Black hole


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Black hole

  1. 1. Black Hole
  2. 2. Camera angle, movement, position The opening shot of the film is a tracking shot, which turns in to a close up of the actors face, this shows the look of boredom on his face, there is then a variety of close ups and long shots as the photocopier is printing and as the man looks in disbelief at the piece of paper, a reaction shot is used as the man looks at the vending machine. Also there are a lot of quick cut shots showing the man taking money out of the safe
  3. 3. Mise en scene and Location Mise En Scene The man is wearing a shirt and a tie, showing that he is at work, it gives the impression that work has finished and he is finishing off his jobs, as he is the only one present, and his sleeves are rolled up, and also the computer in the background is switched off, he is wearing a watch, and there is a clock in the background which represents time passing, showing that the man is bored Location The film is shot in an office, this helps set the mood as a typical office is boring and not much fun and this is shown on the mans facial expressions,
  4. 4. Sound and lighting Lighting The film uses artificial lighting, which comes from the lamp, and the office lights, it does not change throughout the film, and lighting is not a big aspect of the film so remains unnoticed. Sound In the film there is diegetic sound, for example kicking the photocopier, and there is non diegetic sound, for example as he puts objects through the hole in the paper it makes a eerie noise, this adds tension to the film and keeps viewers intrigued.
  5. 5. Special Effects The main object in this film is based on special effects, as objects, or the character himself enters the black hole special effects are used to create the illusion that he is actually inside the piece of paper
  6. 6. Themes and messages The theme of this film is greed, it shows how a person is never happy with what they have, and always left wanting more, and sometimes it leads to unhappiness and even death, as shown in this film as he is locked in the safe with no way of getting out,
  7. 7. Titles The title “The Black Hole” helps give the audience a idea as to what the film is about, a black hole is something that sucks things in, and once in there is no escape, which is what happened in the film, black holes are seen as very interesting to people, but also harmful.
  8. 8. Audience  I think the film appeals to a very large audience as it has no age limit and it tells a story which every person can relate to and understand. It does it in a way which is clever and interesting so a wide audience would enjoy watching this film