ACE Coat AC820P                         P1 Extremely high reliability for continuous                                  & li...
Application Range of AC820P                                                          P2                   Cutting Speed (m...
Features of AC820P                                        P3                     AC820P                           Technica...
AC820P case                     (1)                                               ~against P20 grade~                     ...
AC820P case               (1)                                             ~against P20 grade~                             ...
AC820P case                     (2)                                                ~against P10 grade~                    ...
AC820P case                    (3)                                               ~against P30 grade~                      ...
AC820P case            (4)                                          ~for cast iron~                                       ...
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Ac820 p for web


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Ac820 p for web

  1. 1. ACE Coat AC820P P1 Extremely high reliability for continuous & light interrupted machining■Achieving high wear resistance■Extremely high reliability for wide application range
  2. 2. Application Range of AC820P P2 Cutting Speed (m/min) 400 For general machining AC700G 300 AC900G AC820P 200 AC2000 For interrupted machining 100 Light ~ Medium AC3000 AC830P AC630M Light Medium HeavySuitable for Steel turning■Long tool life Super FF coating technology New surface treatment■High stability■High efficiency
  3. 3. Features of AC820P P3 AC820P Technical features Thicker super FF coating ® !! High coating High flank and crater wear resistance Adhesion by thicker super FF coating®AC2000 Flat-Al2 High strength O3 Excellent wear resistance !! Al2O3 Tec. of thickness Fine High hardness control of cutting edge High strength MT-TiCN High strength of cutting edge by MT-TiCN thickness control. Excellent stability and peeling resistance!! substrate Achieved high reliability and longer tool life
  4. 4. AC820P case (1) ~against P20 grade~ P4Customer A Customer AWork piece: Turbine Hub(S48C) forged skin continuous Work piece:HUB (SCM415)machining Forged skin continuous machiningItem :DNMG150408 200P/C Ttem:DNMG150408Cutting condition :Vc=200m/min,f=0.3mm/rev, Cutting condition :Vc=200m/min,ap=1.3-1.4mm,wet f=0.25mm/rev, ap=2mm, WET Competitor A 200P/C Competitor A 500P/C AC820P-GU 500P/C AC820P-GU 300P/C 1.6 times 1.5 times longer Longer AC820P-GU 800P/C Tool life Tool life
  5. 5. AC820P case (1) ~against P20 grade~ P5Customer B Customer CWok piece :プーリー(SCr420H) Work piece:Bearing (SUJ2)Continuous machining continuous outer machiningItem:DNMG150408 200P/C Item:WNMG080408 400P/CCutting condition:Vc=133-200m/min,f=0.2- Cutting condition :Vc=185m/min,f=0.45mm/rev,0.45mm/rev, ap=0.2-0.4mm,wet ap=0.5mm,wet Competitor D 300P/C AC820P-SX 400個/C Excellent reliabilityAC820P-GU 500個/C 加工数(個/コーナー) 400 300 1.7times longer 200 Tool life!! 100 AC820P-SX CA5525-XS AC700G-GU
  6. 6. AC820P case (2) ~against P10 grade~ P6Customer F Customer GWork material :S48 (Flange) Work material:SCM420H(shaft)Item:CNMG120408 Item:DNMG150408 outer rough machiningCutting condition :Vc=192m/min, f=0.45mm/rev, Cutting condition:Vc=180m/min, f=0.4mm/rev, ap=3.0mmap=1~2mm Competitor A (30-40個) Competitor D 130P/C Sometimes breakage occur, Breakage occur! Before tool life ノーズ摩耗大 すくい面摩耗 現状工具はハイグレード に 見られる突発欠損が発生 していたが、AC820Pは 安定性重視の製品設計と 高耐摩耗性による効果で、 寿命延長が可能となった。 AC820P-LU (80~100個) AC820P-GE 200P/C No breakage, Tool life end No brakage Excellent reliability 1.5times longer tool life
  7. 7. AC820P case (3) ~against P30 grade~ P7Customer L Customer MWork piece : sprocket (S45C) Work piece:HSK (SCM415HL)Item:CNMG120408 outer rough machiningCutting condition: Item :DNMG150608Vc=140m/min,f=0.2mm/rev,ap=1-2mm Cutting condition :Vc=150m/min,f=0.3mm/rev, ap=5.0-6.0mm, WET AC820P-GE 200P/C Competitor C 200P/C AC820P-SU 270P/C AC830P-GU 250P/C 加工数(個/コーナー) 300 200 Chipping Chipping 100 High stability against TP3000 AC820P-SU AC830P-GU CA5525-HQ
  8. 8. AC820P case (4) ~for cast iron~ P8Customer Q Customer RWork piece :Cylinder block (FCD700) Work piece : Rug plate (cast iron) outer interrupted cuttingForged skin outer continuous cutting 工具:CNMG120408 110°cornerItem :WNMG080412N-UX Cutting condition : Vc=200m/min,f=0.18(Rough) 0.23(Finish)Cutting condition: mm/rev, ap=0.5(Rough)0.6(finish)Vc=200m/min,f=0.15mm/rev,ap=1.5, wet Competitor B 200P/CCompetitor A 15P/C AC820P-UX 300P/C AC820P-UX 30P/C
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