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Presentation to CILIP Thames Valley on the Brighton LibTeachMeet

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  1. 1. TeachMeet:     Librarians  learning  from  each  other   http://btnlibtm.info/Niamh Tumelty· @niamhpage | Katie Birkwood · @girlintheEnglish Faculty Library, University of Cambridge | Cambridge University Library #btnlibtm LILAC, Monday 18 April 2011 25 May 2011, University of Brighton
  2. 2. The idea has spread… LibTeachMeets so far:  Cambridge, 27 September 2010  Huddersfield, 9 February 2011  Cambridge, 29 March  Newcastle, 4 May  Brighton, 25 May  Liverpool, 26 May  London, 20 June  Sheffield, 10 November Ideas in the pipeline:  Oxford, Bournemouth, Leicester. http://flic.kr/p/6sK4Hc Portsmouth…
  3. 3. Teachmeets Have just celebrated their fifth anniversary  Unconference  Informal  Emphasis on sharing
  4. 4. Rules http://flic.kr/p/8tYKQ
  5. 5. Rules 2- or 5-minute presentations  Something you’ve tried yourself  No sales pitches  PowerPoint? http://flic.kr/p/8tYKQ
  6. 6. Rules 2- or 5-minute presentations  Something you’ve tried yourself  No sales pitches Anyone can speak  Order chosen at random  No hierarchy, no keynotes http://flic.kr/p/8tYKQ
  7. 7. Rules 2- or 5-minute presentations  Something you’ve tried yourself  No sales pitches Anyone can speak  Order chosen at random  No hierarchy, no keynotes http://flic.kr/p/8tYKQ
  8. 8. And Library TeachMeets  ….are not yet one year old  From an original idea by Isla Kuhn: http://ilk21.wordpress.com/ 2010/07/03/teach-meet/  Fit well with  Information literacy  Tight budgets  personal  institutional  Social media  Easy to present  Lots of networking
  9. 9. Development 17th March: I blogged about Niamh Tumelty’s CILIP Update article: Teachmeet goes to the seaside People commented, e-mailed, tweeted #btnlibtm born Date fixed: 25th May, 5 pm Place: University of Brighton Website set up at http://www.brightonlibtm.info/
  10. 10. Publicity  Audience:  Local lis people/shambrarians  Commuters  E-mails to great and good  Mailing lists: lis-link, lis-profession, CILIP Sussex list, lis-info-literacy  CILIP Sussex sub-branch  New professionals network  Twitter  Spruz Librarians as Teachers network  E-mails to selected staff in the major local libraries, UoB library school  The website
  11. 11. Organisation Booking by Eventbrite Speakers:  Eleven presentations  Twelve speakers  One guitar  PowerPoint, Prezi, live web, music Cake by Emma (© all rights reserved by sarahjison)
  12. 12. The programme 1  5.00 – 5.20 Refreshments and chit-chat  5.20 – 5.30 Welcome to Brighton LibTeachMeet  Presentations 5.30-6.00  5.30-5.35 Sarah Ison – Using Skype with media students 5.35-5.40 Chris Jones – Music Query Analysis, or, Don’t Get the Blues When You’re Asked About the Blues! 5.40-5.45 Siobhan Duvigneau – Teaching Boolean using an experiential learning technique 5.45-5.50 Dina Koutsomichali – Online participation systems 5.50-5.55 Emma Walton – Reaching Out: Widening participation for Schools at Sussex 5.55-6.00 Helen Webb – Research Hive
  13. 13. The programme 2  6.00-6.20 Cake and chit-chat  Presentations 6.20-6.50  6.20-6.25 Katie Piatt – Google forms 6.25-6.30 Chloe Barnes – Communicating with US 6.30-6.35 Joseph Norwood and Ka-Ming Pang – Peer to peer online engagement 6.35-6.40 Steve Holden – Instapaper – an offline reader 6.40-6.45 Helen Westwood – Upgrade at City 6.45-6.50 Chris Keene – Resource Discovery: two worlds colliding  6.50-7.00 Feedback, thank yous and goodbyes
  14. 14. We sold out! Thirty attendees, fifteen on waiting list People came from London, Portsmouth, Southampton…
  15. 15. Feedback Evaluations received from 20 participants  All 20 would come to another #btnlibtm  13 would speak at another #btnlibtm  8 would help organise  ‘Intense’  Four people had never been so happy in their lives
  16. 16. What people liked  Meeting colleagues from Sussex/IDS  Lighting style of talks, practical ideas. networking with local colleagues  buzz and enthusiastic presenters  good time keeping, pace, variety of presenters, informality  Snapping, interesting presentations, hearing other peoples good ideas, informal atmosphere  The range of presentations and the format  Hearing what other institutions/organisations are doing, in a fairly informal way was inspiring and encouraging  meeting people genuinely excited by their job and profession  the format is great and its wonderful to see the small stuff people are doing that you can adopt and use. I mean small as in you wouldnt do a conference presentation about say Google Forms but it was incredibly useful to hear about!  It was intense in terms of new ideas. The cakes were good too.  Fun atmosphere; wide range of topics; opportunity to meet people  A chance to hear about "stuff" that you wouldnt ordinarily come across  The variety of ideas; the short presentation time, which made presenters strip out the superfluous and get to the bones of their subject however...  opened up a whole new world of IT that I was unaware of and the lovely cakes.  all of it  Finding out about new innovations. Meeting like minded people.  The innovative delivery style; variety of topics covered; networking opportunities  Informality, length of presentations perfect  variety and enthusiasm of speakers  Speakers were informative and had some very useful ides. Also, the jam & Nutella cakes were excellent!
  17. 17. What people disliked  Venue:  Space  Travel  ‘The opening slide said Librarians sharing... which made me sad as Im not a librarian ;-{‘  ‘Very library focused (clue was in the name)! It re-inforced my desire to set up an IT-based meet ‘  Better name badges  Time keeping too strict
  18. 18. Next time? Broader organisation More public, school, NHS people Funding More focus on teaching? Time, venue Photos Pub
  19. 19. Hashtags, etc #LibTeachM is the hashtag for all things LibTeachMeet  Individual event tags:  #camlibtm, #hudteachmeet, #toonlibtm, #livlibtm, #imeetdmu, #ldnlibtm, #btnlibtm  Archive at http:// twapperkeeper.com/hashtag/ btnlibtm  Google calendar:
  20. 20. Timekeeping ©  All  rights  reserved  by   sarahjison  
  21. 21. With thanks Cambridge LibTeachMeet (the original, accept no imitations), especially  Niamh Tumelty @niamhpage  Katie Birkwood @girlinthe  Thomas Meehan @orangeaurochs Emma Illingworth @wigglesweets All who presented at and attended #btnlibtm
  22. 22. TeachMeet:     Librarians  learning  from  each  other  http://camlibtm.info / Katie| Cambridge University Library Niamh Tumelty· @niamhpage | info@camlibtm.info English Faculty Library, University of Cambridge Birkwood · @girlinthe W Niamh Tumelty· @niamhpage |18 April 2011 · @girlinthe LILAC, Monday Katie Birkwood English Faculty Library, University of Cambridge | Cambridge University Library