Develop a SharePoint App in 45 Minutes


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Slides accompanying a presentation to SharePoint Users that also included a lot of demo not shown on slides.
The key to getting started quickly is to use a developer site on Office 365 and the Napa App. Get your free 30 day trial to Office 365 for Developers here: Also included with MSDN Subscriptions.

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  • Creating compelling enhancements to SharePoint through code is easier than ever with the most recent developer tools from Microsoft. Learn to take advantage of these tools to quickly develop and deploy new SharePoint solutions. Includes information on Visual Studio 2013 with SharePoint 2013. Get a quick introduction to the SharePoint App Model with the Napa Tools for Office 365. Familiarity with HTLML, Javascript, C# code and Visual Studio will help understand this class, but basic SharePoint concepts that wouldn't be familiar to those new to SharePoint will be explained.
  • Have you ever upgraded a piece of software? How about a program you wrote? We all know it’s never as easy as we’d like. And, by now, we all know if you want to move from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Online, there is no upgrade path. It’s a migration.
  • The promise of the app model is good. Apps are meant to be upgrade safe and the model is based on the success of other app models and stores like the Apple Store. For 3rd party software vendors, this offers an easier way to get software to you.
  • The benefit for you the developer? It's a lot easier than the old way.
    Let me show you some tips to get started really quickly.
  • I’m Tom Resing and I joined Jive as a Sales Engineer 8 months ago.
    I’ve specialized in SharePoint Development exclusively for the past 8 years. I’ve earned an exclusive certification, co-authored two Microsoft Press books and earned two Microsoft MVP awards.
  • We’ll start with an overview of SharePoint Add-Ins, then go to demos. I have some resource links to share with you. I encourage questions as I go. I reserve the right to answer later.
  • Notice that the word customize is not used. We're not changing a site with an addin, we're enhancing it. We may be adding a new action, or an app part or linking to a new app web, but we're not changing the lists or librarys on the
  • Recognize this dialog? I received this when loading Scrabble from Facebook. When an application extends Facebook, it’s required to ask you for permission to use your information.
  • Here’s a similar dialog installing the Quote of the Day add-in to SharePoint. Just like in Facebook, the publisher of the app is identified. There are different levels of information the publisher can request for their app. Here you see basic information about the site and the users of the site.
  • There are two ways to start developing an add-in. I’ll demonstrate both. For the second method, in Visual Studio, you’ll need the latest Office Developer Tools. The dialog above shows the first time you create a new SharePoint Add-In from Visual Studio. In my case, after I hit install, all the required pieces downloaded, I was prompted to close Visual Studio and then the tools were installed.
  • Here’s a great list of all the different ways you can get a developer site today. You might already have one!
  • The first link is a very helpful article by Corey Roth. Read it if you want to make an “App Part.”
    The second is that IT Pro Poster I quoted in the overiew.
    The third
  • Kirk Evans’ site is another must read for SharePoint Add-in developers, that article is one example of great content
    If you want to see how far you can take development in Napa, check out the second article, recently updated
    The 3rd article is a really great explanation of add-ins
  • The first article is helpful when you’re deciding between SharePoint Hosted and Provider-Hosted
    An add-in with a document template is very practicle. One of the more recent code samples, the article and the code are stored in github
    Lastly, if you want a walkthrough of my example BCS code, read this article on my blog
  • Develop a SharePoint App in 45 Minutes

    1. 1. Tom Resing Microsoft, Senior Content Publisher 4/28/2016 Develop a SharePoint Add-In (nee App) in 45 Minutes
    2. 2. Upgrade
    3. 3. Page 5 Tom Resing Senior Content Publisher SharePoint End User Content Modern Assistance & support eXperience (MAX) Office, Microsoft
    4. 4. Page 6 •What are SharePoint Add-ins? •Napa Demo •Visual Studio 2015 Demo •Resources •Questions Agenda
    5. 5. Page 7 Are stand-alone applications that provide specific information or functionality to a SharePoint site. ADD-INS FOR SHAREPOINT
    6. 6. Page 8 Apps for SharePoint are easy for users to install, use, manage, upgrade, and remove. ADD-INS FOR SHAREPOINT
    7. 7. Page 9 Apps can be SharePoint- hosted (reside and execute in SharePoint) or cloud- hosted (Windows Azure or other systems), or both. ADD-INS FOR SHAREPOINT
    8. 8. Demos: First Napa Then Visual Studio App Tools
    9. 9.
    10. 10. Page 15 How to: Build a SharePoint-hosted Client Web Part in SharePoint 2013 w-to-build-a-sharepoint-hosted-client-web-part-in-sharepoint-2013.aspx SHAREPOINT 2013: APP OVERVIEW FOR IT PRO Set up a development environment for SharePoint Add-ins on Office 365 References
    11. 11. Page 16 • Creating a SharePoint 2013 App With Azure Web Sites, Kirk Evans[MSFT], 24 Feb 2014 • How to: Create a basic app for SharePoint by using Napa Office 365 Development Tools • SharePoint Add-ins, MSDN, April 2016 References – 2
    12. 12. Page 17 • Choose patterns for developing and hosting your SharePoint Add-in, MSDN, October 2015 • Create a SharePoint Add-in that contains a document template and a task pane add-in,, open editing • OData BCS Code Sample from TechEd 2014,, video walkthrough included References - 3
    13. 13. Page 18 Tom Resing’s Collaboration Blog Email Twitter @resing Connect with me
    14. 14. Questions