Oracle on AWS partner webinar series


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Introduction to running Oracle on AWS. Focuses on Oracle partnership, time line of partnership, licensing, pricing, use cases, common architectures, customer successes, and what is new.

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  • Flexibility – we support licensing models for a wide variety of software. Oracle ULR for Oracle licensing information on the cloud
  • SUP = Sybase Unwired PlatformAfaria = Sybase mobile device management
  • Flexibility – we support licensing models for a wide variety of software. Oracle ULR for Oracle licensing information on the cloud
  • Slide 16: Include Backup to S3 as another side before archiving. This is one place where customers save a lot of money and AWS makes more money than Glacier. Every business needs Oracle DB backup before it can go to archiving.
  • Flexibility – we support licensing models for a wide variety of software. Oracle ULR for Oracle licensing information on the cloud
  • Flexibility – we support licensing models for a wide variety of software. Oracle ULR for Oracle licensing information on the cloud
  • Flexibility – we support licensing models for a wide variety of software. Oracle ULR for Oracle licensing information on the cloud
  • Advanced Innovations:Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.4 (AWS Kernel) Oracle Enterprise Database 11g» Data Guard, RMAN, Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module Oracle Fusion / SOA Middleware 11g Oracle Beehive 2.0.1Oracle IDM / SSOOracle Web Center Oracle eBusiness Suite R12 Oracle Agile R6 Oracle Business Intelligence EE 11g Oracle Repository & Registry Oracle Grid Control 11g Oracle UPK – Training tool
  • VSC Technologies is a subsidiary of the French National Railway Corporation (SNCF) under the SNCF online travel agency,, To move the architecture to AWS, we created a 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI) running Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition using Automated Storage Management (ASM) on top of Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS).
  • Advanced Innovations:Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.4 (AWS Kernel) Oracle Enterprise Database 11g» Data Guard, RMAN, Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module Oracle Fusion / SOA Middleware 11g Oracle Beehive 2.0.1Oracle IDM / SSOOracle Web Center Oracle eBusiness Suite R12 Oracle Agile R6 Oracle Business Intelligence EE 11g Oracle Repository & Registry Oracle Grid Control 11g Oracle UPK – Training tool
  • Oracle on AWS partner webinar series

    1. 1. Oracle Enterprise Applications on AWSIntroduction to Oracle-based AWS solutionsTom LaszewskiStrategic Solution Architect
    2. 2. © Copyright 2012. Apps Associates LLC. 2Based upon common questions and whatcustomers ask for…and they ask…What is possible ?What will my architecture look like ?How do I size my on premise app on AWS ? What EC2instances should I use ?What does support, pricing and licensing look like?Who has done this before ?Show me some use casesWhat performance can I expect ? Where are publicbenchmark numbers ?Objectives of Session
    3. 3. Oracle and AWS PartnershipOracle : First major software vendors to support AWSSeptember 2008 : Oracle on EC2Oracle technology stack and Oracle Applications 2008 : Oracle Secure Backup Cloud ModuleSeptember 2010 : Oracle VM virtualization supportMay 2011 : Oracle on RDSBefore SQL Server and after MySQLOctober 2012 : Oracle Test DrivesCurrent : Updated AMIs, reference configurations, jointwhite papers, joint test drives + more
    4. 4. AWS / Oracle : Fab FiveOracle was one of the first AWS enterprisesoftware partners, 2007All Oracle Products can run on AWS includingdatabases, middleware, and enterprise applicationsincluding E-Business, Peoplesoft, Siebel, and JDEdwardsOracle Database is available on AWS as a managed servicethrough RDS. Oracle SE One pay as you go license modelSoon to be released : AWS optimized AMIs, Oracle developed OracleEnterprise Manager test drives, Oracle applications benchmarks,reference architectures and white papers, and more…23 Oracle test drives available @ and 5 morecoming…GoldenGate, WebLogic, OEM 12c …
