The way to send messages at a nominal cost


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The way to send messages at a nominal cost

  1. 1. COMPANIES ARE COMING UP WITH OPTIONS TO SEND MESSAGES TO EMPLOYEES, CLIENTS, AND CUSTOMERS FROM YOUR DESKTOP USING SOFTWARE SERVING ALL BUSINESS PURPOSES.Modem for PC SMSOne can send an SMS from his personal computer. PC SMS can be sent from within the confinesof one’s office or home. This is possible be connecting the mobile phone to a computer. Anotherway to send the message is by connecting a GSM or GPRS modem to your computer or PC. ATcommands help in sending messages from mobiles, GSM or GPRS modems.Another way to send messages through computers is via SMS center. SMS gateway compatibleto a wireless carrier or any SMS server provider also help in sending SMSs in a convenient
  2. 2. manner. SMSs are sent by making use of protocol or interface that is supported by SMS gateway.It is also possible with SMSC.PC Software from messaging solution companiesCompanies who are into SMS solution provide highly developed software for sending PC SMS.But there are people who do not like to go for any kind of software. Solutions for these messagesenders are also available.SMS through a modem is sent via wireless communication system. Wireless modem can becompared to a dial-up modem. There is still some difference between these two. Data from awireless modem is transmitted through similar kind of wireless network. In a dial-up modem, alldata is transferred via telephone lines made out of copper. Mobile phones are prime examples ofwireless modem. Mobile phones have their own limitations as far as GSM and GPRS modemsare concerned.Text MessagingOnline messaging service provider facilitates its users to send text messages from PC to mobilesand landlines. The services provided are highly recommendable. One can trust the company toprovide trustable SMS sending.
  3. 3. AT commands are given for sending and getting answers to send messages. +CMGS means sendmessage, +CMSS stands for sending message from stored messages, +CMGW means write a forthe memory, +CMGD command deletes all messages, with +CMGC AT command you can senda command and with +CMMS command you can send more messages.Commands like AT commands need to be entered into HyperTerminal of the windows programfor sending a PC SMS in text.Message solution companies provide full client support to their customers. There is full privacyavailable for the users. Secrecy is maintained. Valuable services promote the company andsupport its growth. At times the company also goes for internal surveys. Any difficulties andissues that crop up among the staff members are resolved at the earliest to ensure their comfortlevel at work and uninterrupted services to the clients of the company. KPIs are monitored at alltimes. Even customers can view these and decided whether the company products and servicessuit their purpose or not.SMS messenger delivers text messages directly from a desktop. Software for this servicecontains many features. SMS through messenger services improves productivity. Reminder
  4. 4. services make sure that all meetings are attended by all to him the messages have been sent.Even if full attendance is not there, at least larger percentage is available. Live messengerservices are available for windows. Messages are forwarded from a PC to mobile.==========================================================================================================================================