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Ed techprogram deck

  1. 1. Education Technology Program School of Education
  2. 2. Overview of the Program + What is the point of the program? + Stages of the Program + Non-matriculating Courses
  3. 3. What is the point of the ed tech program? • The Education Technology program at Pace University provides several ways in which students can grow professionally. There are three formal degree program paths, one Advanced Certificate program, and non- matriculating options. They break down as follows: • Degree Programs • Education Technology Specialist: Technology Concentration • Education Technology Specialist: Pedagogy Concentration • Education Technology Studies • Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study • Non-matriculating courses, which focus on • Assistive Technologies • Online Learning in K-12 Settings • Web-based Collaborative Tools
  4. 4. Stages of the Program Stage I Stage II Stage III Stage IV Stage V Stage VI Stage VII Stage VIII CoreCourses ConcentrationCourses CertificationExams Field/Practicum PerformanceAssessment CompleteCoursework Portfolios Audit,Walk
  5. 5. Stage I Stage II Stage IV Stage V Stage VI Stage VII Stage VIII Stage IX CoreCourses+Elective (21Credits) ConcentrationCourses START (15Credits) NYSEDCertificationExams (EAS,CST,ALST) StudentTeachingor Practicum (3or6Credits) edTPAPerformance PortfolioCompleted,Passed ConcentrationCourses Completed EdTechProgramPortfolio Completed Audit,Walk! These core courses are the same for all students. The Elective is determined with your advisor. Your concentration depends on your background and your goals. Visit NYSED Web Site for Testing Dates and Information * For students pursuing certification All programs have an on- the-ground component. This piece is internship- like in nature. Visit NYSED Web Site for timeline, handbook, and resources * For students pursuing certification … This component is meant to be as real-world and useful as possible. Tutorials are available. Make sure your file has all paperwork needed, especially waivers. Confirm completion with OSA. Stages of the Program
  6. 6. Pathways through the Program + Education Technology Specialist + Certificate of Advanced Study + Non-matriculating Courses
  7. 7. Education Technology Specialist • Technology – For currently certified teachers who wish to learn more about how technology works in both administrative and classrooms, backend and frontend – Results in both NYSED Certification in Education Technology Specialist AND Master’s Degree • Pedagogy – For individuals who have worked in educational settings on the backend of technology use and wish to get certified to teach technology – Results in both NYSED Certification in Education Technology Specialist AND Master’s Degree
  8. 8. Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) • For students who currently possess certification and a Master’s degree, but wish to formally deepen their expertise and credentials • CAGS is formally recognized by NYSED
  9. 9. Non-matriculating Courses • For students who are currently teaching and/or wish to deepen their understanding of education technology • Courses can be taken for credit • Collections of courses can be combined for a University-issued certificate (not the same as NYSED certification) and/or counted toward a formal degree path
  10. 10. Certification in New York State + NYSED Certification | Exams + NYSED Certification | TPA
  11. 11. NYSED Certification | Exams • Certification in NYS now consists of 3 redesigned exams and 1 three-part performance assessment • The exams are – Educating All Students (EAS) – Content Specialty Test (CST): Education Technology Specialist – Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST) • Exam dates are online and in eCommunity Note: At least your CST must be passed before you may student teach or do the practicum
  12. 12. NYSED Certification | TPA • The Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA or edTPA) consists of a three-part assessment that includes – Designing a teaching task and assessment – Video-recording yourself teaching that task – Demonstrating your ability to assess student work • Each of these parts includes the creation of artifacts AND reflective narratives uploaded to the NYSED
  13. 13. Completing Program Requirements + Ed Tech Portfolio + Degree Audits | Self, SOE, OSA
  14. 14. Ed Tech Portfolio • Requirements for the Ed Tech portfolio (required for all programs) are in our Handbook • The point is to provide you a space to share artifacts of your teaching and learning in a reflective context • In the past, students were required to use ePortfolios, but this is not the case now
  15. 15. Degree Audits • Self-Audit – Students review the requirements, including they have completed all courses, tests, portfolio, have forms in order, etc. • SOE Audit – Program staff review your self-audited file to ensure completion • OSA Audit – Office of Student Assistance conducts formal audit and recommends for graduation
  16. 16. Visit our eCommunity in Blackboard for FAQs, helpful links, and each other