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  1. 1. My Hire Me Resume
  2. 2. This is Me. • As R. E. Broker • Founded a one man office in 1995 that became the leading agency in a rural city arena within three years. • Nominated President of the County’s Board of Realtors for two terms. • Hired and trained many agents who went on to form their own Real Estate offices
  3. 3. This is me too. • As President • Developed business plan. Sold it to investors who contributed in excess of $1,000,000 in • start-up capital. Created a product line for a market niche. Managed its’ development through production utilizing only free lance marketing and producing staffs. Secured a ‘Clio Award’ nomination for packaging. • As Sales Executive • Sold new and innovative products to a test market of fifteen stores nationwide. • Out selling wholesale and retail forecasts. • Managed a thirteen state territory through a period of excessive growth. • 300% over four years. • As an Administrator • Directed a twenty person department of Promotion Managers and • Directed a six person Training Department • Managed a Regional Office servicing thirteen states.
  4. 4. Again, me too. Founder, Broker and Owner of Tomm Eaton Real Estate in Columbia County New York. A three to five agent real estate office that emerged as one of the County’s leading agencies producing 50 to 60 transactions/year. Generating $6,000,000 in volume at our peak in a community of only 7500 residents. Founder and President of Haute Route Incorporated New York, New York. Developed the business plan that raised in excess of $1,000,000 in start up capital. Tested twelve products with an on time launch that exceeded sales forecasts in 15 major department stores nationwide. Director Regional Sales for Estee Lauder Incorporated, Managed a thirteen state territory and the Atlanta Office. Increased sales in excess of 300% in four years by effectively managing promotions and promotional materials. Promoted to Home Office to nationalize promotional planning and controls. Outside of work my passion is family, fly fishing, watercolors, and travel.
  5. 5. Hire My Experience. 1984 to Present: Founder/Broker/ Owner; Tomm Eaton Real Estate, Hudson, New York 1978 to 1984: Founder/ President; Haute Route Incorporated, New York, New York 1977 to 1978: Director Sales Administration; Estee Lauder Incorporated, New York 1973 to 1877: Regional Sales Director; Estee Lauder Incorporated, Atlanta 1970 to 1971: Show Room Manager; The Setwell Company, Traverse City, Michigan 1964 to 1971: Retail Buyer, The Higbee Company, Cleveland, Ohio 1962 to 1964: Deckhand, Pittsburgh Steamship, Cleveland, Ohio (Summer Employment) 1960 to 1964: Guide, Quitico National Forrest, Marcell, Minnesota
  6. 6. Tomm D. Eaton 41 Green Acres Road, Hudson, New York 12534 518- 929-3197 Put Experience to Work
  7. 7. Objectives • Putting a life's worth of experience to work in a new career path. • Strategizing marketing and sales objectives. • Directing the marketing and sales activities. • Developing employees skills.
  8. 8. Developed • New outlets for existing products. • Leading territory sales and profit margins. • New products and a company to market them. • Leading brokerage.
  9. 9. Created Hard Working Advertising Innovative Listing Descriptions
  10. 10. • Tightly Controlled Inventories • Effective Sales Relationships • Judiciously Hired Employees • Listings Priced to Sell Created Investors R.O.I.
  11. 11. Effective Territory Management Reduced Costs Increased Sales
  12. 12. • Projects to mobilize and create efficiencies. • Product development to retail success. • Real Estate office from start up to a community leader. Create, Plan, Implement and Deliver
  13. 13. Manage Offices and Departments Marketing and Sales Staff Production and Shipping Routing and travel schedules
  14. 14. Wholesale Sales Managed sales of an existing product line in existing stores to a 300%increase over four years. Developed a new product line for niche selling and out sold forecasts. Managed a New York City Showroom and developed new accounts.
  15. 15. Organized. • Production Schedules • Office Routines • Travel Schedules • Promotional Activity •Community Affairs
  16. 16. Communication Effectively to Individuals, Teams, Groups and Committees.
  17. 17. Analyze & Prioritize Travel Routes Shipping Schedules Marketing Priorities Financial Requirements
  18. 18. In my element in a fast paced environment.
  19. 19. Actions. Able and Competent Clear and Decisive Timely
  20. 20. Networks » Local Professionals • »Business Groups Arts and Entertainment
  21. 21. Create. • Positive Referrals From Property Owners • Product Lines with Successful Niches • Administrative Controls that Increased Sales • Lasting Relationships
  22. 22. Created Unique Advertising Positions Advertising to Investors. Advertising to Consumers.
  23. 23. Developed and Marketed Innovative New Products By Creating Multiple use Products in Economy and Travel Sizes Creative
  24. 24. Bottom Line Oriented Produced Economies Independently Contracted Production, Packaging and Warehousing Developed Marketing and Sales Strategies Yielding Controlled Costs
  25. 25. Results Increased Investment, Sales, Profit Margins and Community Participation.
  26. 26. Creating unique products and having effective strategies for production, marketing and sales enabled products to be launched on time and sales forecasts to be exceeded and costs controlled. Not to mention A “Clio Award” Nomination for Packaging Strategize.
  27. 27. Effectively Managed Inventories. • Created More Effective Promotions. • Generated Increased Turnover • Tripled Territory Sales in Four Years
  28. 28. Controlling Promotional Costs • Yielded higher margins on sales • Generated a promotion to the “Home Office.” • Where we: – Installed a new department for promotion cost controls. – Re-invented the ‘Training Department’ to include “promotional inventory management” in their teachings to store personnel.
  29. 29. My Hire Experience Resume