Tom Laine kouluttajaprofiili / trainer profile 2014

Tom Laine kouluttajaprofiili / trainer profile 2014



Tämä on lyhyt sosiaalisen median kouluttajaprofiilini muutamien valikoitujen referenssien kera. ...

Tämä on lyhyt sosiaalisen median kouluttajaprofiilini muutamien valikoitujen referenssien kera.

This is the short intro to me as a social media consultant / trainer, get in touch for more detailed information.

Tom Laine kouluttajaprofiili / trainer profile 2014



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    Tom Laine kouluttajaprofiili / trainer profile 2014 Tom Laine kouluttajaprofiili / trainer profile 2014 Presentation Transcript

    • Tom Laine Social Media and Crowdsourcing Core expertise in; Social Media Recruitment & Employer Branding Social Media Job Hunting & Personal Branding LinkedIn specialism B2B use of Social Media Crowdsourcing Tom Laine, mob. +358 400 296 196,,
    •  Co-Author of ”Suhteellinen Rekrytointiteoria” (2012, Infor/MIF), and several other publications  New book coming out in 2014, ”Moderni työnhakuopas” (Talentum)  Social Media experience since 1999  Most networked person in Finland at LinkedIn  Social networking ADHD, personal profiles at 250+ networks  Co-Founder of online business idea competition  Co-Founder of startup center Starttaamo  Offices in Oulu and Helsinki Summary
    • Serial entrepreneur, holding positions at − HC Services Oy, personal consulting comp. − Innopinion Oy, CEO, Co-Founder − InterestID (Encompass Solutions Oy), Partner − online business idea competition, Co-Founder − Starttaamo startup center, Co-Founder − Advisor for several Finnish startups Board member at various steering groups and societies incl. Oulu Growth Venture (Business Kitchen), PPY Communications Committee, PPY Future and Innovation Council, InWork (universities), Oulu ICT marketing working group, GameSpring, Midnight Pitch Fest, Starttaamo startup center, etc. Summary
    •  Oulu;  Turku/Salo; TEK, YritysSalo, *global telecom bluechip*, Turun AMK/Salo, Akavan Erityisalat  Tampere;  Oulu University/VALOA, Business Oulu/Vercco, Business Oulu/Start business center, Oulu University / Ura Inno-lab, Thule Institute, TE-Center, PSK/Oppisopimuskoulutus, HR-group, Osuuskauppa Arina, Kaleva, Rotary Club, NMKY, YritysTakomo, TEK, Intotalo/Uranoste, OAMK/Uni of Applied Sciences, Technopolis/Hitech Business Breakfast, 2 *global telecom bluechips*, Elektrobit, Naisyrittäjät, Henry, Limingan kunta, Tulevaisuuden Kasvupolut, Forum24, Oulun Yliopisto/Yliopistosta työelämään, Oulun Insinöörit, OAKK, Cyberlightning, Sonell, Multi Solution (Business Oulu), Krogerus, Oulun Yliopisto / Uraohjaajia, etc. Tampere ELY, TEK, PiOtty, ProAkatemia, UPM Kymmene (Finnish personnel), TE-Center, Tredea, Agco Sisu Power (HR/Recruitment team), *global telecom bluechip*, RecruIT events, Kansainvälistyvä Pirkanmaa event, Edutech / Tampere University, Parkanon ELY, Tampere University/Technical Comms, MindTrek event, Tampereen Insinöörit, Tampere University / Kielipalvelut, etc. Helsinki; Kiitos Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy, Joberate Oy, Sefe ry, Otty ry (OmaToimisen Työllistymisen Tuki), TEK, MarkkinointiInstituutti, Henry, Finnish Mobile Association, HR4, AS3, Psycon, Agronomiliitto, LAL ry (Luonnontieteilijät), Helsingin Yliopisto / Palmenia, MEMEgroup, *global telecom bluechip*, Nice Business Solutions + Nico, TRUHelsinki, Infor, Digia (Finnish HR / Recruitment personnel), HRM Partners, MIF, Akavan Erityisalat, Eduhouse, Helsingin Yliopisto / Palmenia Lahti / Metsäkeskus, LEAD13, Akatemia 24, etc.  Kuopio; VMP Group  Kannus: Markkinointi-Instituutti  Estonia; Newsec (Northern European personnel)  Lahti: TEK Jyväskylä: TEK, Akavan Erityisalat, Protomo, Jyväskylän yliopisto/Career services Lappeenranta: TEK Sweden; Mensa European Gathering 2012 Lithuania; Joberate UAB U.K.; Joberate Ltd Russia: Eduhouse / Awara Group; e.g. Ikea, Mercedes Benz, MetLife Alico, Louie Vuitton, Bell Equipment, PPG Industries, Servier, SEB Group, Laydings Chosen past speaking/consulting events
