Essay Writing: Thesis statement


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Essay Writing: How to write a thesis statement.

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Essay Writing: Thesis statement

  1. 1. Easy Steps to a Great Thesis statement Glenn Rai
  2. 2. A thesis statement can be: The answer to a question that you have posed  The solution for a problem you have identified  A statement that takes a position on a debatable topic 
  3. 3. General Tips about Thesis Statements        A statement that contains the essay’s topic and point(s) Gives the reader a sense of what the essay will be about Usually comes at the end of the introduction Most thesis statements are only one sentence Must be a complete sentence Everything in the essay must support the thesis. Introduction paragraph should follow this format:    Attention getter (commonly known as a “hook”) Introduce the topic State the thesis
  4. 4. Ways of Constructing Thesis Statements: The Umbrella    Contains essay’s topic, point, and alludes to reasons why the reader should believe you. Do not directly state the supporting reasons, but instead allude to them. Example: “Although thought to be humane and necessary, animal testing [topic] for medical and cosmetic purposes does not live up to it’s promises [point and reasons].”
  5. 5. Creating a Thesis Statement 1. Determine essay’s topic (what you’re talking about) Example: Pixar’s film Up 2. Determine what kind of paper you are writing and what kind of thesis statement you need to use: analytical, persuasive, or expository. Example: Persuasive=It’s not really a “kid” movie. 3. Determine the way you will construct your thesis: list or umbrella? 4. Put it all together!
  6. 6. Creating a Thesis Statement Example: Pixar’s film, Up , should not be considered a “kid” movie because its character conflicts and main theme of loss are too complex for children to understand.
  7. 7. Now write the thesis statement for: What are the effects of smoking on our health? *Mistakes are good for us. Please do not be afraid to make them.*
  8. 8. Thesis Statement MUST have: 1) 2) 3) Topic Controlling Idea Predictor
  9. 9. Creating a Thesis Statement Topic - Smoking Controlling Idea – main negative effects on people’s health/our health Predictor – cancer and high blood pressure.
  10. 10. Sample Thesis Statement Smoking has two main negative effects on people’s health; it causes cancer and high blood pressure.
  11. 11. Write the thesis statement for: What the disadvantages of living in a big city?
  12. 12. Sample Thesis Statement Living in a large city has two main disadvantages; big cities have excess of pollution and traffic congestion.
  13. 13. OR High level of pollution and traffic congestion are the two main disadvantages of living in a large city.
  14. 14. Write the thesis statement Q: How can someone be a successful businessman?
  15. 15. Sample 1 Thesis: In order to be a successful businessman one has to be ____________and ___________.
  16. 16. Write the thesis statement Q: What are the negative effects of advertising on children?
  17. 17. Sample 2 Thesis: Advertising has two major negative effects on children: ____________and ___________.
  18. 18. Write the thesis statement Q: Why do women lack equal opportunity in work life?
  19. 19. Sample 3 Thesis: Women usually do not have equal opportunity in work life because ____________and ___________.
  20. 20. Write the thesis statement What are the advantages of telecommuting (working from home)?
  21. 21. Write the thesis statement What are the disadvantages of using cell phones?
  22. 22. Write the thesis statement Why is working night shifts harmful for people?
  23. 23. Write the thesis statement How does advertising influence people?
  24. 24. INT05 is the best!  Thank you for your patience.