    5. 5. Oracle Support and LicensingOracle technology stack supported torun on AWS Xen or OVMRunning on AWS Xen can run anyOS supported by AWS.Oracle applications supported to runon OVMStandard Licensing Policies Apply –Can use OTN and OPN licenses34 public AMIs from Oracle -
    6. 6. Oracle License Portability on AWSAll Oracle Software licenses are fully portable to AmazonWeb Services EC2Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)Unlimited License Agreement (ULA)Oracle Partner Network (OPN)Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)Processor & Socket Licensing:0.25 core multiplier for standard licenses (sockets)0.5 core multiplier for enterprise licenses (processor)Oracle Cloud Licensing Policy
    7. 7. How should you engage your customers$$$$ $$Value to BusinessHighLowMediumTimetoExecute$$$$LONGERTERMTARGETSPRIMARY TARGET SECONDARYTARGETSHA and DRTest, Dev,And POCsProductionArchivingUpgradesBI &Reporting
    8. 8. ArchivingAWS DirectConnectAWSImport/ExportYour Data CenterOn-Premise Application ServerArchive Application(Search, Audit Logs,Granular AccessControls)IndexAmazon IAMAmazon SNSSend + Receive DataSend + Receive DataSend Notification to yourapplicationCentral Access to your dataTapesAmazon GlacierAmazon S3Bucket
    9. 9. Oracle Secure Backup (OSB) Cloud Module is a plug-in forRMAN that allows customers to backup Oracle Databasesdirectly to Amazon S3 using the Oracle Recovery Manager(RMAN)Data is compressed and encrypted in flight and at restAmazon S3 automatically replicates data to multiple datacenters within a regionLicensed by number of concurrent backup channels - $$$Customers also pay for Amazon S3 storageWorks equally well for databases hosted in Amazon EC2 orin the customer’s data centerOracle Secure Backup – Cloud Module
    10. 10. © Copyright 2012. Apps Associates LLC. 10Disaster Recovery in the cloudData Guard / GoldenGateActive Not Active forProduction TrafficScaled downStandbyCorporate DatacenterDataVolumeStandbyDatabaseServerEBS MiddleTierOLTPDatabaseServerProductionRegionAmazon S3BucketOSB CloudModuleRsync replication, BiTtorrent,Attunity CloudBeamApplicationVolumeApplicationServerAmazon Route53PrivateVPC SubnetAvailability ZonePublicVPC SubnetElastic IPInternet GatewayStorage Gateway
    11. 11. © Copyright 2012. Apps Associates LLC. 11Development, Test, Training and QA (&Upgrades)ActiveCorporate DatacenterMiddle TierOLTPDatabaseServerProductionRegionAmazon S3BucketOSB CloudModuleFTP, SFTP,HTTP, HTTPSApplicationServerTest / DevApplicationServerTrainingApplicationServerQARMAN RestoreVPN GatewayAmazon VirtualPrivate Cloud(VPC)CustomerGatewayPrivateVPC SubnetPrivateVPC SubnetPrivateVPC SubnetAvailability ZoneInternet GatewayNATInstance
    12. 12. © Copyright 2012. Apps Associates LLC. 12Disaster Recovery to spin up test instancesData Guard /GoldenGateActiveNot Active forProduction TrafficCorporate DatacenterDataVolumeApplicationServerStandbyDatabaseServerMiddle TierOLTPDatabaseServerProductionRegionRsync replication, BiTtorrent,Attunity CloudBeamApplicationServerDatabaseServerTest / Dev / QA / TrainingRMANRestore /EBSsnapshotRapid CloneCustomerGatewayVPN Gateway Amazon VirtualPrivate Cloud(VPC)Availability ZonePublicVPC SubnetPrivateVPC SubnetPrivateVPC SubnetNATInstance
    13. 13. © Copyright 2012. Apps Associates LLC. 13BI and Reporting in the cloudCorporate DatacenterMiddleTierOLTPDatabaseServerProductionRegion – EU - WestOBIEEStandby DBRegion – US-WestCognosRegion – US-EastMicrostrategyStandby DBRegion – AP-southeastCustomReportingSnapshotStandbyACTIVEDATAGUARDDATAGUARDINFORMATICAOSBAWSImport/Export2314
