Fighting Fraud With Digital Forensics


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Digital Forensic Training

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Fighting Fraud With Digital Forensics

  1. 1. — presents — Fighting Fraud with Digital Forensics 23rd & 24th November 2008 Holiday Inn Parkview, Singapore A 2-day programme designed to help you detect, detect prevent and arrest Computer Fraud in your organization Early Bird and Corporate Group Discounts Available. Call now to register! Supported By: Incorporating the CSI qualifying compulsory module on Fundamentals of Computer Fraud A CSI CPE Recognized Programme ■ TEL: (+65) 6827 9033 ■ EMAIL: ■ VISIT:
  2. 2. 01 1010 1010 1010 1010 1010 1010 1010 1010 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 0101 0101 0101 0101 0101 0101 0101 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 01 1010 1010 1010 1010 1010 1010 COURSE OVERVIEW 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 10 0101 0101 0101 0101 0101 1 1 1 1 1 0 01 1010 1010 1010 1010 10 0 0 0 D 10 0101 0101 0101 1 10 0101 0101 AY 2 (MR PHILLIP RUSSO) 01 1 01 1010 0 101 Battle Fraud - The Black Arts of IT Security and D Digital Forensics for IT Managers and Professionals AY 1 (MR TOMMY SEAH) Start with IT Security Basics - The common threats – Malware (viruses, worms, Trojans and rootkits) - External threats - The internal threat – fact or fiction - Your Privacy act - Monitoring Network Traffic – The good the bad and the useless Topics covered include… - Policies Procedures – where to get them from - Wireless Networks Security - Phising and Pharming scams same game different media • - Take down a Phising site What are the basic internal control concepts, and why are computer con- Who’s in control - IT Governance does it help you control your business trol and security important? or does it control your business - A fresh approach - Welcome to the zoo • What is the difference between the Keeping your company secrets ……. secret COBIT, COSO, and ERM control frame- - Formatting Vs Forensic data Wiping - Unwanted recovery of data works? - Recovery of passwords, banking and internet details and history - Encryption …. What is and what is not protection - Laptops cameras and other security worries • What are the major elements in the - Mobile phone forensics - Intellectual Property Leakage internal environment of a company? - Identity theft - A look at Email analysis • What are the four types of control Demonstration– covering various scenario objectives that companies need to E-Discovery set? - What is it - Do you need it - Does it need to be so expensive • What events affect uncertainty, and - Tools how can they be identified? Computer forensic the basic ingredient - Either you are or your not – no half way - Why do we need Forensics? • Behavioral science can assist in miti- - Investigations Vs Forensic Analysis gating the insider threat. What con- Forensic Capabilities – why the expense trol activities are commonly used in - Developing in-house Vs Contractors - All computer experts are not equal companies? - Forensics means giving evidence - Qualifications and experience is a must - Image Vs Analysis • VIDEO Presentation: “The Fundamen- - Forensic Images and courts - What legal responsibilities exist tals of Computer Fraud” - Who makes a good witness Company regulatory requirements – do they exist - Local regulations and obligations - Reporting obligations and law enforcement requirements Case studies – Forensics a Reactive Response CUSTOMIZABLE Computer Imaging Software - Pros and cons between the two different types - Ghosts that haunt you (the pros and cons of Symantec ghost) & TARGETED - Have a Forensic plan and image now not later Case studies – Forensics as Proactive IN-HOUSE TRAINING Courtroom Scenarios - Where to from here FOR THIS TOPIC IS AVAILABLE! - Introduction to the Imaging course - Introduction to hardware / Imaging course - Introduction to Analysis Please call Cheryl (+65 6827 9033) or - Other courses available - Introduce CIA Solutions analysis services Joanne (+65 6827 9032) for more information - Introduce internal Training options
