Internal Controls Masterclass
Detecting Systemic Weakness and Employing Investigative
Auditing for Effective Compliance

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                                Tommy Seah, FcPa, FcSI, cFe
                                Tommy Seah,...
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TOMMY SEAH Internal Control Masterclass on Mar 5 6 Internal Controls


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Internal Control Masterclass by TOMMY SEAH

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TOMMY SEAH Internal Control Masterclass on Mar 5 6 Internal Controls

  1. 1. Internal Controls Masterclass Detecting Systemic Weakness and Employing Investigative Auditing for Effective Compliance Thursday – Friday, 5 – 6 March 2009, 9.00am – 5.30pm Royal Plaza on Scott, Singapore Course overview every year, it is a documented fact that businesses lose billions of dollars as a result of fraud. The Association Enjoy an early bird of Certified Fraud examiners (ACFe) reports that fraud and abuse cost businesses in the US up to USD6 Discount billion annually. when you register by 13 February The severity of financial economic crime (FeC), highlighted by recent cases, such as enron, Worldcom, China Aviation Oil, national Kidney Foundation, ACCS, China Food Holdings emphasize the need to prevent 2009! and detect financial economic crime, and to ensure that effective remedial actions are implemented. This comprehensive, interactive programme offers you an in-depth understanding of the fraud pandemic in Asia Pacific and globally, the legal and financial elements of fraud, and a proven system to prevent, detect and investigate potential fraud situations. Who Should Attend Day One | 5 March 2009 Day TWO | 6 March 2009 This program is aimed at InTRODucTIOn TO InveSTIgaTIve MISaPPROPRIaTIOn OF aSSeTS persons whose prime auDITIng anD InTeRnal cOnTROl Misappropriation of assets is the theft or misuse of interest is in the assets and accounts for 80 percent of all occupational • Understanding how the different approaches of prevention, detection and / fraud. Understand theft of cash and popular ways that or investigation of financial internal audit and forensic audit differs from fraudsters usually use to commit this crime investigation economic crimes from the • Cost of fraud to your organisation following designations: SkIMMIng, caSh laRceny, anD OTheR • The difference between internal fraud and external aSSeTS fraud • Finance, Operation and • How to sell the investigative audit approach to • Skimming from the cash accounts and receivables IT Managers / Directors senior management and board of directors • Larceny • External Auditors • How to build the core competencies for • Misuse of fixed assets investigative auditing • Audit Managers • Inventory schemes • How to apply the investigative auditing • Corporate Attorneys methodology FIcTITIOuS DISbuRSeMenTS • How to avoid liability by understanding the legal • Information Security Understanding fictitious disbursement schemes: issues involved in conducting an investigative audit professionals • Intermediate payee schemes: • Risk Management and DeTecTIng SySTeMIc WeakneSS: - intercepted checks Compliance personnel The auDITORS’ FRauD ReSPOnSIbIlITIeS - kickbacks • Fraud Investigators - employee-owned businesses Addressing legal and accounting rules that now define - friend/relative schemes the responsibilities of both external and internal auditors with regard to investigative auditing • Self-payee and fictitious payee schemes: - illicit checks The RealITIeS OF FRauD anD InTeRnal - bogus claims cOnTROlS Customised - register schemes Training - fictitious person and shell company schemes • Motive, rationalisation and opportunity for fraud - false refunds and voids • How to identify and spot different fraud schemes Programmes - expense account schemes • The legal elements of fraud • Identifying and understanding the characters of fraudsters **vIDeO ScReenIng: NEED To DEvEloP ‘The cORPORaTe cOn’ (50 MInUTeS) uncOveRIng FRauDulenT FInancIal ENTIrE TEAMS? STaTeMenT ScheMe All our conferences and Many investors have relied on the financial statements seminars can be developed The DaTa analyTIcS PRIncIPleS of a public company, only to find that the books were into customised programmes cooked. This session covers early revenue recognition, This session analyses the distinction between Data to meet your organisation’s liability omissions, fictitious sales and receivables, and Analytics and Digital Forensics specific training needs. For other schemes more information on in-house InTeRnal cOnTROlS anD PRevenTIOn OF InTeRnal cOnTROlS anD The eFFecT OF training, please contact ManageMenT anD OccuPaTIOnal FRauD bRIbeRy anD cORRuPTIOn Madelyn exploring the concept of the perception of detection • Understanding collusion, bribery, illegal gratuities, and practical solutions to help your organization or at +65 6349 0136 conflicts of interest, breach of fiduciary duty, your client reduce losses due to fraud economic extortion • Methods of making and concealing illegal payments and detecting corruption schemes
