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Geotagging, user generated content and social networks
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Geotagging, user generated content and social networks


Published on

8Motions presentation for 2007 LBS Conference. More on and

8Motions presentation for 2007 LBS Conference. More on and

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Thomas Landspurg @8Motions 2007 Geotagging, User Generated Content and Social Networks…
  • 2. About 8Motions
    • 8Motions provides application and services related to geolocalisation on mobile.
    • Semi-finalist of Navteq LBS Challenge 2007
    • Selected by the « OSEO » in the emerging category
    • Part of the Orange « Startup Program »
    • Located in France (Bordeaux)
    @8Motions 2007
  • 3. What we are doing
    • Mobile tourist guide application, based on User Generated Content
    • Evolution of tourist guide:
        • First generation, was “Guide Michelin”: static content
        • Second was “Lonely Planet”: user generated feedback
        • Third generation is UGC (Ex: Wikimapia, Virtual Tourist, …)
    • Link with multimedia content: pictures, videos,….
    @8Motions 2007
  • 4. Mapz: Mobile Widget adapted to Maps!
        • Widget framework to easily add/develop/manipulate piece of geolocalized information
        • Create « mashups » in minutes
        • Fully downloadable
        • A Mapz can be:
          • A link to a KML
          • An extra layer
          • A different map provider (ex: OpenStreetMap)
          • A micro application with behavior
          • Shared by users
    @8Motions 2007
  • 5. Opening considerations
    • Navigation won’t be the killer app for mobile LBS
    • GPS is a key technology for innovation
      • Facilitate experimentation, development
      • More than enough to do many applications:
        • Message to operators/manufacturers: keep fragmentation away!
      • Privacy is in user hands: He can choose what he wants to do
    • Google Map (on the web) set up the trend: access to maps is not anymore in the hands of a few specialist
      • and looking to map, satellite picture is now…FUN
    @8Motions 2007
  • 6. Is there any life outside operator portal?
    • The application that initiate this company has already been download 500 000 times
    @8Motions 2007
  • 7. Internet revolution
    • User Generated content
      • Wikipedia, Flickr, YouTube, …
    • Social network
      • Facebook, MySpace,….
    • Wikimapia: user generated POI
      • 5 Millions of POI
    • Mobile has not yet been correctly addressed
      • Addressing mobile is just more than having a good browser
      • Many opportunities in mobile space
    @8Motions 2007
  • 8. What is geotagging?
    • is the process of adding geographical identification metadata to some content..
    • Metadata can be:
          • Lat, lon
          • Place: paris, eiffel tower,
          • Personal geotagging: home, school
          • Contextual geotagging: rugby world cup final
    • Geotagging is NOT an application, but a means to create or enhance content or application
    @8Motions 2007
  • 9. Geotagging
    • More generaly speaking, geotagging is creating content related to location
    • Example:
      • Flickr photos geotagged with location
      • Video
      • Places, point of interest…
    • Geotagged data can be used in both directions:
      • Being produced on mobile
      • Being consumed on mobile
    @8Motions 2007
  • 10. Example of Geotagging+UGC
    • In this example, we see what is tagged « near » this specific place:
      • Hotel Melia Avenida America
      • Close to « distrito de ciena lineal »
      • In madrid
      • In Spain
    • These are relevant information that can be used to geotag pictures
    • Example:
      • 8Motions service, but also ZoneTag from Yahoo
    @8Motions 2007
  • 11. UGC challenges
    • Different kind of UGC:
      • « high quality » UGC: restaurant place review, tourist information, etc…
      • « low quality/feedback »:
        • « My friends  place » : content not really interesting outside a small group
        • Use the community as a way to raise high quality content
          • Notes, comments, ….
    • Web vs. mobile:
      • Content can be created (drafted) on mobile
      • UGC (and especially high quality one) can be edited on web site:
        • Mobile and Web are complementary
    @8Motions 2007
  • 12. Mobile Challenges
    • Access to the position
      • LBS is still not a mass market technology
      • Very little GPS enabled phone
      • Difficult to access to others technologies (CellId,…)
    • User generated content needs critical mass to be interesting
    • It’s not easy to create content on mobile
    • Data prices
    @8Motions 2007
  • 13. Handsets
    • Don’t try to access mass market today:
      • High end phone users(N95, 6110 for instance) paid a lot for their GPS enabled phone: they are ready to spent time to download and use applications that take advantage of their (costly) GPS
      • They are opinion leaders and early adopters
    • Target mass market (through operators/LBS platform) in a second step: take much longer time
      • Mass market GPS handset will come
      • Explore other technical options Cell-ID based…
    @8Motions 2007
  • 14. How to solve the critical mass pb
    • Link with existing Web service:
      • Provides a mobile access to existing web service
      • Extend an existing community on the mobile
    • Share the user base with the service
    • Use viral features
      • Find my friends
      • Recommend to a friend
    @8Motions 2007
  • 15. Difficulty to create content on mobile
    • This depends of the content (and the mobile)
    • Create simple things on mobile:
      • Simple feedback (ranking, love/hate, etc…)
      • Take advantage of mobile:
        • Picture, video are easy to create on mobile, texts not
    • Draft  content on mobile, edited on the web
      • Target the small percentage of people ready to spent time to elaborate high quality content
      • Give them tools to create this content
    @8Motions 2007
  • 16. What about business models?
    • Early market, no obvious answer
    • Several options:
      • Geolocalized advertising: huge potential, but still very early
      • Premium services/subscription? >Need to educate people
      • SMS is as always a simple way to do micro billing
    • Generate revenue on content might create new issues:
      • Sharing revenue with content creator
    @8Motions 2007
  • 17. Conclusion
    • The pieces to enable innovatives LBS application are here
    • UGC is one of the key driver of Web2.0, we expect to take a greater role in Mobile2.0
    • Mass market will explode with deployment of GPS enabled handsets
    @8Motions 2007
  • 18. Thanks
    • Thomas Landspurg
    • Contact:
    • [email_address]
    @8Motions 2007