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Mian Street Marketing Machine Bonus



1) Finding local business that already make money and have a...

1) Finding local business that already make money and have a
product but don't know much about this whole internet thing

2) The local businesses then pay you to help them make more money
in their business via online local search

NOW - what if I told you that there is a way you can get all the
leads for you and the marketing material for you and you put it all
on autopilot?



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Mian Street Marketing Machine Bonus Mian Street Marketing Machine Bonus Document Transcript

  • The biggest opportunity of 2010 just got even better. The buzz on the internet is all about local search marketing and mobile marketing. Mike Koenigs from Traffic Geyser, a world leader in video distribution of online video, has development in enhancements to the software at traffic geyser. The software will now provide market research, landing page generation., mobile marketing campaign generation and much more. To learn more about Main Street Marketing Machines - Go HERE The Main St Marketing Machine is a full 10 week training program designed to help people start a new business that help small mom & pop local business gain more customers from the internet. The program will train you on how to be a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) consultant. You will also get the software tools to make you job easier. Like Traffic Geyser's (TG) video broadcasting service which sends your online video's to over 20 video sharing sites. TG will also dispute your content to pod casting sites and bookmark directories. Other Traffic Geyser services include article broadcasting, landing page generation, blog aggregation and Rss mash-ups. Now with Traffic Geyser ENHANCED feature you can create mobile media campaigns (both incoming and outgoing) with voice broadcasting and voice-to-text capabilities. Over 100 million mobile devices are being used in the US right know. This is huge opportune for local marketing. Also new, is the social media auto submission tools that will help you rank on page one in Google. In your training you will learn how to use mobile media broadcasting, video broadcasting, social media advertising and pay per click advertising for small businesses. Most of these services can me be outsourced with Traffic Geyser's enhanced multi user account feature. To learn more about Main Street Marketing Machines - Go HERE In addition to the training and the software, Main Street Marketing Machines is a complete business. Mike's team have developed high end brochures, power point presentations and leave behinds to help you educate small business on the benefits of online marketing. But, it does not stop there, Mike has also provide cut and paste marketing campaigns that had pulled in over 6 figures in new business in a month. Live seminars are also included
  • as part of the training. No stone has been left unturned, this is paint by numbers system to make 6 figures plus. What is the Advantage of Main Street Marketing Machines? The advantage of Main Street Marketing Machines is the cost. You could spend 100's of thousands of dollar developing your own software, your own marketing materials, developing your own system, and developing your own business approach. Or. you could follow ready, easy to follow blueprint, that proven to make it users up to 6 figures a month. The benefits here are clear. Why spend more time, money and effort developing to own, when it all ready here? Live the life you have always dreamed about. Help up to 29.2 million small business owners find new customers. Help millions of people find the right business. To learn more about Main Street Marketing Machines - Go HERE ORDER WITH MY AFFILIATE LINK and Get My MEGA BONUS Worth Over $3000... The Network Effect Traffic System ($497 Value) This is my personal system for ranking me on the first page in Google for the keyword phase of my choice. I have ranked on first page for most the major traffic launches in the past year. products from marketers like Jeff Johnson, Mike Filsaime, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Mike Hill and many others. I have competed against some the best marketers in the world for page one
  • ranking and won. This is the exact system I use, that has been refined and tuned to give you exactly what is ranking in Google - right now. Not what used to work or what I think will work. This is the exact web sites and techniques that are working today. The advantage of the Network Effect TrafficSystem (nets) is that, you can rank on Google page one in just 24-48 hours from right now. The benefit is that you can generate 6 figure affiliate checks, just like the super affiliates in just 90 days of less. You get this product free with purchase of the Main St Marketing Machines Bonus - Click Here >> ~ Gmail Sniper Method ($97 Value) Can you really read minds? After you take this with training you you will be able to read the mind of your market. Imagine showing the right ad, to the right person at exactly the right time. I'll teach you how to use Gmail to laser target your marketing message. A true a sniper method of getting more sales with less cost and effort. I'll give 7 tactical methods for exploding your bank account with people who truly want to buy your pruduct or service. You get this product free with purchase of the Main St Marketing Machines Bonus - Click
  • Here >> ~ - Lifetime Membership To 360 IM Team ($497 Value) This local search marketing training and community helps you build a strong profit local search business. As member to will get monthly updated training on how to better market and run you local search marketing business, from SEM training to small business training. Plus members create join ventures, traffic sharing outsource resources and coop media campaigns. This membership give you a clear advantage of others in your market who have less resource and knowledge. Members have generated as much as 5 figure monthly sales. - 6 Months Of Coaching and Discounted Services ($3000 Value) Did you know that Marketing Guru don't tell you everything? I mean really they set it up so that you have keep paying for more and more information. Really, they have names for it "Master Minds" is code for we are going to split the money after we suck these people dry together or how about a "Pitch Feast" these are those fake seminars that marketers put to suck $1,000's out your pocket under the premise that they are going to share everything with you - only to have all there marketing buddy pitch their crap to you all flippin day. Guru's SUCK... I have paid these joker over $200 K to be a half brain cell smarter and whole lot broke. I am not joking - know I am not alone here. But, fact is I did come across some information the is truly secret. I mean I had to sign contracts just get this some this information and the rest is stuff I discover during my 9 years of trial and error of trying to make money online. What have learned to do is to TOTAL Dominate any marketing that I want on the internet and it's not what you think. What if I could show you the exact product, the exact keywords, the exact ads ad Here What You Get With Your Main Street Marketing Machines Training & Software: • Traffic Geyser Annual Elite Membership • Express Lane Training – (Step by step traffic generation instructions) • Report Templates – These are niche specific so all you have to do is customize them to you specific client • 100+ video scripts
  • • Legal contracts • Main Street University – 10 week curriculum uilt to have you earning 10k per month in 10 weeks • Weekly coaching calls with FAQ • Smart phone app builder • Opportunity finder – This is what they are calling the “Secret Weapon”. It will identify up too 500 local businesses types and their current competition they have. It will give you information about these companies and help you pin point businesses that can benefit from your Main Street Marketing Machines business. • Live Event Business Builder System - This is from the previous Firepower launch. It includes fill in the blank brochures, how to rank in Googles top 10 in two hours, business cards, and Fireman Mike Lemoin’s business blueprint. To learn more about Main Street Marketing Machines - Go HERE