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Why "Pull" marketing is the future of demand generation.

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  • Hi everyone – we will hang on for a 1 or 2 min before we kick off, we have about 45 people, if you would like to tweet us at @ZooberWelcome everyone, Today is the first WebEx of a series focusing on the changes & opportunities in the marketing domain, that as a marketer or business owner you will be able to capitalize on & become successful in the next few years.There are 2 more WebEx in the series lasting 15-20 mins each.My Name is Alistair Norman – worked as a marketing director helping B to B 7 B to C organizations beat there competition, Qliktech, CDC, mvi technology, how to utilize technology to drive continuous improvement in organisation.Again to repeat @zoober
  • SO today I would like to start with the basics to give everyone some back ground to what these changes are, and what tactics could be applied.the following webex will work through the detail of a highly effective marketing approach that will transform your revenue streams & profitable within 90 days or less.
  • So What has been the most fundamental change in the last 2-3 years, plain & simple it is the buying behavior of todays consumer. This behavior is snow balling & gathering speed, this change in behavior is in the way in which any consumer goes through a logic in a B to B enviromenemnt or emotional process in a B to C environment to a point of purchasing of a product or service.They no longer want to be sold to…..or have a push approach to sales. Consumers feel they want to be in control & they are the ones decide how & when they want informationSo I thought I would just set the scene with a few statistics,
  • We all do whether is looking for a new car, new piece of software, new set of golf clubs, even restaurants we are all doing it .. Consciously or subconsciously
  • This has grow 3 fold in the last 4 years, so just think of the volume in 2 years, this is some level of demand
  • Now we look at a few US stats, but as normal the US seem to be well ahead in certain areas especially when it comes to time on the Web, but as many things this trend filters across the pond to Europe. But it certainly illustrates a lot of time surfing especially if you have a purchase or product on your mind.
  • Again 3 hours a day, there certainly is demand for information & something seems to be keeping the attention?. 1 day a week,
  • Now email is very controversial at this time how effective is it at managing communication, certainly for us the volume of responses is falling to below 1.5% click though, so certainly something is up with email???Is it the medium or is it the content???
  • And just to demonstrate I took these google trends last week to show the search volume on certain termsAdvertisingTelemarketingTrade showsEvents ExhibitionsThis is great indicator on the interest, & demand for these types of service
  • SO to summarize There is a lot of demand, a lot of time spent online & a lot of searches, but can you honestly say you are capturing even 10% or even 1% of the possible demand for your product or service?So there is something wrong either there is no demand or we are all doing something wrong? Should we ditch our traditional business cards & just focus on tapping into the demand??Are our current marketing channels starting to wain or become less effective? This is not to say they are not working but certainly there seem to be other ways to reach our target audience, Something has changed & we certainly need to react to this change. So what is going on?? & how do we get into the demand & work our marketing approach into a consumers buying behavior?
  • Confused, the next few slides will give you some general background knowledge & provide a few takeaways to be successful.
  • Search has changed, this is taken from the Googleweb master blog the purpose of caffine,Content on the web is blossoming. It's growing not just in size and numbers but with the advent of video, images, news and real-time updates, the average webpage is richer and more complex. In addition, people's expectations for search are higher than they used to be. Searchers want to find the latest relevant content and publishers expect to be found the instant they publish. this illustrates the move google has made to move away from historic index which is basic library of web pages to a more real-time approach meaning if you have good relevant content & drop this on to the web, search's will pick this up more effectively & quicker than ever before.Allowing you to get found quicker & faster
  • As you all probably know with the Google Panda updates, The reason for the panda updates was to get rid of mass producing automated content farms & focus on ranking high quality relevant content that drives the rankings which give more company's an opportunity of ranking 1st on Google pages & tapping into the demand. Allowing smaller company's to compete on a global scale with large websites.
  • Search has also woken up to social networks , showing some interest to facebook likes, and soon to be the +1 buttons, but certainly linking back from indexed profiles to certain sites to improve relevance & search. Will help drive more traffic to your website.
  • So the 1st take awaySearch engines have changed & to become successful as part of your mix you need to drop relevant, high quality, frequent (Daily) content on to the web, linking to your site to start tapping into this demand. Try & look internally to find the best USP, sometimes these are your key people ideas or even you customers/ partners, develop assets that can support your approach to developing good content. Ensure this content is optimized & relevant to you, focus on being an expert in 1 field. Blogs, articles, white papers, Video’s animation.
  • So what's the next big change that has happened in the last few years, as you saw by mu graphs earlier the social networks are here & here to stay…. But its what to do with them? Remains the biggest questionWell a quick stat for you….
  • So demand & volume of traffic is what they bring & your profile is certainly going to be viewed by friends, colleagues &the competition.