  3. 3. 10 0101 1010 0101 1010 0101 1010 1 0 1 0 1 0 010 10101 01010 10101 01010 10101 0 1 0 1 0 101 01010 10101 01010 10101 About the Speakers... 101 01010 10101 01010 1 0 1 010 10101 01010 0 1 101 01010 1 010 MR TOMMY SEAH Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), World Class Financial Management Expert. Computer Professional (U.K.) Double Firsts in Financial Management and Accountancy (U.K.) Chartered Banker, International Accountant, FCPA (USA), CSOXP Member of Advisory Board to SOX Institute (N.Y.) He is the only Singaporean that has made a name for himself in America’s largest and world renowned Anti-Fraud Association. In 2006, he was elected by his peers in more than 100 countries to be the Vice Chairman of The Association of Certified Fraud Examin- ers Board of Regents based in Texas, USA. CFE is a post graduate professional qualification recognized by the FBI and USA Central Intelligence Agency in it’s recruitment of auditors for combating fraud. He is also the Chairperson of CSI World Headquarters. CSI is the only Digital Forensic Certification body that operates in Asia. A number of auditors in the United Nations and government ser- vices proudly carry the CSI designation with distinction. His services in providing anti fraud and technical product training is much sought after by numerous multinational companies, banks and governments in the region, including Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Philippines and Taiwan. Tommy's previ- ous work experience includes systems based auditing in an American International Bank, where he was the Senior Regional Auditor responsible for the Bank's audit in the Asia Pacific region. He has also held the top executive position of Chief of Internal Audit in a prime offshore bank where his audit duties cover the Singapore and Hong Kong operations of the bank. He covers all areas of the bank's audit of operations and IT systems. He also has practical working experience in the Operations Department of a foreign bank. Of late, Tommy has very successfully trained Anti-Narcotics Police Officers from most of the ASEAN countries. In 2008, he was awarded the privilege to train the highly skilled and intellectually superior officers from the Competition Commission of Singapore. Tommy Seah is also a prolific writer. He is the author of seven banking books including the F.I.G. Program. The FIG is the authorita- tive and definitive text on Financial Instruments designed to be used in the world wide banking industry for product training. This publication has received excellent review and first class commendation from some of the most authoritative professional certifica- tion body and top rated banks in the world. The other six authoritative texts used in his training are The Foreign Exchange Audit, The Control of Money Market Activities in Banks, Financial Management, MCA for Banks, SWAPS in Investment Banking and Anti- Money Laundering 101. His latest publication attempt is on Profiling and Interviewing Techniques. He has set for himself the goal to be the first Asian to write the first book in “Technology Fraud for the Banking Industry”. MR PHILLIP A. RUSSO Post Graduate Degree in IT Security - Edith Cowen University (ECU), Western Australia Masters of Digital Forensics - Final year at ECU Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Gold status GIAC GSEC With SANS, CCNA Access Data Certified Examiner (ACE) and Access Data Certified Instructor (ACI) Forensic ProDiscover Certified Instructor/Examiner International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) CSI Board of Governors (CSI) Russo is the founder and CEO of CIA Solutions (Computer Investigation and Analysis Solutions); a recognised industry leader in Com- puter Forensics and Computer Investigation. Russo has over 20 years investigational experience. Between 2001 and 2004 he was a forensic investigator and training officer for the Western Australian Police Service’s Computer Crime Squad. During this time he had several papers published and was called on to deliver presentations at international computer security forums in both Moscow and New York. He has presented at the Information Security Summit in Hong Kong in November 2006, and more recently, spoke at the Computer Science Investigator’s Fraud conference held in Kuala Lumpur. In 2008 Phillip has been delivering a new component of his training program; Practical Digital Evidence Forensic Imaging, to law enforcement and government entities in Singapore and Australia including the Australian Defence Force. Phillip is a pioneer in the field of