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Examples Of Social Media Business Use
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Examples Of Social Media Business Use


Published on

Presentation at "Organizing for Social Media" workshop of Profcom project at Tekla. …

Presentation at "Organizing for Social Media" workshop of Profcom project at Tekla.

The presentation was put together quickly based on the two presentations in Finnish three days earlier as I had to cover another presenter in the event quite unexpectedly.

Published in: Technology

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  • Creating a “Counsultancy in the digital age”
    - eating own medicine
    - transparent, open
    - giving away as much information as possible
  • - Company is in the middle
    - Message = marketing
    - Marketing agencies have honed their skills and tools to the finest in delivering the message through the customers’ guards
    - The message is delivered through mass media, same message to all as efficiently as possible
    Communication with the customers is kept to minimum with efficient processes
  • Change in business environment - too much noice in the mass media to really reach the customers efficiently and the customers are not passive receivers anymore
    From official marketing & communications to transparent communication
    - There will be discussions about the company and its product regardless of how active the company is in the social media - the best it can do is to provide an open platform for those discussions itself
    - Companies should also be open and active on other platforms
    -- JetBlue: 6 employees with a responsibility to discuss on social media regarding the company related issues
    - Honesty will be rewarded and lies exposed
    -- Lehtovaara: a restaurant got a very bad blog review, sued the writer (who was a lawyer) and made the issue HUGE - 5 years ago, still in google and nobody cares how it ended
    Social media is the platform that enables the communication
    asiakkaiden osallistaminen koko prosessiin
  • Honesty, disytribution, collaboration and transparency as values
    Putting yourself in the line of fire - slides to slideshare
    - Can I use them again?
    -- If my competence is can be put in the slides, I should become a hairdresser instead of a consultant (if I had the competence for that)
    - The meaning of tools and processes diminishes, substance competence and ability to combine thing becomes more important
    - Knowledge grows old and disappears if it is not distributed - renews, grows and creates additional value if it is distributed openly
    Not only social media, but all processes
    - 1on1 discussions
    - phone
    - email
    - meetings
    The advantage of social media is that the message can be delivered efficiently from many to many and in the right context
    - Power of recommendation
  • Addictiveness of social media for non-smokers too
    - Twitter is the permanent example of how social media beats the “old media”
    - Also other phenomena spread fast
    -- English premier league: Umbro follow us in twitter
    - In the beginning just “I’m here”, now more reliable and real time news
    - seuraan arvostamiani henkilöitä ja saan heidän kauttaan suodatettuna minua
    - For me a highly personalized news channel, tools like tweetdeck and feedera enable me to get the best out of my network
    - Also a very potent tool for distributing a message or gain feedback if you have enough followers
  • Kevin Smith flying from San Francisco on Valentine’s day with southwes airlines, “the greyhound” of air travel
    Had two seats, but changed flight and went on standby
    Got a seat and went there
    - He says himself that he is a fat man. Not Hugem but fat.
    - Air hostess comes to him as he is putting the seatbelt and tells that the captain says he can’t stay there, because it is a security risk
    - No other explanation
    Put the armrests in place, no problem there and the passengers next to him were not complaining (only one hour flight)- not enough, was asked to leave the plane and did so
    Tweeted immediately, has 1,6 million followers that potentially received the message immediately
  • Southwest is also active in twitter with over million followers
    - replied to Kevin immediately and made an official explanation for him the next day
  • From bottom to top
    @southwestair mention - got the message immediately
    - Replied in 16 minutes with apologies
  • Synthesis in the “traditional media” on the next day
    - Importance of real time processes
    - By acting so fast Southwest Airlines was able to deal with the service error gone berserk
    - Transparency and active presence in the social media pays off
    -- If TR would have been treated likewise, no big deal, but you never know
    - The customers wield a big power
  • Most important driver in social media
    Changed the Internet into personal media and increased the credibility of it
    Combines personal and professional networks
  • 55 minutes a day!!!
    Activity is the key
    Also a productive business
    Growth continues
  • 50%!!!
    Fanpages combine people and their communities and interests
  • Social media company from Tampere
    - two languages, personalized fanpage
  • Buying fans: If they get 50.000 fans they will give a a3 to one of the fans
    - Facebook has made Audi change the rules a bit - the lottery can not be based solely on becoming the fan of the product
  • Twitter and Facebook are tools - which are not as important as realizing how the existing competitive advantage can be utilized better
    - Different tools for different needs
    The leading social media agency
    Utilizes social media in internal processes
    - yammer
    - internal and public blogs
    - google docs
    - skype
  • - Original material from three sources
    - automatic editing
    - A real person controls what goes through
    - Distribution to Dicole radar and to twitter and facebook
    - Minimal work, maximal distribution
  • One of the leading PR-personalities, very early in social media
    - Utilizes own brand to advance his company, The Futureworks
    - Author and active blogger, very strong online presence
  • A radio and tv journalist that went to the internet quite early
    - The most popular weekly podcast “this week in tech”
    - Highly profitable, a self-grown network
    Commercials personal
    - 164 k twitter followers, 23k fb fans, hundreds of thousands podcast listeners
    - Free content - pays himself only from donations
  • There are sertvices for everything
    - If they are not useful or make life better in some other way, they will be forgotten

    if we only concentrate in the tools and means and never stop to think about our objectives and aims, we never reach our goal
  • Transcript

    • 2. TOMMI RISSANEN Digital and Social Media Consultant at Digital Media Finland Past 7 years creating digital content related development projects in Lappeenranta, Tampere and Helsinki Social media, emerging technologies and digital ecosystems explorer
    • 3. BUSINESS COMMUNICATION IN TRADITIONAL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Customer Customer Customer Company has a message Message is made perfect by professionals Customer Company Customer Message is transmitted to the customers efficiently and comprehensively Customer Customer There are official processes for Customer handling reclamations
    • 4. BUSINESS COMMUNICATION IN MODERN BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Customer Customer Customer Company communicates openly with its customers Company provides its customers an open communication platform Customer Company Customer Company follows the discussions regarding it and its products in other platforms and takes part in them Customer Customer Customer
    • 5. SOCIAL MEDIA = COLLABOTRATION PLATFORM The next “revolution” in productivity improvement is collaboration Within companies With customers Between rivals Throughout the value network Social media is one tool among others in this process It has the economy of scale advantage
    • 6. “ “ Text message of the Internet, 18 million active users By far the best tool to distribute breaking news and memes globally in real time 140 character message to all followers @aplusk 4,5 miljoonaa, @BarakObama 3,3 miljoonaa, @nytimes 2,3 miljoonaa, @MikaelJungner 2114, @rissanen 570 ...
    • 7. “ “ The largest social media platform with 400 million active users, 200 million of which daily Is based on real names and real networks Provides a plethora of tools for interaction Companies utilize both as a channel of marketing and as a tool for communication with customers (fans)
    • 8. “ “ If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail (Abraham Maslow)
    • 9.
    • 10. “ A perfection of means and confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem “ (Albert Einstein)
    • 11. TOMMI RISSANEN +358401645364 TOMMI@RISSANEN.FI @rissanen