  • So the 2nd takeawaySocial networks are another channel, ensure you utilize them into the marketing mixMeasure what traffic comes from these platforms to your website, ensure you have the visibility of what brought them from your prolife to where on your site.Treat them as another channel, there fore ensure you have regular, frequent & high quality content on your profiles, communities & feeds.Give them a reason to comeback & like or +1 something of interest on your content,Get the right contacts & share with your friends, volume is good, but quality is better.Set up a group that reflects your brand & you position or what you can add to your target market,
  • The next change is the move more & more to the real-life scenarios of WOM, the reason for this shift, is the removal of fear or risk of making a wrong decision, so looking for recommendations & direct feedback to whether a product or service is trust worthy. Also creating WOM networks can certainly add support for your Brand.
  • Trust & Transparency is key, try & show to the world your business is not frightened of publishing the good & the bad. The more transparent the more feedback the more opportunity you have to improve.
  • So Blogging is one way of getting trust & transparency into your online business & it certainly pays back.
  • 3rd take awayBuild transparency into your communicationExcuse the pun blog to your heart contentBuild incentives into you WOM promotions.
  • & finally the change of the consumer, the rise of generation Y.This is your new customer, this is the future, clever, bright information jukies that celebrate diversity & shameless upfront at tuning out poor marketing activities & messages in the search for more engaging way to understand & learn.------------------------------------------------So to summaries Buying behavior, search, social media, the way we talk to the consumers in a B to B & B to has changed.________________________________________________________________________________________So what does all this change, mean & why change to adapt to these new trends…….
  • Well as we all know Business has not changedThe underling reason to exist in a commercial environment is business & more importantly profit & revenue.& as the diagram shows the life blood of any business is leads, opportunities & sales… If fact business has not changed since inception, but the dynamics & economy has certainly changed.Tough economyNeed more for lessMore competition though globalizationTherefore we need more leads which can be a leading indicator for more revenue, therefore revenue performance relies on such a strong lead flow & marketing is no longer about brand & visitors to a website, its about revenue performance management.So we need to change our approach…or our tacticsSo on one hand we have these changes in marketing & on the increasing pressure to sustain & grow revenue.
  • We need to change tactics, We need to listen to these changes & the buyers, the future customers of tomorrow & adapt our approach.We need to move away from focusing on a push approach to our sales or intrusive tactics, using traditional methods of marketing that are starting to be less effective & make systemic change in our approach ….
  • We need to tap into the current demand, the “buying process” & bring activities we are doing on anadhoc basis into a simple way of working. We need to look at using …………Great content, new channels & our USP, to nuture communities to leverage competitive advantage, but with so many changes & tools, channels how do you tap into the demand in a more effective & cost efficient way.But most of all how do you simply continuously improve?
  • So I would like to introduce, inbound marketing, using a combination of search, social media, marketing automation & great content.This is a new but highly effective approach that builds a process around pull.& is proven to capture more demand, generate more qualified leads & increase revenue by 15%. & 60% less cost than any push approach.
  • This solution is a fully transparent continuous improvement process. It focuses on using the method of PULL or attraction. Through packaged best practice at each stage.Combines new channels, new technology & great content to tap into the demand.Based on a simple tool measuring every marketing activity on & off line, inbound marketing puts all the things we do as marketers & puts them into a road map to continually improve.The key steps areListening to the demand, for what people are looking for…Creating remarkable content that is relevant, high quality & frequent – based on the demand, not on what you think the world wants.Engaging this content into new channels & forums in a 2 way conversation. To understand what your business has to offer , building your audience.Transform those visitors & audience into committed customers through nurturing these relationships. Through lead management.& finally growing your brand by strong analysis's that provide 360 degrees view of your marketing & business development activity, to then repeat listening to the demand & repeating the process.This approach is simple, pragmatic & uses the best practices in marketing to drive inbound qualified prospects to you!!!
  • So to conclude change has happened, you need to adapt your approach to tap into the demand, & benefit from a more cost effective, but certainly more effective way of marketing, don turnoff you push/ outbound activity. Start by implementing a simple approach that you can measure & most of all repeat.Join our community Zoober to get more information on this approach or alternatively join our next webinar….
  • Our next webinar will cover the 5 steps to inbound success & go into detail about each step, the technology & tips & tricksOn Friday 2nd September we will show you how you can use this approach to implement competitive strategies.Now we have a few questions that have been raised……We still use email as a very successful tool to bring in new business…….?We have lots of people download from our site, but they tend to just want free information & are not willing to buy. How do we improve on this?How to create a content strategy…. In our creation stepsDeveloping the right content to attract the right audience, business owners in our case, & also nuture the relationship once people had downloadedWhat technology do you use? Well in the next webinar we will cover the key technology capabilities required to be successful.A BIG thank you, I hope you have found this useful & look forward to seeing you at our next webinar..
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