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An introduction to the art of Visual Recording. An aid to helping people to See Think Do

An introduction to the art of Visual Recording. An aid to helping people to See Think Do



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Visual Recording Visual Recording Presentation Transcript

  • Let me put you in the pictureLet me show you what I mean Love Spreads, Stone Roses Second Coming 1994
  • Shanghai World Financial Centre上海环球金融中心
  • Introlet me put you in the picturelet me tell you what i mean
  • visual
  •   recordingVisual Thinkingsolving problems with pictures visual
  •   thinking
  • Framing make it easier, even compelling,setting expectations to pick up a pen/marker and engage in powerful conversations
  • open, intro 0 5 science (why?) 10 skills (what?)Agenda 15setting perspective 20 recording (what? how?) 25 30 tips, advice, close
  • Sciencewhy should I care?
  • Data Input 75% neurons dedicated to visual senseScienceneuroscience Data Processing 50% processing power dedicated to visual input* neurons - an electrically excitable cell that processes and transmits information
  • Picture Superiority Effect a
  •   picture
  •   is
  •    Oral worth
  •   a
  •    10% accuracy thousand
  •    Oral + Picture words 65% accuracy (>72hrs)Scienceretention and recall Doodle Power 29% increase in recollection Source: Brain Rules by John Medina
  • Skillshave I got what it takes?
  • Tools eyes mind’s eye hand+eye
  • paper pencil or penAccessories or whiteboard markers
  • I can’t draw
  • Visual AlphabetCan you draw these? #botnapkin
  • I can draw Solving problemswith pictureshas nothing to do with artistic talent.
  • Understand the essenceEnhance dialogueExplore ideasImprove communication
  • Recordingwhat’s it all about then?
  • Visual Recording bla bla wolf bla bla bla 1 sketchnotes 2 graphic recording aka. scribing, graphic note taking
  • Sketchnotesthe art of thinking/listening in pictures and words
  • Samplesketchnotes Lettering Frames Bullets Connectors Pop People Emotions Icons
  • Lettering Frames Bullets ConnectorsFundamentals Pop Peoplesketchnotes Lettering Frames Bullets Emotions Icons Connectors Pop People Emotions Icons
  • Who? What? - things, people and roles - portraits, objects How much? - measuring and counting - charts When? - scheduling and timing - timelinesQuick Referencesix ways we see and show Where? - directions + how things fit together - maps How? - how things influence each other - flowcharts Why? - seeing the big picture - plots #botnapkin
  • Graphic Recordingcollective exploration
  • Stay Focusedcapture and go
  • bea beat beat beatImprove Learning +multi-sensory stimulation visual auditory kinaesthetic emotional
  • one
  •   page
  •   summarySharingknowledge management
  • Visual Recording- collect the viewpoints- see what you and others mean- capture your wisdom- increase ROI on speakers and gatherings- custom takeaways and meeting memories
  • Tips and Advicehow do I get started?how do I improve?
  • children’s
  •   book Ed Emberley make a world my
  •   dad
  • Look Out/In Up/Down - open your eyes - it’s all around you - signs (esp. if crowds or speed involved) Copy - steal like an artist - discover what works for you Practice - develop active listening/seeing skillsStarting Outstay curious + + + + + Make your mark - don’t be intimidated - stop apologising
  • books solving problems with pictures brain twitter dan_roam sunnibrown naceyduarteReferencesbooks, tweeps and video rohdesign craightonbarman loosetooth evalottchen davegray austinkeon online sunnibrown evalottchen imagethink
  • Feedback make it easier, even compelling,checking expectations to pick up a pen/marker and engage in powerful conversations
  • Go Doodle
  • Draw Out 1 grab 2 draw 3 post upleave your mark anything
  • .nuTom KealeyAgile Coach and Visual Thinker+46 (0)73 8338 073 | | | @tomkealey |