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Draft Ove

Draft Ove

Published in: Business, Automotive

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  • Title Page
  • Transcript

    • 1. 2012 Marketing Outline Bumpus Harley Davidson
    • 2. Preamble
      • To Set A Reference To A Strategy By Which Bumpus Harley Davidson Will Be Synonymous With In Overall Presentation.
      • Help Define And Focus Management and Personnel Toward A Common Goal
      • Establish a Basis By Which a Customer’s Experience and Satisfaction Increases Multifold.
      • Provide the Motivation By Which Activities In Three Key Area’s Are Constant
      • 1. Visibility 2. Targeting 3. Customer Base Development
      • We’d like to introduce :
    • 3. Bumpus Harley Davidson Presents
    • 4. Share The Ride Tell The Story
    • 5. Tell The Story Customers
      • #1 : Enhance customers experience throughout the store,
      • Drive focus on the history of Harley-Davidson and that Bumpus Harley-Davidson shares concepts and values with Harley-Davidson as a whole.
      • Utilize tools on H-D net to accompany local level focus as being more a part of the overall plan from Harley-Davidson.
      • Continue to show and tell of Harley-Davidson's support of the military. (H-D’s 5 year marketing focus beginning 2010)
      • Drive home to prospective new buyers the history of the story, and how it came to be.
      • Express through in store and external media thr historical education to prospective “new era” customer prospects.
      • Develop new means of reaching a changing, and sometime fading, target audience.
    • 6. Tell The Story Customer Experience
      • #1 Enhance customers experience through out the store, all departments.
      • Define additional areas where the customers experience can meet and exceed expectations.
      • Define the expectations. ( Extremely Important )
      • Including Improvement in F&I, products and offerings.
      • Offer volunteers to receive “Internships” of training and insight for minimal part time, Saturday, evening and event work.
      • Delve into of personnel to customer ratio’s.
    • 7. Tell The Story A Place To Work, Teamwork
      • Hire, Educate and train and re train employees with the same focus and vigor as the theme portrays.
      • Install new process’ and procedures to acquire conceptual through “Teaming” hiring, practices, best practices.
      • Bumpus Harley Davidson should not only be a desirous place to shop, but a privileged place to work as well.
      • In place and training from both outside and inside
      • To Employees, internal training in pride, and ownership of the story and how it applies to everyday.
    • 8. Share The Ride Employees And Customers
      • Add experiences through the Riders Training Course,
      • Train Employees to Ride, encourage employees to acquire motorcycle endorsement. (Mandatory in cases?)
      • Utilize additional experience through live social interaction by sharing stories.
      • Encourage mature and active customers to share experiences through live interaction with employees.
    • 9. On The Social Side
      • Social media usage should be used with commonality. Consistent loops of marketing.
      • Similarities from all Locations online.
      • Customers need to have a “Bumpus Feel”
      • All forms of Social interaction are defined as Websites, Facebook, My-Space, Linkedin and others.
      • Commonality between Websites, look, Feel, message and transfer easily from store to store.
      • Increased presence in interaction with YouTube and Slide-Share type presentations.
      • All Roads through whatever media should lead to the Front Door of Bumpus Harley Davidson. .
    • 10. The Brand Is the Family The Family the Brand
      • Family Defined as
      • The ownership,
      • The employees
      • Vendors
      • Dedicated men and women who support the manufacturer and the Harley Davidson brand
      • Honest, trustworthy, fair . . .
    • 11. Data Mine, Data Mine, Data Mine
      • By definition define the steps to proactive research
      • Define what actions and reactions need or made necessary as a result of information garnered.
    • 12. Events
      • Coordinate between stores various even schedules.
      • Plan Events with some focus on accommodating a fair percentage toward newly defined potential customer groups.
    • 13. Additional Add In’s
      • Establish a set communication between various levels of store interaction.
      • Periodoc reviews and updates of the overall master plan between marketing groups.