    • MAIN EMPLOYMENT:  Innopinion, CEO/Founder 2012- , Crowdsourcing service  SIDE PROJECTS, START-UPS: HC Services Oy, Trainer, CEO, 2008- (personal cons.comp.)        Multi Solution Oy, CEO 2011-2012 (MS is co-owner of e.g. Fantastec, Cushy Software, CARe Finland, etc.) BI-IT Solutions (sold to VMPGroup), Founder, CEO 2009-2011 Elan IT Resource Oy/Manpower Group, Nordic resource mngmt, 2008-2009 Executive Net (UK, Finland), Principal Consultant, 2006-2008 Huntress Search (UK), Senior Consultant, 2006  Oracle (Denmark), Channel Campaign Manager, 2005  Turku Polytechnic (for Nokia), Researcher, 2004    Templeton & Partners (UK), Marketing Exec./Recruiter, 2006    Kane Records, Manager, (Internet, mail, shop), 1989-1998  Teikit Oy, CEO, Co-Founder, 1999-2004    IndoorAtlas Ltd, Marketing & PR, 2013, Indoor positioning Globalta Ltd (HK, SPA), Shareholder, 2012- , Employer Branding, Social Media and Mobile Recruitment InterestID, Co-Founder, Partner 2010- , B2B matchmaking cloud service Joberate Oy, ext-Business Development Director 2011-2012 , social media cloud service MEMEgroup Oy, Partner, 2011, Social Media Cons. Sukseet Works Ltd. (FIN, UK), 2004-2007, Founder, consulting Luonto-Suomi Oy, 2003-2006 (G.I. Spin-off), CoFounder, web commerce Green Innovation, 2001-2003, Co-Founder, consulting, web commerce Nuuse Solutions, 1999-2000, Founder, mobile marketing/crowdsourcing/social media Professional experience
    •  Education: − IHK Denmark, B.Sc./IT Studies, European Project Semester 'Project Manager' for Intl research team − Turku Polytechnic, B.Sc./IT (Software engineer), national thesis competition finalist − Turku Commercial College, YO-Merkonomi, Marketing − Raisio Commercial College, YO-Merkantti, Sales − Suhteellinen rekrytointiteoria - Rekrytointi Sosiaalisessa Mediassa työnantajan & työnhakijan näkökulmasta; Laine, Korpi, Soljasalo. Published September 3 rd 2012 by Infor/MIF. − Sosiaalisen median työkalut osaamisyhteisön kehittämisessä; Iskanius, Laine, Marttila. Suomen Yliopistopaino Oy, 2011, ISBN 978-951-42-9712-0, e-book available. − Computer Software Development & Patenting Computer-Implemented Inventions, 2004, ISBN 952-5113-79-5. Published as an e-book at − Co-Author of research publication “IPR best practice for Nordic SMEs” (March 2005). A research publication for Nordic Innovation Centre, main partner Leogriff A/S, Norway. − Research report “eGovernment services for European SMEs in the field of Innovations” for IHK Denmark, 2005, sponsored by Siemens and EVTEK. Project management responsibility. − Has provided staffing and recruitment industry analysis for 20+ U.S.-based investment and analysis organisations as an external analyst via GLG Councils since 2006. − Research on Nordic IT staffing markets for European stock exchange listed company, 2006. − Research on Nordic SAP consultancies for M&A purposes for a Nordic IT consultancy, 2007 Publications:  Other: Other
    • During the mid-2000s Tom worked together with me in my team based in London. He was actively and successfully using social media in recruitment. This was something that was not widely used at the time and it did put another dimension on the search for the right candidate. It was astonishing how he systematically used LinkedIn and other tools to reach out to potential clients and candidates. Some of us were more actively using LinkedIn than others, but no one was leveraging these new tools as systematically as Tom. Today it is common practice to use tools as LinkedIn, who could have guessed they would have such a big impact on the way recruiters