Evaluatiion part 1


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Evaluatiion part 1

  1. 1. Establishing shot to really to set the scene of the videoEmbrace The Tide: Fake it tillyou make it This video has establishing shots have leaves that look scary, you dont feel connected to the band and feel distant, this represents the song, the colour difference is huge as this video has a dark grainy feel to the video this represents the band and the song and genre.We Say When: taken back My video was the contrast of this, the light calm shot of a river portrays the song and the band, the way the band are stood you can tell they are friends, the song represents this the video is shot though a clean lenses using natural light and reflectors to enhance the lighting
  2. 2. Popular conventions I have used which are also in popular videos The star and drummer and a guitarist in the 1st pull focus shot revealing the band to the audienceThe setting in the background, this isused in some music videos where theband play in front of a naturalbackgroundI decided to film closer towards theband to fit the meaning of the song, Ifeel this was a good decision becauseyou feel closer to the band when they areperforming.
  3. 3. Popular conventions I have used which are also in popular videos Singer walking towards the front of the performing stage, this is to show power and status of the band. Usually with such a happy song you wouldnt have status but as this is a very popular technique I felt I could challenge this convention
  4. 4. Cut shots usedI used some cut shot , this showed all mycamera angles and shot types, these wherealso to fit with the song lyrics as the theme isabout friends. Close up the star is ¾ of the shot addressing the audience by breaking the Fish eye lenses used in a wide angle shot to make forth wall in the studio to let fans in audience feel closer to the band behind the scenes Over the shoulder shot, showing Elliot mixing the song at the studio, this shot is key to let fans know the processes of making the song
  5. 5. Direct address, this makes the audience feel like they are inthe crowd and that the singer is addressing them, this couldalso be classed as breaking the fourth wall, this challenges theaverage convention of the band being out of touch with theaudience and engages them to watch the video.
  6. 6. singer guitarist drummerThe normal convention for a band video is that in the performance part ofthe video the singer is usually closer to the camera or in close up, this canalso be seen from the use of levels as you can see in this screen shot, Ichallenged this by giving all band members equal time in the video, youcan see this using the rule of thirds as the singers eyes are towards thecamera and on the line.
  7. 7. Close ups of instruments shows arealism of the piece, shows the bandcan play their instruments , thiscontrasts with pop bands and chartbands separating this video from therest, this also shows the ability I used totake the shot out of context to sync theshots with the music to provide aneffective, also the beginning shot hasdietetic sound recorded and pasted inthere when filming to make the feel ofnature, this fades when the band startsplaying
  8. 8. UniformThe band are all wearing band t-shirts similar to there genre, all are All wearing black skinny jeansblack or white with a colourful logo this suggests a genre, as rockon them to grab the attention of the music is linked with black andaudience dark colours
  9. 9. Editing techniques I used 0.5 secs 0.2 secsRhythmic and fast pace editing I a huge partof modern music videos these days I haveused the beat of the song to cut the scenes,normally scenes in a video last about 2seconds Each I challenge this by making theshots smaller making the pace of the editingin time with the song speed .
  10. 10. Lens flare is a light reflecting ofthe lens the higher the light themore powerful the flare is. Thiscreates a professional lookingbeam of light, crossing or in somecase blanking out the star. I tried this by shifting the lenses onto manual focused and aiming it towards the light using pull focus zoom to gain this light on the screen
  11. 11. The girl staring with a blank expression at the Extra features describing extra features, this tells the camera, this was used to grab audience and shock readers this is an album. them, gets attention and time of people White background and red(colour of the guts) and black writing to stand and jump of the page at the audience. The conventions of the album advertisement is for fans and for people to look and feel like they will have to findThe writing is very faint, this can mean that fans of the out why and what it is.band will realise straight away the band and the reference.
  12. 12. The advertisement suggests people will know thissign, people will understand the meaning and thatpeople will look at it due to the status of the band. Background could be interpreted as dry blood whilst the unusual picture stands out in black and white. The small vultures flying in the back ground as well as the birds head, references the bands name . The vulture with a stern look and folding its arms, this jumps of the page and could mean they mean business, that they take this band very seriously
  13. 13. Band of horses infinite arms The sky looks like it is being moves, this contrasts with the mountains that are completely stationary Same font, an obvious sign telling us this is the band and the album is theresBold white writing that stands out from the page , due tothe dark back ground and light writing.