Tech1002 14 lab week 06 001 2013 10-31


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Tech1002 14 lab week 06 001 2013 10-31

  1. 1. Online Video TECH1002 Social Media and Technology Week 6 Lab Presentation week 2
  2. 2. • Have you contributed to the module discussion board this week? • Try to contribute something each week
  3. 3. Personal Learning Journal • Get into the habit of writing at least weekly blog posts reflecting on your module studies without either having to be told or asked to do so – your personal learning journal should become a routine task each week in preparation for are you in the ‘PLJ groove’? assessment -
  4. 4. Introduction • We have two things to do this week: • 1. Review the podcasts from last week • 2. Start this week’s online video remix lab task – a test of your creativity and online video production literacy
  5. 5. Podcast Review • Listen to some of last week’s podcasts via Blackboard • Leave a comment for feedback using the ‘Comment’ button at the foot of the wiki page • Further work: you could blog about making the podcast for your ‘personal learning journal’ • How did you approach the task? What did you learn about podcasting technically or creatively? What do you think about the use of podcasts as a form of communication?
  6. 6. Lab Task Outline • To be completed in time for next week’s lab, create an online video (3-5 minutes in length would be ideal) for ‘The Past Re-imagined as the Future remix contest organised by two open digital archives (the Prelinger Archives and the Free Music Archive) • It is not part of the task to enter the contest as it is closed, but it is worth checking out the rules and the submission process [See the full rules here] • Add the link to the video to the lab class wiki on Blackboard • Use today’s lab for planning such as looking through the archives to get your material • Work in your co-teaching teams (2s or 3s)
  7. 7. Video Content • The content of your video must consist of at least 50% material from the following open archives AND NO COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL • VIDEO: The Prelinger Archives Link • MUSIC: The Free Music Archive ‘Music for Video’ portal Link • THEME: ‘The Past Re-Imagined as the Future’ • As media students, it might be a good idea to focus on a media sub-theme • You can browse the video archive as subjects and topics here
  8. 8. Copyright and Creative Commons • The remix contest is promoting open video remix culture that is not limited by copyright • The video material is in the public domain and the music is available through Creative Commons license • You must use titles to credit all the video and music that you use in your remix, eg ‘Video from the Prelinger Archives’, music ‘Ou Inme’ by Ghost and the Song • You must add a Creative Commons ‘Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license symbol at the end of the video • Here is the link to a full explanation of the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC license Attribution – who made it NonCommercial – not for commercial purposes ShareAlike – distribute under the same licence
  9. 9. Contest Entries • If you want to look at some examples of submissions to the contest look here http://videoremix.freemusicarchive. org/contests/1/sound-for-themoving-image-the-past-reimagined-as-thefuture/videos#!?page=2
  10. 10. Download, Edit, Save, Upload • Search the archives and find the video and music that you want to use in your remix video • Download the music and video files that you need and edit them together using any video editing software (such as Adobe Premiere or Windows Movie Maker) • Save your finished remix video and upload to a video sharing website such as YouTube or Vimeo Download the music track by clicking on the  symbol. The video files are available in multiple formats – right click and ‘save’ to download.
  11. 11. Link to Your Uploaded Video • Once your video has been uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo (or similar), add a link to the video on the ‘Remix Contest Videos’ page in the lab class wiki • Put the names of the people who made the video next to the link