"If I Ran Girls, Inc"


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Presentation on Girls, Inc. from "Acting Up - Using Theater & Technology for Social Change," from DePaul's School for New Learning Distance Education Program, Winter 2010.

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"If I Ran Girls, Inc"

  1. 1. The Future of Girls Inc. -by- Kate Oswalt http://www.youtube.com/watch_private?v=YfJvZfAxKOw&sharing_token=3 zeo_NWZn5BE0PNyuB4jEg
  2. 2. a tidbit about us… Girls Inc. is a national non-profit organization dedicated to “inspiring all girls to be strong, smart & bold” this is achieved through specialized programs and partnerships to educate and inspire. Check it out @ www.girlsinc.org Logo
  3. 3. Girls’ Bill of Rights Girls are encouraged to follow the Girls’ Bill of Rights. The Rights outline not only the objectives of the organization, but also act as a reminder of what girls are capable of and deserve.
  4. 4. Confidence is like a special power, those who don’t have it, want it, and will do everything in their power to try to steal it from those who do have it. Girls need to learn to focus on their strengths, be proud of who they are and appreciate their differences. They need a strong foundation to help them take risks and face the challenges of life gracefully and with pride. Everyone has the ability to be confident; My niece Keira and I in Central Park  they just have to know it, and embrace it. Confidence is the foundation Do you have the special power?
  5. 5. I also encourage this organization to partner with a magazine. Having a column in a magazine such as Seventeen or Teen Vogue would facilitate spreading our message in a different form. Every girl is unique and digests information in different ways. Although we already have many books, partnering with a magazine could be a cheaper, easier way to get our message across. A magazine editorial makes it a little easier for us to sneak some great insight and advice to girls who don’t want the pressure of having the issues of being a girl in their face. Some girls just want to be off the radar. This is our opportunity to reach them. Magazine Editorial Change is necessary. When we are spreading the message to girls to be bold – we have to be bold too. It is imperative that we keep our image fresh and modern while remaining strong in our solid roots.
  6. 6. Girls Inc. needs a universal symbol for what we represent. I would like to propose the symbol of a feather. To me, a feather represents strength, grace, soaring and freedom. I believe a feather is universal and can be a constant reminder for girls of all ages to stay bold, confident and proud of their individuality and soar as high as they can. In an effort such as the (RED) program @ the GAP, we would sell merchandise bearing this symbol. A percentage of the proceeds from the sale will go to Girls Inc. The idea is to keep our image current. We want girls to be proud to wear this symbol, while bringing attention about our organization to a broader spectrum of people. Check out the GAP (RED) Program @http://www.gapinc.com/public/OurBrands/brands_gapred.shtml The Symbol (Feather designed based on my idea and created by my colleagues Arturo Arnada & Ron Lent (BBDO New York)
  7. 7. An art program will enable girls to become confident in presenting themselves and their creativity. Having the experience of expressing and presenting themselves will help them build the solid foundation necessary for success. Providing separate courses in painting, theatre, voice, pottery & creative writing – or – creating an all inclusive week long camp will give girls the opportunity to bond, embrace their creativity, express themselves and respect others expressions. Allowing them to try all forms of art will encourage them to try new things, and possibly find hidden talents, teaching them that taking risks can be a very positive thing. Young artists understand that mistakes can help them grow. A girl who is open to new ideas, is open to trying new things. They will not live stifled by others, rather they will live fully, expressing themselves and exploring the many facets of life. Art Program An art camp or program would be a positive outlet that will allow a girl to take risks in healthier ways than drinking, smoking or drugs, and to help them find that quintessential “identity. Girls involved in arts may be more inclined to take those risks through their creativity.
  8. 8. When young women venture to college, they are faced with entirely different issues. This is the time when they put their Girls Inc. tools to the test, in a completely independent environment. Creating a program for older girls would act as reinforcement of what Girls Inc. has already started. This is our opportunity to enhance our basic programs, and gear them towards college students and beyond. For instance, we can expand our Economic Literacy Program to include topics such as salaries, W2 Forms, Renting/Buying Homes, Stocks, 401K and more. We could also create a job search program and teach women techniques on getting jobs – what to expect and how to present their best self. In this program we could perform mock interviews, “office wear” fashion shows and have guest speakers from various companies. We want women to succeed in life and do what they enjoy. Having this knowledge can only increase the chances for that happening. Womens Inc.If women are given the opportunity to become a part of something such as Womens Inc., they will possess the knowledge to pass along to their children. They will be reminded that strength, knowledge and confidence are qualities that need to be nurtured throughout life. (We Can Do It!by J. Howard MillerProduced by Westinghousefor the War ProductionCo-Ordinating CommitteeNARA Still Picture Branch(NWDNS-179-WP-1563)
  9. 9. I don’t know when being confident and smart became un-cool; but as I said, it is those who do not have the confidence, those who are insecure and uncertain, who create such an environment. They are determined to “steal” others confidence in an attempt to build their own. As adults, we know this behavior has deeper roots, but trying to get girls to understand this, is not easy. It is my hope that these workshops will encourage girls to be proud of who they are, be silly, and be honest. We all need the opportunity be act silly at times. Unfortunately, many girls are growing up far too quickly and have forgotten the charm of silliness. Therefore, I think it would be valuable to have improvisation workshops as an element of the Peer Program. During these workshops, there will be improvisation sessions, in which the girls will take part in theatre improvisation games. These games will encourage the girls to be silly, let go and forget about judgment, even if just for an hour. Peer Program older girls will go into middle schools and The idea is for spend about an hour with the girls; and they will hold sessions that involve everything ranging from the Girls Bill of Rights and just plain girl talk
  10. 10. I have 3 nieces. It is my hope for them to have that special power. It is my hope for them to embrace their individuality. It is my hope for them to be bold, strong and smart. I will act as a role model. I will encourage them every step of the way. Olivia Age 6 Keria Age 5 Ainsley Age 4 Proud to be super smart Proud to be an observer Proud to have a sense of Proud to be loving Proud to be a sweetheart humor Proud to be a chatterbox Proud to look like her Proud to be determined Proud to be confident aunt kate Proud to have big hair Proud to be confident Proud to be confident