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Presentation material for my presentation class in MBA-Cebu.
Given theme is "Closing strategies for sales person".

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Sales closing(training) presen_fin

  1. 1. Closing strategies for selling your services Mar. 14 2014 Tomonori Yako
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda Background settings 1. Why closing is so important? 2. 3 Steps in closing 3. You should and shouldn’t
  3. 3. Background settings (1) • Your Business : I am a trainer for selling this business You are representatives Potential customers (who wants to learn English) English School (ex. MBA)
  4. 4. Background settings (2) sign then let customers sign deliveryclosingproposeapproachtargeting • Sales status: already proposed, just closing Satisfy giving satisfaction by reaching expectation • Your missions:
  5. 5. Why is closing so important for us? • Even if you have 100 targets, you can close only customers. deliveryclosing approach targeting 50% drop off 60% drop off 10% drop off 60 15 13 15 Proposing and closing are very important for our business propose 30 50% drop off It’s like “love”. Verifying the mutual trust of each other in closing is required.
  6. 6. 3 Steps in “closing” • Confirming first, then clarify and assure. Confirm proposal assuringclarifying proposal Confirm proposal Ask questions • Conditions • Price • How it works ConfirmRecap Proposal Last proposal I already sent…
  7. 7. 3 Steps in “closing” • Clarify if customer is alright or not. assuringclarifyingConfirm proposal Confirm proposal • Is everything alright with you? No concern • Let’s take a look at to your concerns. Concern about… clarifying
  8. 8. 3 Steps in “closing” • Finally, make customer sign, and say appreciation. assuringclarifying Confirm proposal Confirm proposal Confirm final agreements Promising what we can do Signing, appreciation Don’t forget assuring
  9. 9. Relaxed teaching You should • Talking about our superiority Recent awards No.1 customer satisfaction score Teachers work as one team Business person only Customize anything for you Why choose us
  10. 10. You should not do Escaping from customersGetting angry to customers if you fall in love with customer…Focusing only for price
  11. 11. Conclusion • You should talk about “superiority of us” • You should not - get angry, - escape from customers, also - love before closing • 3 steps in “Closing” • Confirm proposal • Clarify concerns • Assure final agreement • Closing is important because It’s like “love” Verifying the mutual trust
  12. 12. • Thank you Question?
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