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Finding Forms and Drafting Resources

Finding Forms and Drafting Resources






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  • Go on Lexis and show -
  • Show the table of contents on Lexis to show that it has for each cause of action – forms, elements and defenses

Finding Forms and Drafting Resources Finding Forms and Drafting Resources Presentation Transcript

  • Finding Forms and Drafting Resources Sue Altmeyer For Prof. Mary Jane McGinty’s Legal Drafting Class Jan 27, 2009
  • What We Will Cover
    • Transactional and Procedural Form Sets
    • Lexis and Westlaw
    • Ohio Form Sets
    • Residential Leases, Pleadings and Ohio Wills
    • Free Forms on the Web
    • Attorney Work Product
    • Drafting Aids
  • Law Library Resource Guide
    • From the law library website >research guides> Forms and Practice Materials
  • Where to Start
    • Know jurisdiction, start in state or federal form books first
    • Print or Online? Print has index. Online has full text searching. Both have table of contents. Cost factors of online.
  • Where are the form books?
    • Reference Area of Library
    • Ohio Room
    • Atrium Level
  • FOCUS:
    • How to find Pleadings
  • Ohio Procedural Forms
    • Ohio Forms Pleading and Practice – Lexis
    • biggest – Big Blue Set
    • Lots of complaints
    • Civil, criminal, juvenile, probate, appellate
    • Civil index is in Vol. 10
    • Practice notes
    • Arranged by Rule Number
  • Ohio Forms Pleading & Practice
    • Ohio   > Search Analysis & CLE Materials   > Litigation Practice & Procedure
    • Example – Complaint for fraud – re sale of home - section(complaint) and fraud or misrepresent! and home or house or real estate
    • Hit 6
  • Online Searching Hints
    • Use Table of Contents to Narrow
    • Section Segment (Title field in Westlaw) to Narrow
    • At least command to narrow
  • Ohio Procedural Forms
    • Anderson’s Ohio Civil Practice – Lexis
    • Forms – civil, dr, some probate,appellate
    • Chapters on Causes of Action – ex. Defamation, fraud, etc., listing elements, defenses
  • Elements of Action/Defenses
    • Ohio Elements of an Action - Westlaw - OHPRAC-OEA –also statute of limitations, damages, forms, jury instructions
    • Ohio Jury Instructions, OJur, Katz Gianelli (criminal law)
    • electronic case search such as "elements /s ________”( fill in the cause of action)
    • Chart – Litigation Resource Guide
  • Other Ohio Procedural Forms
    • Baldwin’s Civil Practice – Darling, Klein & Terez – on Westlaw
    • Westlaw, Ohio Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms (OH-PP)
  • Fancy Ways to Find Forms
    • Why bother learning the resources? Westlaw & Lexis find automatically!
    • Westlaw Formfinder
    • More Expensive than Forms-All, Ohio formfinder or individual databases
  • Fancy Ways to Find Forms
    • Lexis Total Litigator and Transactional Advisor
    • Costs the same as searching a database individually
  • General Form Sets -procedural
    • research guides> Forms and Practice Materials
    • American Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms - Westlaw > AMJUR-PP –checklists & howtos
    • Causes of Action – Elements, Defenses, proof, remedies and damages, checklists, complaints.
    • Chart – Litigation Resource Guide re elements, etc.
  • General Procedural Forms
    • AmJur Trials – Westlaw > AMJUR-TRIALS elements, defenses, pleadings, sample discovery, sample opening/closing & testimony
    • Example: ti(fraud! misrepresent! & home house "real estate")
    • AmJur Proof of Facts similar in content. Trials has emphasis on trials, opening/closing etc.
    • Publications are CROSS-REFERENCED to each other
  • Path on Lexis for Forms
    • Lexis
    • Legal   > Secondary Legal   > Forms & Agreements - Can search all transactional or procedural, or by jurisdiction or subject
  • Path on Westlaw for Forms
    • Westlaw
    • Directory>Forms, Treatises, CLEs and other practice materials
    • Directory>Litigation>Forms
    • Directory>Topical Materials by Area of Practice>Real Property>Forms
    • Directory>Ohio>Forms
  • Federal Procedural Forms
    • research guides> Forms and Practice Materials
    • Concentrate on Federal causes of action, federal statutes, etc.
  • Discovery Forms
    • See research guides> Forms and Practice Materials
    • Sample interrogatories, deposition questions, motion for production of documents
    • Very fact specific
  • Transactional Forms -Ohio
    • Most comprehensive
    • - Ohio Transaction Guide: Legal Forms – Lexis (blue)
    • Ohio Forms Legal and Business - Westlaw(orange)
    • Ohio Transaction guide known for its checklists and practical steps
  • Other General Ohio Form Sets
    • Couse's Ohio Form Book 6th ed – Lexis
    • Swisher, Thomas R., Ohio Forms and Transactions: OFT – Westlaw
  • Ohio Form Sets re WILLS
    • Merrick-Rippner Probate Law – text and forms Westlaw > OHPRAC-PROB
    • Anderson's Ohio Probate Practice and Procedure – Lexis – NOT DRAFTING FORMS
    • Anderson’s The Simple Will in Ohio - Lexis
  • Demo – Merrick Ripner
    • Show table of contents for ch 30
    • Forms at end of chapter
    • Simple wills plus many different clauses
    • Search for a particular clause – beneficiary forfeits gift if brings a will contest
    • Forfeit! And “will contest”
  • Probate Law Resource
    • Ohio Probate by Durkin – Lexis – KFO144 .A93
    • No forms, but Chapter 4 has useful info re wills
  • Ohio Forms re Residential Leases
    • White, Frederic, Ohio Landlord-Tenant Law - Westlaw > OHLDTL – Chapter 18, general lease & specific clauses, (Ch2 too),
    • Ohio Real Estate Law and Practice – Westlaw & Ohio Real Property Law and Practice –Lexis –commercial forms
  • Form Sets re Residential Leases
    • Real Estate Transactions LexisNexis Forms
    • West's McKinney's Forms - Real Property Practice (MCF-RPP) – Ch 6
    • State specific books – ex Ohio Transaction Guide, Ch 22 (background & drafting guide)
    • Use general sets
  • General Transactional Form Sets
    • See Forms and Practice Materials
    • American Jurisprudence Legal Forms 2d - Westlaw > AMJUR-LF - CH 161 Leases – form drafting guide, checklist, addtl clauses
    • West’s Legal Forms – Westlaw > WEST-LF – drafting hints, checklists, for house, apt and condo
  • Other Sources for Forms
    • Statutes
    • Continuing Legal Education materials
    • Law Review Articles
  • Free Forms on the Web
    • Finding Practice Tools Power Point
    • See Forms & Practice Materials Resource Guide
  • Attorney Work Product
    • Lexis – ex. Ohio State Briefs & Motions, Ohio Pleadings
    • Westlaw databases –ex. On Ohio tab, Trial Court Documents
    • Look up case opinion, find court file via online court docket (Pacer, Montgomery & Summit County) Summit County – search by doc type
    • SEC IDEA database (fka Edgar) for transactional
    • Reminder: Do your own work
  • Attorney Work Product
    • Shared Legal document sites
    • JDSupra
    • Scribd
    • DocStoc
    • NPADO.org.
  • Drafting Advice
    • See Forms & Practice Materials Resource Guide
    • Books & info on the web