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Enea Corporate Enea Corporate Presentation Transcript

  • Enea: World Leader in Telecom Software
    • Founded in 1968
    • Publicly Traded
    • Annual Revenue: $100M
    • Embedded Software and Solutions for Telecommunications, Automotive and Life Sciences  
    • Global Market Leader in Telecom
      • ~50% share of new mobile phone market 
      • ~50% share of wireless base station market  
    • Global Operations: North America, Europe, and Asia 
    • +500 employees worldwide
    • Fastest Growing of the Major
    • Device Software players
    Enea at-a-Glance
  • The Embedded Technology Behind Leading Brands
  • The Global Revolution In Smart Device Technology
    • Device Software Underpins Global Economy
    • “ Connected Mobility” the New Reality
    • “ Always On” Access Requires High Availability
    • Tools of Personal Productivity—Small, Portable
    • Demographic Shifts and Aging Population
    • Next Billion Consumers—Low Cost of Entry
    • The Era of “Smart Living”
  • The Device Software Market Today
    • Devices More Pervasive
    • Complexity is Increasing
      • Driven by content
      • Consolidation of functionality
      • Device connectivity
      • Management & Security
  • Device Software Development Challenges
    • Device Complexity
    • Increasing Device Connectivity
    • Time to Market Demands
    • Cost Pressures
  • Device Complexity
    • Complexity driven by content
      • Voice, video, data, etc.
    • Consumer devices require more code
    • Increasing enterprise use
      • Mission-critical applications
  • Device Connectivity
    • No longer standalone – everything interconnects
    • Enterprise acceptance
      • Being more widely used in enterprise networks
      • and managed as an enterprise device
  • Time to Market Demands
    • Need to speed development to gain/maintain competitive advantage
    • Inefficient to own/write every OS function
      • IP, SSL, etc.
    • The value proposition is the application layer
  • Cost Pressures
    • ‘ More for Less’ the Consumer Mindset
    • Next Billion Consumers
    • Embedded = Invisible
  • The Hidden World Of Device Software
    • Device software provides the functionality and content
    • Electronic content is growing exponentially
    • Mobile phones average 2 million lines of code – 10 million lines by 2010
    • Automobiles average 35 million lines of code, 100 million lines by 2010
    • The amount of code in a typical TV doubles every two years
  • Fierce Competition Puts Equipment Makers To Test
    • Must constantly introduce new functionality
    • Must get new products and features to market faster
    • Must reduce cost
    • 50 % of projects behind schedule by an average of four months
    • Qualified developers are scarce
    • Cost of software development is rising
  • A Perfect Storm
    • Software 53% of telecom project costs
    • Software code is growing at +46% a year
    • Qualified software developers increasing at only 8% a year
    • Average developer can write only about 100 lines of code per day
    • World’s 600,000 developers cannot keep up
  • Negative Impact on Consumers
    • Lost opportunity of new technology
    • High price of admission
    • Digital divide
    • Unreliable products
    • Security risks
  • A New Model
    • Stop reinventing generic platform software from one project to the next
    • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
    • De-emphasize proprietary in-house technology
    • Embrace open standards
    • Leverage commercial off-the-shelf software technology
    • Outsource a greater portion of their software development
  • A New Model
    • Decouple platform software from application software
    • Purchase platform software off the shelf and focus on value-added applications
    • Utilize platform software that is reusable across multiple products and projects
    • Utilize standard interfaces that make platform software easier to integrate and able to support off-the-shelf technology from other suppliers
    • Utilize platform software that can be readily upgraded to support new features
  • Enea is taking the lead
    • Working with equipment makers to define platform software requirements
    • Industry Unity: Define standards, best practices
    • Working with device software, silicon and tool vendors to foster multi-vendor interoperability
    • Creating modular, off-the-shelf platform software such as NASP
  • The Worldwide Revolution In Smart Device Technology
    • Smart, connected devices are sweeping the world -- phones, PDAs, home entertainment systems, appliances, automobiles, etc.
    • Delivering PC functionality and triple play multimedia
    • End users have high expectations - Internet connected, personalized, mobile, always-on, wireless, broadband – incorporating wireless VoIP, IPTV, IMS, WiMAX, Bluetooth, Zigbee and other emerging technologies.
    • Billions of new consumers worldwide, including those in emerging countries like India and China.