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This presentation is by a student from "Acting Up - Using Theater & Technology for Social Change," The DePaul School for New Learning. Tom Tresser, instructor.

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About the Electronic Frontier Foundation

  1. 1. Creative strategies and tactics to achieve the mission of theElectronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)Privacy, free speech, fair use, transparency, and innovation in technology
  2. 2. Before I start, I want to ask a few questions.
  3. 3. Questions• Do you want censorship on the internet?• Would you be in favor of a REAL ID card that would give government and businesses the ability to easily read your private information off the cards in myriad contexts?• Would you like your Google or Yahoo search engine results made public?• Would you like employers, corporations, and other sources to know your health history?
  4. 4. More questions about privacy• Do you feel that certain governments can block or tamper with domain names, filter and block specific keywords, block a particular IP address, or urge online content providers to remove content or search results?• Do you think that governments should be able to listen in on cell phone calls, use voice recognition to scan mobile networks, read emails and text messages, censor web pages, track a citizen’s every movement using GPS, and can even change email contents while en route to a recipient?
  5. 5. If you answered no to at least one of thesequestions, then you should be aware oftechnology related privacy issues.Representing the Electronic FrontierFoundation (EFF), I want to show strategies inthis presentation so we can all keepsuccessfully defending all of our digital rights.
  6. 6. Core ideas One of the tactics that I want to stress is theteamwork, communication, and collaboration withother companies, individuals, and organizations whohave significant web presence as tools when our rightsare in the process of being challenged. I would like tomake an example of such a process and how valuableit can be in protecting our digital rights beforelegislation is even able to gain steam in the Senate orHouse of Representatives. Maintaining goodpartnerships and creating working networks ofpartners will be valuable to indentify theseinfringements on our digital rights and then we willhave the ability to act quickly and efficiently.
  7. 7. (SOPA) I want to touch on two recent cases thathammer this point. One is the Stop OnlinePiracy Act (SOPA). This act was proposed to "topromote prosperity, creativity,entrepreneurship, and innovation by combatingthe theft of U.S. property, and for otherpurposes." It is House Bill H.R. 3261, and whilethis design description sounds lovely, the billitself will actually undermine all of what it setsout to protect. Our company warned thatwebsites such as Flickr, Etsy and Vimeo wouldall likely be shut down if the bill became law.
  8. 8. Many of you were made aware of this issue fromlarge banners presented on websites likeWikipedia, Yahoo, Google, and others. It washeavy hitters such as Google, Yahoo!, YouTube,Facebook, Twitter, AOL, LinkedIn, eBay, MozillaCorporation, Mojang, Roblox, Riot Games, EpicGames, Reddit, Wikipedia, and the WikimediaFoundation, as well as human rightsorganizations such as Reporters Without Borders,the ACLU, and Human Rights Watch who all cametogether and defeated the bill.
  9. 9. Get involvedWe must also get involved when we see actsof an infringement of our digital rights. I willexplain the strategies I set forth in my finalpaper, which can help in efficiently helpingthose who need it.
  10. 10. Strategy Contact proper legal authorities on issue including our own legal team Write and publish story and distribute to our media outlets (print, internet, mass comm.) Partner and network with our clients andIncident of make the issue awaredigital rightsinfringement Raise awareness through third- party websites (Facebook, Youtube, etc) Report the issue to the public on our website
  11. 11. Future of the EFFI want Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) to continueto empower us as speakers, citizens, creators, andconsumers. As our motto says, "when our freedoms inthe networked world come under attack, theElectronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is the first line ofdefense for defending free speech, privacy, innovation,and consumer rights today. From the beginning, EFFhas championed the public interest in every criticalbattle affecting digital rights. We will continue to usethe expertise of lawyers, policy analysts, activists, andtechnologists, and remain a donor-funded nonprofitorganization.