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Unions and brand
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Unions and brand


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Do Union’s need a brand? …

Do Union’s need a brand?
What does a union’s brand mean in the new landscape of HE?
Emily Badger and Tom Salmon outline marketing communication’s role in
delivering Union strategy.

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  • Do Union’s need a brand?What does a union’s brand mean in the new landscape of HE? Emily Badger and Tom Salmon outline marketing communication’s role in delivering Union strategy.  Emily
  • This matters because the market is changing – its changing already and its going to get worse.Tom
  • This involves distilling your identity downThese principles are scalable – this is all possible regardless of the size of your marketing teamDifference between Leeds and the GuildEmily
  • Branding has verbal/visual and behavioural components that should reflect the diversity of & personality behind the Union’s impact.What makes you different?What do you want people to think and feel about you?Think about the words that you use (Interbrand say that branding should be verbisual).Guidelines and training for staff.This is about the people who come into everyday contact with students.Tom
  • Branding is only one part of the mixConsider your services, products, core offeringEmily
  • Emily’s point about strategy and vision (completely agree) From corporate through to individual one page plans Common understanding Getting everyone on board Based on a strategic plan, vision and student insight example about the Guild logo.This stuff reallymatters and your brand is secondaryEmily
  • The most important apostrophe in the world... Ownership by studentsTom
  • So what does the new landscape of HE mean for students’ unions? Extra pressure for students to get the degree that will get them the future they wantEg Guild 46% of freshers in 2010 said they wanted a firstCareer Extra time pressures Growth of part time / distance learning Local students living at homeEmily
  • Fundamentally what are Union’s here for? Look backwards as well as forwards.At some point in time it feels like Unions lost their wayWe’re a charity that supports 32000 students through University. Jargon free.Tom
  • EmilyQuestions etc
  • Transcript

    • 1. Do Unions need brand?
      I’m glad this was free...
      By Tom and Emily
    • 2. “the space that you occupy in someone else’s head”
      Sir John Hegarty
      Or what other people are saying about you...
      Neat pants...
    • 3. Distilling your identity
    • 4. Verbal
    • 5. Brand is only one part of the equation
    • 6. Vision, mission, values...
    • 7. Important apostrophe
    • 8. So, the new landscape of higher education...
      This is a metaphor
    • 9. Maybe they’ll have got their heads round it by 2011...
      Leeds, 1966
    • 10. Say hello...
      Keep talking #SUbrand