Reasons for MOV file corruption & their solutions

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Listing all possible reasons held responsible for MOV file corruption. Solution Included in the slide.

Listing all possible reasons held responsible for MOV file corruption. Solution Included in the slide.

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  • 1. Reasons for MOV file corruption with solution For Mac OS X
  • 2. Intro – MOV Files  MOV files are common video formats used in many digital cameras. MOV files run on Quick Time Player, a software developed by Apple Inc. A MOV file can be played on PC as well as Mac with the help of QUICK TIME PLAYER software.
  • 3. Can MOV file deleted or corrupted?  Yes, just like any other file, a .MOV file can be deleted, formatted or lost from the system.  It can also be deleted from a memory card of a digital camera.  At times, the MOV file also becomes corrupted. Some of the reasons for MOV file corruption are explained ahead.
  • 4. Header file corruption  The 'Header' is placed on the top of a MOV file & it holds all vital information that makes the file run. Any corruption in this header file will leads to inaccessibility of a .MOV file.
  • 5. Video Frames  Frames are number of small images that forms a video. If any of the frame gets damaged or fails to integrate with other frames, inaccessibility of MOV file is occurred. Due to presence of large no. of frames in any video, this is one of the most prominent reason behind MOV file corruption.
  • 6. Sound Corruption  This type of damage occurs in a MOV file only when an important file component responsible to run the audio either becomes corrupt or gets deleted.  No video is complete without an audio file segment. Unfortunately, this is one of the most commonly found corruption in MOV video files.
  • 7. CRC Error  CRC has a technical expansion which is Cyclic Redundancy Checking, a method to check errors in file that is to be transmitted to a communication link. In MOV file, CRC may arise due to bad blocks on the storage device. CRC generally displays an error on the computer screen which is “CRC file cannot be opened”.
  • 8. OS itself  Yes, the computer OS can itself make the MOV file go nuts. How??  An abrupt shutdown can damage (.MOV) files.  An OS update may fail MOV files  Virus on OS may cause damage  Incomplete download also damages MOV files.
  • 9. Is there a fix available?  Fortunately, a software called “Stellar Phoenix MOV Repair for Mac” provides sophisticated assistance to all the problems that causes the MOV file to go corrupt.  This software runs on Mac & repairs .MOV file. The repaired .MOV file then can be played on both PC and Mac without any hassle.