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  • 1. FOLD DOWN BEDS: - IDEALLY SUITED FOR LOWSPACE HOUSEHOLDS With a rapid growth in global population over the years, the demand for space has been rising higher and higher which is gradually leading to a scarcity of open space. In most of the modern day residential apartments, complexes and townships, people are forced to live within a rather limited space. Therefore, in such a scenario, effective space planning is extremely important and necessary to be able to save some valuable space to be used for other purposes.
  • 2. FOLD DOWN BEDS: - IDEALLY SUITED FOR LOWSPACE HOUSEHOLDS The Fold down beds is more than useful when it comes to saving sufficient space within your bedroom. As highlighted above, these are specially designed portable beds that can be folded and kept aside when not in use. This enables people to move around freely around the room in the other times of the day when the bed is not in use. Installation is real simple and can effectively be done in minutes. A mattress should preferably be tied to the bed to eliminate the chances of the bed falling off while stowing it away.
  • 3. FOLD DOWN BEDS: - IDEALLY SUITED FOR LOWSPACE HOUSEHOLDS For people with an artistic vision, it has much more to offer apart from serving as a great space saving tool. Such beds are available in a large multitude of shapes, sizes and designs. Therefore, by using them, people can effectively try to bring about a contemporary design to their interior room décor. In addition to this, these beds are a lot cheaper compared to the other types of beds available in the markets. This makes it a lot more affordable for most people.
  • 4. FOLD DOWN BEDS: - IDEALLY SUITED FOR LOWSPACE HOUSEHOLDS Disadvantages: - Just as every good thing has a couple of shortcomings associated with them, the Murphy beds are not an exception in this regard. Take a look at a couple of their major drawbacks: - The biggest area of concern is the fact that they mainly lay on the thin wire mesh which makes them a bit uncomfortable for people, particularly the ones who are accustomed to sleeping on the regular beds having box springs. They do not have any bed rails, head and foot boards to be used for secondary purposes unlike the regular beds.
  • 5. FOLD DOWN BEDS: - IDEALLY SUITED FOR LOWSPACE HOUSEHOLDS Handling Murphy beds is always going to be a problem for both the children as well as the elderly as it pretty obvious that folding such a heavy bed every single day is a task that is certainly not going to be a cakewalk. However, it is always advisable not to take any decision in haste. Before purchasing a Fold down bed for your residence, reconsider the other available options as well. Focus specifically on your budgets and requirements and select the one that is cheap yet fulfills every requirement of yours.
  • 6. FOLD DOWN BEDS: - IDEALLY SUITED FOR LOWSPACE HOUSEHOLDS Wardrobes Brisbane Entertainment Wall beds unit Wardrobes
  • 7. For Contact:• Organised Interiors Brisbane:• Servicing, Brisbane, Ipswich, The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coasts• 200 Abbotsford Road, Bowen Hills QLD 4006• Phone 07 3252 4227• Phone Sunshine Coast 07 5476 2700• Fax 07 3252 2130• Email• Website:• Organised Interiors Canberra:• Servicing Canberra, Goulburn, Yass, Southern Highlands, South Coast, Cooma• 76 Sheppard Street, Hume, ACT 2620• Phone 02 6260 1110• Fax 02 6260 1116• Email• Website: For More Info: