/09   4/1/09   Install Application & perform configuration     Vendor   Core Technical Team   4/30/09   4/1/09   Implement Web site   Business SME Vendor   Both PMs   1/2009     Contract   Business SME Core Technical Team , IT SMEs Both PMs, Vendor   2/28/09   2/9/09   Initial Planning with Vendor Resource Resource Resource Planned Completion Date Planned Begin Date Major Milestones/Phases
  • 11.
    • Roles and Responsibilities of Single Point of Contact :
      • Group 1 = Subcommittee of Primary Department Contacts
      • Communication vehicle to the department or IHE
      • Define specific templates and workflow/routing
      • CMS expert – provide tier 1 support to their agency or IHE
      • Trainer – in the train the trainer model, the SPC will provide training and guidance to existing staff and new staff
      • Are accountable for the successful implementation of the CMS within their agency or IHE.
      • Identify initial CMS users and gather user information needed for user set-up
      • Access Control Liaison – the SPC will approve and request new user set-ups and notify the Office of Contract Administration when an employee’s access should be removed.
    Department Contacts C M S
  • 12.
    • Group 1
      • Primary Department Contact = Single Point of Contact
      • Start  On-going
      • Duration  On-going beyond July 1, 2009
    • Group 2
      • System Testing Group
      • Validation of system functionality
      • Start  End of April or early May
      • Duration  Limited
    • Group 3
      • Identify and Define Contract types being used by agencies and IHEs
      • Identify review, routing and completeness processes/workflows in use by agencies and IHEs
      • Consolidate into list of Contract Types, Definitions and Processes
      • Start  Immediately
      • Duration  On-going beyond July 1, 2009
    Subcommittees C M S
  • 13. Questions? C M S