work. Sonny Dudas, Huntress Group (UK) Tom oli pitämässä koulutusohjelmassamme tietoiskua sosiaalisen median hyödyntämisestä työnhaussa. Myös henkilöbrändäys sosiaalisessa mediassa ja rekrytointimarkkinoiden muutos olivat teemoina vahvasti mukana. Tomin innostus aiheeseen oli tarttuvaa laatua: kaikki osallistujat päivittivät mm. LinkedIn-profiilinsa Tomin ohjeiden mukaan ja sillä tiellä olemme edelleen. Puhujana Tom on yhtä aikaa sekä vakuuttava, innostunut että osaava. Heini Ala-Vannesluoma, Edutech/Tampereen teknillinen yliopisto Tom Laine omaa ainutlaatuisen osaamisen sosiaalisen median ja työnhaun-saralla. Tom on meidän kiitetyimpiä kouluttajiamme. Timo Tapola, TEK Urapalvelu Now I know why I need LinkedIn and how to utilise it! HR Consultant, global bluechip References Tom Laine, mob. +358 400 296 196,,
    • Tom has a great deal of expertise and extensive knowledge on his own area. He is very innovative and efficient in his work. He has great performance skills and is always pleasant to work with. We were very fortunate to have him with us in this particular project and really look forward for our co-operations to continue and expand. Antti Moilanen, Business Oulu, Vercco-hanke I had privilege to participate social media seminar held by Tom Laine at Proacademy to entrepreneur students. As a speaker Tom is really enthusiastic and inspiring, but what really impressed me was his ability to teach how to use social media in business better than any social media consultant I have seen. Tom is able to see what works and what doesn't work in social media. I can warmly recommend Tom Laine. Ilkka Sallinen, ProAkatemia, Tampere Tom has been greatly helpful for us by facilitating the reach of international customers especially from UK by organising and participating in the meetings and making introductions through his connections. He has been also a knowledgeable advisor in the matters related to social media, his opinion is always valuable to hear. Aki Kakko, Joberate Ltd., UK Tom was exactly what we needed to quickly get the big picture of social media considering our precise situation as a company planning to recruit. Advice he gave us was down to earth, practical, and right to the point. Time and money well invested, no excessive gibberish. Elina Nordman, Elektrobit References Tom Laine, mob. +358 400 296 196,,
    • Tom puhuu sosiaalisesta mediasta ymmärrettävästi kuin voista ja leivästä. Hän on todellinen asiantuntija mutta saamamme vinkit olivat hyvin käytännönläheisiä. Saimme hyvän kokonaiskuvan eri kanavista ja ajatuksen siitä mihin meidän kannattaa keskittyä. Jussi Nousiainen, Verkkotiedottaja, Tekniikan akateemiset TEK, Helsinki Tom on erittäin ammattitaitoinen ja luotettava yhteistyökumppani. Hän osaa huomioida yleisön tarpeet ja toiveet ja pystyy avaamaan sosiaalisen median maailman hyvin konkreettisesti ja ymmärrettävästi. Tomilla on hyvin laaja tieto- ja kokemuspohja sosiaalisen median maailmasta, jonka vuoksi hänen koulutuksissaan voidaan hyvinkin professionaaliselle tasolle saakka. Olen ollut erittäin tyytyväinen Tomin koulutuksiin sekä tilaajana, että mm. Linkedin -koulutukseen osallistujana. Sirja Kulmala, Ekonomiliitto, Helsinki VALOA is an ESF-funded project, which aims to increase employment opportunities of international degree students studying in Finland. The project is coordinated by the University of Helsinki and the University of Oulu as well as University of Lapland are partners in the project. Tom is a member of VALOA advisory board in Oulu and his wide knowledge of recruiting and business life has been a really great help. He has also consulted the project how to utilize social media in its operations. On February 2011 VALOA project organized a ”Step by Step to Finnish Work Life” - Info event for international students and higher education staff at the University of Oulu, where Tom gave a lecture about Social Media in Job Hunting and Recruiting. Tom is an expert in social media issues and very inspiring as a speaker. He got really good feedback from the audience and I can really recommend him as a speaker, trainer or consult. Milja Tuomaala, Oulun Yliopisto, VALOA-hanke References