    14. 14. © Copyright 2012. Apps Associates LLC. 14Production Deployment with HADatabaseRegionAmazon S3BucketApplicationServerAvailability Zone Availability ZoneApplicationServerStandbyData GuardApplicationServerOSB Cloud ModuleCustomerGatewayVPN GatewayAmazon VirtualPrivate Cloud(VPC)Internet GatewayPrivateVPC SubnetPrivateVPC SubnetPrivateVPC SubnetPrivateVPC SubnetElastic LoadBalancer
    15. 15. © Copyright 2012. Apps Associates LLC. 15ELBWeb Servers App ServersRoute53Oracle RACin co-loDirect ConnectHybrid Architecture using Direct Connect,Datapipe and RAC• Connect over 1 Gbps or 10 Gbpsdedicated link• Host your RAC or other custom hardware• Partner offerings provide RAC-as-a-service• Usage based pricing
    16. 16. Amazon RDSConfigurationImproveAvailabilityIncreaseThroughputReduceLatencyPush-Button ScalingMulti AZRead ReplicasProvisioned IOPSRead ReplicasPush-Button Scaling Provisioned IOPSRegionMulti-AZAvailabilityzoneAvailabilityzoneOracle RDS High Performance. HighAvailability. Production Ready
    17. 17. Sizing an Oracle EnvironmentNo known benchmarksUse standard metrics : number of users,transaction through put, disk I/OUse on premise configuration as a guideMore art then science at this timeWorking with SI partners, Oracle to performbenchmarks which will lead to sizing white papersand guidelinesEngage AWS Oracle Solution Architects
    18. 18. AmazonRDSAmazonRDSSnapshotEBSMaster DBAmazonEC2AmazonEC2WebServer -HTTP ServerSpotInstances64EndUser1www.mywebsite.comApplicationServer - Peoplesoft,Oracle Fusion MW,ProcessScheduler,BatchprocessingAAZEndUserAdministrator SSHRBatchprocessingRDSAutomaticBackupsRegion1BAZ—OR —SnapshotEBSRegion2EBS SnapshotEBS SnapshotDatabaseServer -Oracle 11g EE3Region1AmazonS3S3 bucket forFTPed flat filesFTPAmazonEBSEBS VolumeOracle PeopesoftMinimial HA & DRLightweight &Low costLimitations of current architecture:1. No load balancing (Why not an issue: There are only 5 concurrent online users)2. No long term archiving (Issue or not an issue: Does something like Glacier need tobe added?)3. No automatic HA/auto scaling for applicatoin tier - Why not an issue: Theapplication server can be recovered manually using the EC2 snapshots.4. No automatic HA/multi-AZ for database tier - RDS backups can be used torecover the database.4. Limited or no DR - RDS backups and EC2 application instance snapshots couldbe moved to another region (additional cost here?)5. No session recover - Limited online transactions.This is a very small Peoplesoft implementaion. Currently thesystem will support only 5 users. Most of the processing will takeplace in batch. Therefore, spot instances are recommended(instead of auto scaling) to hanlde larger nightly batches. Thesystem will need support up to 150 users in the next couple years.Because of this, it is recommended to have a three tieredarchitecture so the architecture does not need to be redone as thesystem grows. Adding Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling,Multi-AZ RDS, and Route 53 will all be straight forward.Amazon EC2Amazon RDSAWSArchitecture142536Spot InstancesSystemOverviewWeb Server. is hosted on a Amazon EC2 instance.This is a small Instance which has 1.7 GB of memory, 1EC2 Compute Unit and 160 GB of local instance storage.This can be an ephemeral storage as the HTTP Server holdsno persistent data. Can also serve as a Bastion Host.Peoplesoft is hosted on an Amazon EC2 Instance.This is an Elastic Block Storage (EBS) based EC2 largeInstance 7.5 GB of memory, 4 EC2 Compute Units.The database is hoted on an Amazon RDS OracleInstance.This is an EBS based RDS large Instance 7.5GB of memory, 4 EC2 Compute Units. with high capacity IO,Amazon RDS is backuped automatically. Thefrequency of the backups can be set automatically. A,snapshot can be take at anytime but I/O will be suspended fora few minutes unless multi-AZ is set for RDS. No multi-AZ isplanned for initial configuration.Amazon Spot Instances for heavy batch processingloads. Spot instance cost and instance size will vary.EBS Snapshots will be used for Application Serverhigh availability and potentially disaster recovery. Thesnapshots can