Fox Cities Chamber Cultivate: Mobile Marketing


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Mobile marketing is all people can talk about these days. By 2014, there will be more mobile internet users than desktop internet users. There are so many options vying for your marketing budget these days. What do you do and where do you spend your time and energy? This presentation will shed light on mobile marketing, QR codes and analytics. This will allow you be better educated and do whats best for you and your customers.

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Fox Cities Chamber Cultivate: Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. Customized Solutions to Fit Your Needs.THE MOBILE WORLD: WHAT IT MEANS TO YOUR MARKETING We Can.
  2. 2. Todays Chat• Welcome• New Business• Why Mobile?• Driving Traffic – QR Codes• Mistakes
  3. 3. Lets Tell A StorySo You Have A New Business!
  4. 4. Open For Business…
  5. 5. New Business Checklist
  6. 6. Are You Forgetting Something?
  7. 7. Mobile – Really?
  8. 8. Okay Lets Think Like your…
  9. 9. Who Are they?
  10. 10. What Are They Looking For?
  11. 11. Digging Deeper
  12. 12. Are They Really?
  13. 13. Let Me Get This StraightFour out of five US smartphone owners, use phone to help withshopping, according to Google/Ipsos (April 2011). A survey of 5013US smartphone owners found: 79 percent use a smartphone to help with shopping and 70 percent use phone in store. Of those: 54 percent located a retailer; 49 percent compare prices to help decide; 34 percent search in-store inventory; 44 percent read reviews and product info; 46 percent called a retailer; 40 percent looked for promotions and discounts; 28 percent used a discount coupon on phone. 74 percent of smartphone shoppers have made purchase following research on phone. Of those: 76 percent purchased in store; 59 percent purchased on their PCs; 35 percent purchased on their smartphones; 27 percent purchased via a mobile site; 22 percent purchased through a mobile app. The average annual spend on mobile purchases was US$300.
  14. 14. Deep Breath
  15. 15. So What Now?Are you telling me I need a DESKTOP website and a MOBILE site? YES!
  16. 16. Why? Increased Reach
  17. 17. People Want What Mobile Has! Find Directions Access Information Share Knowledge Capture Data Get Answers Entertain Educate Video Order Lunch Enter a Contest
  18. 18. Products and Services
  19. 19. Where Does Mobile Fit?• Shipping Containers• Point-of-Sale Packaging• In-Store Displays• Shelf packaging• Window packaging• Gift & Promotional Packaging• Signage, Case Cards, Headers
  20. 20. How Do You Reach YourCustomers After Hours? 10+ 10+ 10+ 11+ 11+ 8+ 5 65 Hours Open 168 Hr/Wk 103 Hrs Wasted
  21. 21. QR Codes
  22. 22. What Are QR Codes?
  23. 23. Doing It Wrong
  24. 24. But Before You Dive Right In
  25. 25. Mobile Friendly is CRITICAL and Not EASY… Don’t Make These Mistakes
  26. 26. Mobile Mistakes to Avoid Not optimizing your site for mobile browsers. Doing too much in a mobile experience – snack sized. Not collecting information, [make it a fair trade]. Not promoting access to mobile in a visible location. Delivering the same content as from the printed material. Not offering share links and social media engagement. No contact information - not tracking responses
  27. 27. Track Your Progress It is key to track your mobile marketing efforts •Device Type •Scan Location •Page Traffic •Mapping •Viral Stats •Date/Time
  28. 28. Overall Marketing Strategy?
  29. 29. Questions? @tommytrc 920-965-9722