Use texture coating to protect your house

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Modern housing technologies are now revolutionized with the introduction of texture coating and other related techniques that gives durability and style. …

Modern housing technologies are now revolutionized with the introduction of texture coating and other related techniques that gives durability and style.

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  • 1. Render means applying thick premix of cement, lime and sand to stone,bricks and mud-brick. Generally it’s used for the exterior area of thehouse and now it’s also used in-house to showcase the new trend.Render can of various types like coarse/fine, smooth/textured,pigmented/painted and colored/natural. For external wall rendering,different tools can be used like brushed, sponge and trowels.Some polymers were added in to pre-mix form of cement, lime and sandto create more water resistance, adhesion and flexibility. It can be usedin wide-range of surfaces like cement blocks, AAC concrete panels andconcrete. They can also be used in smooth surfaces like high-techexterior cladding; expanded polystyrene and cement sheeting.
  • 2. Roof paint which can deliver reflectanceon the higher level by reflectingUltraviolet and infrared wavelengths,reduce thermal remittance and reduceheat transfer of the building are known ascool roofs. It also reduces green houseemission, reduce air pollution and reduce cooling energy load. Butproper maintenance is required or it may diminish the intensity on theroof paint. It’s complementary like the white paints used on roof-tops. Most of the roofs are dark-colored and it increases temperature when summer peaks. This created moreeffect on environment and cooling energy usage. The main advantageare reducing the heat-gain by reflecting the solar rays; save 15-20% ofair-condition energy; life of roof-tops extended; improved energyefficiency and improved thermal comfort and reduce pollution andemission.
  • 3. Roof paints reflects more sunlight and absorb less heat into the system.Albedo, a substance allows reflecting more sunlight and ability to absorbheat is known as thermal emittance. It’s calculated on a decimal fractionbetween 0 & 1. Cool roof’s are of various types and used in variouscountries. : Modern housing technologies are now revolutionizedwith the introduction of texture coating and other related techniquesthat gives durability and style.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A: Head Office - 22 - 24 Pinn Street, St. Marys, S.A. 5042P: Post Office Box 321, Melrose Park, S.A. 5039T: (08) 8297 2000 / International: (+61 8) 8297 2000F: (08) 8297 2555E: our site: -