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Brit heat

  1. 1. • Brit Heat is a typical conventional boy band. The music genre of Brit Heat would be mainstream and considerable Pop type music but with a new age twist. The band would have a slight urban feel to its music along with a strong club dance element. There would also be typical soft love ballads released by the band.• The chosen song is Steam by East 17, as this fits the Pop Boy Band convention and the name of the song has strong connotations with heat which has its own connotations of passion and lust.Genre
  2. 2. • Brit Heat is a relatively new British boy band, consisting of three male members, that has just released their first studio album “The Heat is Risin”. The band has done a lot of promotional concerts to raise their profile such as preforming at the Closing Ceremony of the 2012 Paralympics and at summer festivals. • Brit Heat preformed on the Radio One Live Lounge preforming a cover of Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire• The band has appeared on the cover of Q magazine. In the interview they discussed their up and coming album and preforming at the Paralympics.Band History and Career
  3. 3. • The target audience for Brit Heat would primarily be teenage females from the age of 13-21. Throughout history boybands have attracted strong female fan bases and Brit Heat plan to stick to this convention.• To please their target audience Brit Heat plan to release merchandise alongside their albums. These will include  Posters  Badges  Clothing (Band T-shirts, Vests) Accessories (Bags)  Uni Sex Anti-Perspirant  Figurines• .Brit Heat’s fan base will have its very own name – The Brit Kids. T- shirts and other merchandise will be released with this branded name so people can be recognized as official Brit Kids.Target Audience
  4. 4. • The main idea that Brit Heat stands for is equality among people, especially equality for disabled people (Reason for preforming at the Paralympics)• Also Brit Heat will promote anti-bullying among children and young people. They also hope to strive to teach young people about self respect.Messages and Values
  5. 5. • The song selected is Steam by East 17. The general idea for the music video is to follow all the typical conventions of a boy bands music video in a serious matter. Close-ups, group shots, group dance routines and emotional stares into the camera are some of the conventions we plan to mimic.• The general idea for the music video is to keep it simple but effect, each individual member will feature singing their part of the song as well as being accompanied by close ups and dancing. Different locations would be used which again is another convention of boy bands. Primary locations are a stage area and an outside location.Music Video Idea
  6. 6. BrithEAT