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This presentation is by a student from "Acting Up - Using Theater & Technology for Social Change" from the DePaul University School of New Learning's Distance Education Program. The class is taught by Tom Tresser -

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Mercy Home

  1. 1. Mercy Home Speaks Out to their Boys and Girls “ We’ll Take you There”
  2. 2.              Thousands of children are abused and abandoned every year more often by those who were supposed to love them the m ost. This is there hope - MERCY HOME FOR BOYS AND GIRLS - Who will show them the way – “ We’ll Take you There ” They will become emotionally mature and Personally responsible as contributing citizens of our country.
  3. 3. From From the halls of Mercy Home to the walls of the Betty Rymer Gallery, nine Mercy home youth are officially artists on display. These nine young men were part of art therapy led by a youth care worker who is working toward her Master of Arts degree in Art Therapy. This mural portrays how Chicago has affected their lives, teaching them ownership, teamwork, and increased self-awareness. It’s now on display until June 5 at SAIC’s The Art of Connection Gallery
  4. 4. MentorNet Award Winning nonprofit & mentoring network Addresses Success & Retention of Women in Engineering, Science, and Mathematics The young women can develop a one-on-one, email based mentoring relationship with a woman engineer working in industry . They have an extensive program that includes colleges and Universities on line at campuses.aspx
  5. 5. Palette and Chisel Art Academy North Dearborn in Chicago Colbolt Blue Chris Miller Established an on-going program for a partnership between a child with artistic talent to pair with a regional artist for life-long collaborations of art and creative endeavors. The Palette and Chisel Art Academy offers their members watercolor classes, oil, sculpture, and exhibitions all year round. Because this academy values their students’ growth, both will partner and grow together.
  6. 6. Concept for successful Publicity - using both pages and groups. Core Concept expressed in 13 words. Everything published - branded with “ We’ll Take You There.” Mercy Home Speaks Out to their Boys and Girls. Running Radio Public Service announcements/PSA for each fundraiser . Post card stands placed in restaurants, Ran ad in Chicago Tribune and/or online ad specific to event fundraiser .
  7. 7. { A progressive phone campaign to CEOs & Officers produced -- Chicago Tribune ad & online ad for corporate fundraiser Corporate fundraiser - Chicago area artists applying for predetermined corporate artwork Artwork display in participating corporations Each will host a luncheon after winning art work announced A series of charity events sponsored by corporations : Aon Corp. Baxter, In’tl, Bally, Inc. Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, The Tribune, Abbott Labs, and W.W. Grainger, Quaker Oats, and R.R. Donnelley.
  8. 8. Range of events include: A night at the Chicago Symphony with the Hubbard Street Dancers A dance-a-thon A night under the stars at Ravinia A weekly bowling league for the children A dinner dance with the Chicago Blackhawks An outing to Blackhawks stadium for the boys who are interested
  9. 9. Upcoming Events A Night at the Crab Races       At Carmichael's Steak House benefitting Mercy Home! For more information and to see other upcoming events!  
  10. 10. Social media is and can be a fundamental ingredient for non-profit success . Social applications like Facebook are enabling enormous activities to happen quickly, especially if they are viral in nature and essentially manage themselves after you start them. Social media is just one ingredient of an overall web strategy. Emphasis should be placed on social media, while keeping an eye on fundamentals, a strong foundation in place with a website, volunteer manageme n t , event registration, etc. Continued mobilization of the students and adults with fundraising activities that interest and capture their social conscience is always at the top of our list, as well as the successful use of creative thinking in using golf carts. Evaluate
  11. 11. Evaluate Silent auctions - a valuable revenue stream that will be used in the future with items people cannot find elsewhere, or they consider priceless . Examples : backstage passes to the ballet , or the opportunity for two people to play basketball with two members of the local professional team. Area needing more direct approach – “host committee” or one or more “chair committee chairperson.” They encourage other donors – business leaders – local celebrities. Main goal – insure the fundraising goals . Ticket sales procedures – accepting donations. Thank you notes The ongoing challenge – staying organized at all times – moving forward. Financial goals were met – to help transform the lives of the children from pain and despair into lives of hope and promise. .