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Media evaluation part 3
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Media evaluation part 3


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. The advertisement suggests people will know thissign, people will understand the meaning and thatpeople will look at it due to the status of the band. Background could be interpreted as dry blood whilst the unusual picture stands out in black and white. The small vultures flying in the back ground as well as the birds head, references the bands name . The vulture with a stern look and folding its arms, this jumps of the page and could mean they mean business, that they take this band very seriously
  • 2. Band of horses infinite arms The sky looks like it is being moves, this contrasts with the mountains that are completely stationary Same font, an obvious sign telling us this is the band and the album is theresBold white writing that stands out from the page , due tothe dark back ground and light writing.
  • 3. Elbow: build a rocket boys Band name in red, only red writing on the page Artwork, in the shape of an x but could be interpreted as an animal Release date is key for this type of promotion Hit singles included on the albumReviews from big names, this shows reader what others think of this
  • 4. The information showing the nameThe bands logo and single and features of the album. Sponsor of the band, this shows the publicity and how established the band is
  • 5. The album artwork that we came up with showsthe band and portrays our music and approachto the genre we are in, I aim to design somethingsimilar to this which is as effective as this. The logo was aimed to look like paint I feel this fits with the song, this will be used on my album cover.
  • 6. my final album cover, as I have done allot of research , the album covers areextremely important and have to match the feel to the band and songs on it, ihave found a picture of a rope and edited the colour and the look of the textureon this, I also did this to the writing and logo making them all match have usedthe same font as I used on my previous album cover idea I have also made asmall fade to darker in the corners to make sure the rope and the writing standout of the cover to people, I feel this is fit to purpose, for not only the band butfor the music and idea behind the music
  • 7. The self titled album by of mice andmen features the bands logo letter of a& sign, this is places central to thecover and is contrasted with brightcolours, the picture in the back groundof waves is faded with the name of theband in the back ground as well.
  • 8. Fade black edges to makethe centre of the artworkthe point of focus Textured letters and rope to make the artwork look 3DThe fonts are quite similar but the sizedifference is huge from the logo and the nameand are also meant to look like they have beenpainted onto the artwork
  • 9. Brand identityHere is a small example of how a brand can be made just from album covers, asyou can see each album cover is cartoon and has a character central to the cover,these covers where used to base t-shirts, merchandise and back drops o themmaking the band easy to identify. The star and lead singer of the band featureson 4 out 6 of the covers, fans can recognize this.
  • 10. Editing techniques I used 0.5 secs 0.2 secsRhythmic and fast pace editing I a huge partof modern music videos these days I haveused the beat of the song to cut the scenes,normally scenes in a video last about 2seconds Each I challenge this by making theshots smaller making the pace of the editingin time with the song speed .
  • 11. Lens flare is a light reflecting ofthe lens the higher the light themore powerful the flare is. Thiscreates a professional lookingbeam of light, crossing or in somecase blanking out the star. I tried this by shifting the lenses onto manual focused and aiming it towards the light using pull focus zoom to gain this light on the screen
  • 12. The girl staring with a blank expression at the Extra features describing extra features, this tells the camera, this was used to grab audience and shock readers this is an album. them, gets attention and time of people White background and red(colour of the guts) and black writing to stand and jump of the page at the audience. The conventions of the album advertisement is for fans and for people to look and feel like they will have to findThe writing is very faint, this can mean that fans of the out why and what it will realise straight away the band and the reference.