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Digital Ecosystems from the Business Perspective
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Digital Ecosystems from the Business Perspective


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An presentation held at Kajaani for DARRA-project about Digital Ecosystems and how businesses can benefit from them.

An presentation held at Kajaani for DARRA-project about Digital Ecosystems and how businesses can benefit from them.

Published in: Business, Education

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  • breaking the term
    Don’t believe in “only digital” - digital in here means the dialogue between the analog and digital
    Shared Destiny -
    rivals, partners, customers – all need each other to succeed
    Like in nature, all species are needed for the ecosystem to thrive
    google, apple, nvidia
  • Digital and analog
    Different kinds of species are required to make an ecosystem
    Shared destiny
    Nothing new without sharing knowledge
    Distributed decision making - on the other hand ecosystems led by for instance Nokia or other industry giants are not that way - two kinds of business ecosystems
    Forest is just a forest, but trees and plants make it an ecosystem
  • Development activities traditionally focus on companies - projects
    Companies are made of Individuals - services
    They are all part of ecosystems - networking
  • Note - case studies are mostly about internet-related companies, because they have been the front-runners in forming digital ecosystems - not limited there though
    Jyri Engeström, founder of Jaiku
    Marko Ahtisaari, one of the founders and ceo of Dopplr
    Sampo Karjalainen, co-founder of Sulake
    Taneli Tikka, co-founder of IRC-galleria among other companies
  • Growing very rapidly
    Main source of information about scandinavian startups in US and UK
    Investors and VC:s have started to visit the events
    -> needed to expand beyond startups to form a fully functional ecosystem
    Expanding to Tallinn, Stockholm and St. Petersburg
  • I started as a program director in 2007
    Ecosystem forming was my main course of action
    Startups first - easier to make them grow than the large enterprises to adapt
    Took experienced entrepreneurs to work with new ones
    As a public sector representative had to be careful not to be too “active”

  • Nothing new will come if people keep to themselves
    Not much new will come if people only talk with similar background
  • Had to wake up 4.45 - geography is on your side today
    Digital tools help us a great deal - in digital world the geography has little role

  • Transcript

    • 2. MY BACKGROUND • 6th FP Integrated Project “Digital Business Ecosystem 2003–2006 – Tampere as one of three Regional Catalysts - later took also part in PEARDROP • Worked for three regional development companies – Lappeenranta, Tampere, Helsinki • Ecosystem approach applied as a program director in Uusimaa Centre of Expertise in digital content • Now a social media expert in Dicole Ltd.
    • 3. DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM ? Dialogue between digital and analog world Shared destiny between organizations
    • 4. CHARACTERISTICS • Geographic location is not important • Industry of companies is not important • There is both competition and collaboration between companies • Knowledge creation and sharing are the key • Decision making is distributed • People are what make or break the ecosystem - not organizations
    • 5. CASE STUDIES AULA • A social space in the heart of Helsinki in 2001-2002 for over 400 people from science, art, business, government and NGOs • • Attractive space, equal ownership and democratic decision making • People later behind companies like Jaiku, Dopplr and Sulake were very active in the community
    • 6. CASE STUDIES ARTIC STARTUP • Established in 2006 by enthusiastic entrepreneurs • Began as a blog about startups • Later also events and a startup directory • Arctic evening, open coffee, Slush, Mobile monday - all events created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs
    • 7. CASE STUDIES DIGIBUSINESS UUSIMAA • Goal: to find and support top expertise to grow and go international • Startups became the focus • Joint trips, experience sharing, coaching by achieved entrepreneurs • Passive enabler role for the public actor
    • 8. BENEFITS
    • 9. People are the driving FORCE CREATING new together SHARING knowledge Getting together with UNSUSPECTED others
    • 10. WHY ? using digital tools to CHANGING GEOGRAPHY OVE RCO M E is d i f fi c ul t the geography is easy
    • 11. H OW ? Arrange possibilities for meeting others – DIGITAL AND ANALOG D IGI TAL S HA R E AN A LOG J OI N FO R CE S
    • 12. T H A N K YO U ! Tommi Rissanen VP Business Development Dicole ltd. tel +358 50 395 1154