    • Tom Laine is an enthusiastic performer and it has been joy to be present at his SoMe trainings. He has wide knowledge of SoMe world and he is very willing to transfer his learnings to listeners and very helpful even after trainings. He has ability to make listeners get excited about the issue, create an open atmosphere and it is easy to ask questions and communicate with him during the session. I can warmly recommend his trainings. HR person, Global Telecom Bluechip, set of lectures for large groups of employees (Tampere, Helsinki, Oulu) Tom on erittäin ammattitaitoinen sosiaalisen median osaaja, joka vakuuttaa kuulijansa laajalla tieto- ja kokemustaustallaan. Helposti lähestyttävänä persoonana hän onnistuu herättämään kiinnostuksen sosiaalisen median maailmaan myös noviiseissa. Olemme olleet erittäin tyytyväisiä Tomin koulutuksiin, joista olen myös itse oppinut aina jotain uutta. Ammattitaitoiseen yhteystyökumppaniin on helppo luottaa. Heidi Hännikäinen, Agronomiliitto, Helsinki Tom on sosiaalisen median ja kouluttamisen vahva ammattilainen. Hän osaa asiansa, hänen koulutukset ovat ajankohtaisia sisällöltään sekä hänellä on innostava ote asiaan. Olemme olleet tyytyväisiä yhteistyöhön ja voin suositella Tomia sosiaalisen median asiantuntijana ja kouluttajana. Minna Karukka, Oamk, Kuusio-hanke Tom Laineen vetämä “How to utilize social media in job hunting” –koulutus todella avasi silmäni uusille mahdollisuuksille työn hakemiseen nykyaikaisilla menetelmillä. Olen kuullut monelta kolleegaltani oikein hyviä arvioita tästä koulutuksesta ja olen itsekin suositellut sitä useassa yhteydessä. Marko Moilanen, Senior Manager, Nokia References Tom Laine, mob. +358 400 296 196,,
    • Tom held two very useful and informative trainings for our personnel. He most certainly knows his field and holds his trainings with energy and enthusiasm. The trainings received excellent feedback! Sebastian Lindqvist, Leadership Coach, HRM Partners Ltd. Tom Laine is hardworking social media professional and full-heart entrepreneur who is always willing to help, coach and train others to get their business up and running. Tom’s expert knowledge in social media recruiting and marketing can be brought into your/any organization benefit through his super trainer skills. Furthermore, Tom is intelligent, responsive and easy to work with. Hanna-Leena Keskitalo, YritysTakomo, Oulu Tom Laineen luento sosiaalisen median hyödyntämisestä työhaussa Salon Voimalan asiakkaille oli loistava. Luennon aihe oli kuulijoille uutta sekä ajankohtaista ja mikä tärkeintä, se antoi konkreettisia neuvoja ja työkaluja työnhakuun. Luennolla tutkittiin sosiaalista mediaa pintaa syvemmältä ja uusista näkökulmista. Luennoitsijana Tom on erittäin miellyttävä, asiantunteva ja kuulijat huomioonottava. Saimme luennon jälkeen runsaasti positiivista palautetta osallistujilta, kiitos siis Tomille, joka toi asiakkaillemme paljon uutta tietoa ja ennen kaikkea uutta potkua ja innostusta työnhakuun! Susanne Luukkonen, Projektipäällikkö, YritysSalo, Salo We have ordered “How to utilize Social Media in job hunting?” training from Tom Laine for employees who need to find a new job after massive layoffs. The training has been so popular that we have ordered many sessions consecutively to our different locations in Finland. The training has been appreciated addition for our outplacement support portfolio. HR Manager, Global telecom bluechip corporation References Tom Laine, mob. +358 400 296 196,,