  2. 2. About the Trainer Tommy Seah, FcPa, FcSI, cFe Tommy Seah, cFe is the Independent Third Party Central Bank Compliance Reviewer for a $25 Billion asset management company as well as a Risk Management Specialist and a member of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). He is also the elected Vice Chairman of the Association of Certified Fraud examiners (ACFe) Board of Regents based in Texas, USA. Certified Fraud examiners (CFe) is a post graduate professional qualification recognised by the FBI and USA Central Intelligence Agency in it’s recruitment of auditors for combating fraud. Tommy’s previous experience includes systems-based auditing in an American International Bank, where he was the Senior Regional auditor responsible for the Bank’s audit in the Asia Pacific region. He has also held the top executive position of chief of Internal audit at prime offshore bank where his audit duties covered the Singapore and Hong Kong operations of the bank. Tommy is the author of seven banking books including BASeL II Trading Book Issues in Risk Management. He is also the author of the F.I.G. Programme, the authoritative and definitive text on Financial Instruments used by the banking industry worldwide for product training. The other five authoritative texts are The Audit Foreign exchange in Banks, The Control of Money Market Activities in Banks, Financial Management, MCA for Banks and SWAPS in Investment Banking. His latest publication is Understanding and Auditing Operational Risk Management. For the past twenty eight years, Tommy has trained some of the top banks and financial institutions in the region. In particular, his expertise in SOX 404, AML and BASeL II systems implementation is much sought after by financial institutions and banks in Germany, Brunei, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. His prolific training career has seen him train over 10,000 Chief Financial Officers, Compliance Officers, Auditors, Risk Managers, Fraud Investigators, Financial Analysts, FOReX Managers, Legal Counsels and Accountants. Secure your interest now! Call +65 6349 0136 Registration Form (Please read booking conditions) yeS! I would like to register for: INTErNAl CoNTrolS MASTErClASS PayMenT OPTIOnS PRIce S$1290 + 7% gST Regular fee Charge to my Lexisnexis account: $ S$1100 + 7% gST early Bird Fee (register by 13 February 2009) Account no: Signature: closing date of registration: 3 March 2009 Pay by Cheque: $ Please post a crossed cheque payable to Lexisnexis DelegaTe DeTaIlS Pay by Credit Card: $ Please charge to my Mastercard Visa Amex DelegaTe 1 Mr / Ms / Mrs / Dr Card no name name of Cardholder Position Department email Phone Signature expiry Date DelegaTe 2 Mr / Ms / Mrs / Dr name Position Department hOW TO RegISTeR: LS / MKTG email Phone Please send your completed registration form details by: Web: Fax: +65 6349 0132 call: +65 6349 0136 cOnTacT PeRSOn Mail: Lexisnexis, 3 Killiney Road, #08-08 Winsland House 1, Singapore 239519 email: name Please include a contact phone number so we may confirm your booking details Position Department bOOkIng cOnDITIOnS 1. Registrations will be confirmed and a seat reserved for you upon receipt of your Registration Form. email 2. If you are unable to attend the conference, a substitute delegate is welcome at no extra charge. Alternatively, your registration can be credited to a future conference, with a validity of 6 months. Fax Phone 3. For cancellations received in writing more than 1 week prior to the conference, a full refund less S$100 administrative charge will be given. If payment of conference fee has not been made, an invoice for S$100 will be issued for your settlement. Company 4. For cancellations received in writing less than 1 week prior to the conference, no refund will be given. If payment of conference fee has not been made, an invoice for the full amount will be issued Postal Address for your settlement. 5. All speakers and topics are correct at the time of printing. Lexisnexis reserves the right to substitute speakers and cancel or alter the content and timing of the programme for reasons beyond its control. 6. Where group discounts are offered, delegates must sign up collectively. Your Privacy: If you do not wish to receive promotional information from LexisNexis, Please check