A Practical Use Of External Data Sources


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My slides from my session at SharePoint Fest. Most of the session was demo, and the slides are just pictures, but the Resources slides have links

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  • I’m Tom Resing and I joined Jive as a Sales Engineer 8 months ago.
    I’ve specialized in SharePoint Development exclusively for the past 7 years. I’ve earned an exclusive certification, co-authored two Microsoft Press books and earned two Microsoft MVP awards.
  • 44 pages of great material from Penny.
  • 44 pages of great material from Penny.
  • A Practical Use Of External Data Sources

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    12. 12. Tom Resing 2013 2014 THE COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION PLATFORM FOR MODERN, MOBILE BUSINESS Sales Engineering Global Subject Matter Expert- SharePoint “Jive complements SharePoint.” – TomResing.com, Why Jive?
    13. 13. External System External Content Type External List External Data Column Business Data Connectivity (for Office) Business Connectivity Services (BCS)
    14. 14. Demo in 7 Parts Look at the database; connect the database; create an external list; use the list, an external data column, a BCS Profile page and BCS Search
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    17. 17. Let’s Talk! Questions? – ask now Or use the contact form on www.tomresing.com Or come visit Jive Software - Booth