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Historyof graphicdesign
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  • 1. Tom Lane (also known as the GingerMonkey) illustrates for books,magazines and others when he’s notworking on his own portfolio. Hisart involves ‘play andexperimentation’.Tom Lane grew up and lived in atown known as the Shire, beforemoving to Bristol with his wife tobe.After Graduating from theUniversity of West England, hisfreelance career quickly grew into aspecialized career in typographyand design, working with clientsmainly in Bristol, mostly inadvertising. This grew bigger and
  • 2. I like Tom Lane’s style as it is verymodern, imaginative, and relies on tiny detailsto make a picture what it is. His designs all showclearly what is being said in the typography.I could use Tom Lanes style in my own work bytaking his use of freeform typography insideobjects, or even literally making words look likewhat they mean (team work makes the dreamwork).
  • 3. Saul Bass was an award winning graphicdesigner and film maker, born May 8th 1920in New York City. He studied at Brooklyncollege. After working with Otto Premingeron a movie poster for his film ‘CarmenJones’, Otto was extremely impressed bySaul’s work and asked him to produce a titlesequence for the film. Saul was one of thefirst to realise the potential of the titlesequences in films.Bass got famous from working on OttoPreminger’s ‘Man with a golden arm’, aftercreating the (controversial) cut out paperimage of a heroine addicts’ arm.Bass went on to work with respecteddirectors such as Stanley Kubrick and MartinScorsese. Bass worked on film titles for 40years before his death in 1996, his last workbeing for Scorsese’s ‘Casino’.
  • 4. Lee is a 23 year old, award winninggraphic designer and artist fromSheffield. His obsessions andinfluences are ’35mm cameras andhorror and sci-fi VHS from the 80’s’.He has been working freelance for 3years, after gaining a foundationdegree in Graphic design and adegree in illustration.His work is based around hishometown of Sheffield but he is alsofeatured in exhibitions and on theinternet.His modern take on the 80’sinfluences give a very retro feel to hiswork.
  • 5. Lee Bamforth’s style is to kind of reinventand modernize retro images and graphics.Studying his work would give meinspiration when trying to design ads forreinventing an old product by giving it amodern spin.I have also noticed that he uses a lot ofRed in his works, maybe to show differentemotions such as compassion or anger.