banking foren- sics; he is responsible for building one of Australia’s first banking forensic capabilities, commissioned by Halifax Bank of Scotland Austra- lia (HBOSA). During this time he also chaired the Incident Response Team within one of Australia’s leading banks – Bankwest. Phillip is regarded as an expert in his field and has trained many It Professionals in the art of computer forensics. The Australian High- tech Crime Unit AHTCU, Australian Federal and State Police, Australian Defense, world leading banks and multinational companies in- cluding the big four, have called him upon him to train and develop their staff within the area of computer forensics. Phillip’s services are sought from organisations all over the world, including training members from agencies such as Scotland Yard, US Homeland Security, ICE Immigration Customs Enforcement, the Australian Federal Police, Australian Defence Force and a number of corporate entities in- cluding Boeing, Star bucks and has even been given the honor of training at a couple of the FBI’s Regional Computer Forensics Labs. 10101 1010101010101010 101010 1010101010101010 101010
  4. 4. 10101 0101 01010 01 1010 01010101 10101010 10101010 01010101 01010101 10101010 1010101010101010 101010101010101 0 01010101 10 0 01010101 0101010101010101 010101010101010 01 01 01010101 0101010101010101 101 10101010 Fighting Fraud with Digital Forensics ▪ 23rd– 24th November 2008 ▪ HOLIDAY INN PARK VIEW, SINGAPORE COURSE FEES PAYMENT METHODS S$1600* per pax for SINGAPORE/ OTHER LOCATIONS BY CHEQUE: Please cross cheque made payable Category Discount to CFE Strategic Alliances and mail your payment 10% together with this registration form to Early Bird * Company address stated below in the Corporate (3 or more pax) 10% “How to Register” box below. CSI (Certified) 20% TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER: ACSI (Associate) 15% • Singapore & Other Delegates— * Early Bird Discount ends 31st October 2008. OCBC Bank, North Branch Account No.: 581-682788-001 PARTICIPANT DETAILS Account Name: CFE Strategic Alliances Swift Code: OCBCSGSG NAME: Dr/ Mr/ Mrs/ Ms • Malaysian Delegates— COMPANY DESIGNATION: Public Bank Berhad, Kuala Lumpur Branch, Malaysia Account No.: 3145502629 COMPANY NAME: Account Name: CFE-In-Practice Swift Code: PBBEMYKL COMPANY ADDRESS: PARTICIPANT’S EMAIL: HOW TO REGISTER TEL NO. : ONLINE: FAX NO. : EMAIL: TEL: (+65) 6827 9033 CONTACT PERSON’S NAME: FAX: (+65) 6827 9601 POST TO: CFE Strategic Alliances I have read and understood the booking terms & conditions 105 Cecil Street #06-01, The Octagon Singapore 069534 Signature: Date: IMPORTANT NOTICE Payments are required with registration and must be received prior to the Coaching Session to guarantee your place. Walk-in delegates will only be admitted on the basis of space availability at the Coaching Session and with immediate full payment. CANCELLATIONS & TRANSFERS If you are unable to attend, a substitute delegate is welcome at no extra charge. Please provide the name and the title of the substitute delegate at least 2 days prior to the program. A refund less 10% administrative charge will be made for cancellation received in writing 10 working days before the program date. A complete set of program documentation and a 50% refund will be given for cancellation made 3 working days before the program date. Regrettably, no refund can be made for cancellation made on and/or after the program. A complete set of documentation will however be posted to you. The organizer reserves the right to make any amendments and/or changes to the program, venue, speaker replacements and/or topics if warranted by circum- stances beyond its control. DISCLAIMER Due to the interactive nature of the learning session, the sequence and contents of the program may be vary according to the needs of the participants. The speaker reserves the right and the privilege to conduct the program in the manner which he thinks to be in the best interest of the majority of the participants. Please ensure that you understand this completely so as to prevent any form of unrealistic expectation and or disappointment in a public enrolment program that was not tailored to your specific need. Please inform the organizer in advance if you are not agreeable or do not completely understand the above term and we will cancel your enrolment accordingly.