Facebook platform what facebook can do for your business


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Facebook platform what facebook can do for your business

  1. 1. What Facebook Platform can do for your business Over 500 million people around the world use Facebook to connect with friends and share information about themselves and the things they care about. With Facebook Platform, people can also have this rich social experience across the web and mobile devices. Facebook Platform enables people to bring their friends, interests and conversations with them to your site or application. Join the millions of businesses worldwide that are already using Facebook Platform. From social enhancements that require just one line of code to deep integrations through our easy-to-implement yet powerful Graph API, our technology transforms online interactions and creates valuable new opportunities. Why build on the social graph? Increase Traffic Deepen Engagement Improve People visit your People spend more Monetization site from Facebook time when their Facebook can help for one simple reason—their friends are with them. you make more money. friends told them to. • Platform’s products allow people to • Platform lets you tap into the power • In bringing more traffic to your site, share content from your site back to of friends to drive engagement on Facebook Platform drives higher their News Feed, increasing referral your own site. page views. traffic from friends viewing that con- tent and clicking through to your site. • Facebook users bring their friends, • Just as importantly, by enabling users likes and interests with them around to share more about themselves, you • You can also establish a lasting con- the web—everything you need to can improve your ability to target nection with your audience by pub- provide a personalized experience ads and customize merchandising. lishing to their News Feed directly. on your own website. • Finally, as your users share content • Using Platform, you can tell your from your site back to Facebook and customers about your products and their friends, they generate friend make it easy for them to continue referrals—the most qualified leads the conversation with their friends. for your site.© 2011 Facebook, Inc. All rights reserved. Product specifications subject to change without notice. 1
  2. 2. Integrating social into your site While Facebook Platform offers a number of ways to create social experiences, we suggest that you start by allowing your customers to share on Facebook what they like and purchase on your site. 1. Drive traffic to your site and build lasting connections with the Like button The Like button is the easiest way to let people to share your sites content on Facebook. When users share your sites content back to Facebook, they post links to your content that are seen by their friends. Those friends can comment on the story— spreading the links to your content out to their friends as well - or click-through on the link, driving more traffic to your site. In order for users to publish even richer stories about your products to their friends, we encourage you to add Open Graph tags to your Like button implementation. For example, if an e-commerce apparel site implements the Like button with Open Graph tags on the page of a T-shirt, the name, picture and description of this T-shirt will appear in the News Feed when people click on the Like button, instead of just appearing as a link. In addition, this e-commerce site will be able to send messages to all the people who have liked this T-shirt. CafePress uses the Like button with Open Graph tags. Here is how it works: 1. Jane clicks 2. story is A on the Like automatically button on generated about CafePress.com. it in her friends’ News Feed. 3. ane’s friends can click on the J T-shirt from their News Feed and will be directed to the T-shirt page on CafePress.com. • bjective: CafePress wanted to boost sharing of its O • esults: R custom T-shirts and gifts, in order to increase traffic to - After implementing Facebook Like buttons in May of their site. 2010, Facebook became the #1 source of non-search traffic to CafePress. • mplementation: CafePress added Like buttons to all I - hen 10 people like an item from CafePress, 6 of their W of their 300 million SKUs. Open Graph tags were used in friends will come back to to CafePress from Facebook. order to create a richer News Feed story after the “like” - afePress had over 6MM impressions of Like stories C action, displaying the image and the title of the products. in the News Feed in Q1 alone. Sites implementing the Like button with Open Graph tags have seen a 50%-300% increase in referral traffic from Facebook.© 2011 Facebook, Inc. All rights reserved. Product specifications subject to change without notice. 2
  3. 3. 2. Let people share their purchases with their friends While implementing the Like button is a powerful way to encourage users to share content from your site back to Facebook, you can also provide users with the ability to directly publish unique and compelling stories about specific actions they take on your site, such as purchasing a product. Post-purchase sharing is a very effective way to drive both traffic and conversion. By adding the ability to share and encouraging customers to share their purchase on Facebook right after they’ve completed an order, shoppers become your best advocates. Eventbrite used Facebook Platform to let people share their purchases with their friends. • bjective: Eventbrite wanted to let users to share and O • esults: R discover events through the Facebook platform and - ross ticket sales per quarter doubled in the year after G to make it as easy and frictionless as possible. Eventbrite integrated Facebook Connect. At the end the third quarter of 2010 they had almost quadrupled. • mplementation: Eventbrite implemented a full-fea- I - n one year Facebook went from being the 15th top I tured sharing option on their ticket purchase con- driver of traffic to Eventbrite to the number one driver firmation page. From there, people could choose to to the site. Eventbrite had over 17 million average share purchases on their own Facebook Wall or directly monthly page views in 2010. to their friends’ Walls. - ne Facebook Share of an event generates 11 page O views on Eventbrite. - ne Facebook Share generates an additional $2.53 O in ticket sales. Post-purchase sharing is highly effective at driving conversions. Sites enabling their customers to share their purchase with their friends have seen a 2-3x lift in conversions to sales from these stories as compared to other types of pre-purchase sharing.© 2011 Facebook, Inc. All rights reserved. Product specifications subject to change without notice. 3
  4. 4. Measuring the value Example of insights you can get from your Like button implementation: Upon implementing any Platform integration, you will have access to Insights for Websites, Face- book’s new analytics product, to give you a better idea of how people interact with your content. • raffic Insights: In addition to the number of Likes and T as optimize your advertising campaigns to gain more Shares your content has received, you can now learn like-minded users. about the number of impressions, likes, and referral clicks you’ve received on Facebook. • eal-Time Optimization: Because Insights for Websites R provides you up to the minute data, you can react more • emographic Insights: Use Insights to learn about the D quickly and make changes on your site to maximize audience coming to your site from Facebook. This allows traffic and engagement. you to present relevant content on landing pages, as well Get started today: Already have development resources and Need some help from a third party want to get started on your own? OR developer to get started? • Reach out to your account manager to discuss best • Third-party developers are extremely important for the practices and which implementation makes the most ecosystem as they can quickly create scalable solutions sense for your business objectives. on Facebook Platform. • ell your developers to visit these helpful links: T • Facebook lists a series of Preferred Developer Consutlants - Implementing the Like button with Open Graph tags: (PDCs), each of which is an experienced developer who https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/ has built numerous Facebook integrations such as the plugins/like/ ones we highlighted in this guide. - Implementing Post-purchase sharing: • To reach out to one of those PDCs, please view: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/dialogs/ http://developers.facebook.com/preferreddevelopers/ This guide is just the beginning. Please visit the Facebook Developers site to learn more about the full range of Platform offerings: https://developers.facebook.com/© 2011 Facebook, Inc. All rights reserved. Product specifications subject to change without notice. 4