be located in the same region in a different AZ(HA) or moved to another region (DR manually.The batch processing is done via flat files. Discussionof how these batch files will arrive at AWS and wherethey will be stored needs to happen7EBSSnapshotsEBSSnapshotsElastic IPAmazon S3Elastic BlockStorage1Development and testwill both be hostedon similar architectures.There will be no EC2Snaphot for theapplication servers andno spot instancesfor batch processing.2Data transfer pricing ratesneed to be taken intoaccount. There is no chargefor data transfered into EC2.There are different chargesfor data transfered betweenAZs and between regions.57
    19. 19. AWS Customers Using Oracle on AWSCarters migrated an on-premise PowerbuilderOracle DB application to Oracle APEX andDatabase on EC2. This project is documented as achapter in the book Migrating to the Cloud.KPIT Cummins runs their Oracle E-Business Suite12.1.3 environments on Amazon EC2/OVM. Theyhave benefitted from the reduced complexity of AWS“infrastructure at a click.”Advanced Innovations hosts their entire OracleApplications and technology platform on AmazonEC2. SOA Suite, WebCentre, Beehive, Ebusinessetc.Blue Gecko deployed SAGE Manufacturing’s dev,test, DR and production Oracle E-Business Suiteenvironments on Amazon EC2
    20. 20. AWS Customers Using Oracle on AWSThe French National Railway Corporation uses AmazonEC2 to host their test reservations system backed byOracle Database. Deploying on the cloud has allowedVSC Technologies to reduce testing and deploymenttimes by two thirds. Oracle Data Integrator/MainframeCapgemini uses AWS to host the development, testand production Oracle E-Business Suite Financialssupporting their business in Latin AmericaPBS uses AWS to host their internet streamingwebsites which run on MySQL and Oracle Databaseshosted on Amazon EC2.The European Space Agency’s GAIA mission uses anAWS, including Oracle Database on Amazon EC2, torapidly and cost-effective scan astrometric data sets forindications of planets outside our solar system.
    21. 21. AWS Customers Using Oracle on backs up retail databases using theOracle Secure Backup Cloud Module. The ClientExperience Analytics (CXA) team uses AmazonRDS to support customer simulations againstAmazons web properties on an ongoing basis.Imperia - Oracle eBusiness Suite 11 - Imperia wasestablished officially on February 3rd, 1932 as thedevelopment of a little artisan workshop and startedat once to distribute pasta machines around theworld.
    22. 22. © Copyright 2012. Apps Associates LLC. 23© Copyright Amazon Web Services LLC, 2011Standby on Amazon Web ServicesOracle E-Business Suite 11i on Oracle ExadataRDBMS 11gR2Primary LIFEDatabaseREDO APPLYAmazonEC2AmazonEBSStandby LIFE 1DGDatabaseBROKERAGENTEC2BROKERAGENTData Guard BrokerClient Client Client ClientFour Node Exadata Primary SiteOracle E-Business Suite DisasterRecovery ArchitectureAmazonS3
    23. 23. © Copyright 2012. Apps Associates LLC. 24Recent Announcement: Oracle OEM 12c test drive labJune: Oracle on AWS certification for partnersOracle on AWS web training and certificationNew AMIs (OEL, DB). AMIs in all regionsUpdated FAQ and licensing documentCustomer successesWhite papersAPEX on EC2 and RDS, Oracle DatabaseTest drive labsWebLogic, GoldenGateReference ImplementationsOracle DB, Oracle EBusiness SuiteOracle on AWS Roadmap
    24. 24. © Copyright 2012. Apps Associates LLC. 25• Amazon Web Services:• Amazon Relational Database• Running Oracle on AWS:• Oracle FAQ :• Pre-configured Oracle AMIs:• Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module productPage: Resources
    25. 25. © Copyright 2012. Apps Associates LLC. 26SIEngage your current customer baseConsider managed services offering for OracleISVsReduce client cost by offering an AWS SaaS cloudProduce a test drive lab(s)Joint architecture design reviews, customer training, RFPs,white papers, reference architectures, sizing guidelines …??Success stories and case studiesContact Tom ( or Abdul( to Action