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Special projects with faculty and researchers:Innovation on the edge
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Special projects with faculty and researchers: Innovation on the edge


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ACM SIGUCCS Management Symposium 2010. …

ACM SIGUCCS Management Symposium 2010.
Special projects with faculty and researchers: Innovation on the edge

Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Special projects with faculty and researchers: Innovation on the edge Tom Gerace SIGUCCS SMS Apri|19, 2010 Tulane _ Un1vers1ty I"Rl{l: '.1.~T' SCI | ()()L 0|“ Bl, .'Sl N| iSS
  • 2. “| nnovation on the edge”
  • 3. Your projects “on the edge” ‘ What projects have you collaborated on? ‘ Where did the project ideas come from? How did you organize the teams? How did you organize ongoing support and operations costs? I Who got credit?
  • 4. Background I Tulane University I Freeman School of Business
  • 5. Background 1 Freeman School of Business — Undergraduate, Graduate. and Global Programs — 2 buildings on Tu| ane’s main campus - Houston campus K ‘ _ -- f _ ‘-%~—_a. ____. g4t, ‘_‘_'; ‘_. §={"‘r‘ 1:75 33-4‘ — _ it-2 ‘ E-‘ B ‘ » -. ‘ - - “ / ‘*3, l ) —. _.x ; _/ ' A‘. -_ [ >7 - -. L. ’ s
  • 6. “I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can't see from the center? -- Kurt Vonnegut
  • 7. “If we want our institutions to be more productive, then we must learn to focus the power of information technology not on the institutions themselves but on the individuals inside the institutions. ” -- John Sculley, Odyssey
  • 8. What are some of your projects? Where did your project iwrismri, How did you organize the project teams? , _ Special Projects with Faculty and Researchers How did you handle ongoing support? How did you handle operations costs? Who got credit?
  • 9. Your projects I Time to brag a bit I Don’t be shy Just the project description now — We ’I/ talk about the support and other details later
  • 10. Project origination I Where did your project originate? I Who brought the idea forward? — Is it. .. IAn IT project? IAn academic project? IAn administrative project? I Something else?
  • 11. Project team I Includes the requestor, stakeholders, IT I Requestor and stakeholders may get involved — Or may simply “want it done” I IT does most of the heavy lifting Your experience with your projects ?
  • 12. Costs and support I Initial costs I Ongoing costs I Ongoing support ‘‘I thought it would just happen. ..” -- Unidentified faculty member
  • 13. Credit ‘ If your project was a collaboration. .. Who got credit? ( This should be interesting. ..)
  • 14. The completed “map” created throughout the discussion -Il-.1.-J Fa: ullv Team IT Far_uit'y"$ rIllIlIiIl!1i‘AlI. V'~. £30515 inn-Jr: -«J 3. II Supp-Lvt IT >3. Rr: sear~: I1 stall CFC-dli II lIJE5:1 IT Ieam I acuity I I AamIns’IratI: >rs ll. An: ad 3 upp<: I't Stall Costs Initial but-Jmi-I Sh tied [IuI. ‘.; }(: ‘I P: new money - new cast cent»: -' Support IT 8. Support stall Ii. ‘.'(: CIt Acaiki-r‘II~: s E IECTFJIIC lllut‘ '3II(‘£‘I l ’l"| a" J : n'alIurlI-: In. «1I l—l‘. !§-/ lI_)ll l. _:(tiIl! "I i_C3n<: :‘; 'CInI C-III F-‘r: :iw: is Idea Researc he’ Te: .«mI ReE‘s'*.3.~l'Iil‘It. ‘l'w’ 8. IT '1; osts Initial gfani .3. I I . :wI. Jj. Ip(ZIll IT I’. F? et. =.e: »iIi Ilt. 'l‘~. Lienavlira Lab ITuI.3ne: I1;redI'I I I .5 -~Ir: sr: -arc HEIS llltlri Fat liIlf. ' 'Ir: ::im Fai: uII'y T8. AIllI| |Il| ‘alI. -ilijllk IZIDSIS F IIr‘II.1t': C 3. I I ~: :I nicai Ian I LI 3'; :5 DC Ial 'I‘. ‘i: Irk_‘ Siipprgrt IT 8. Sta" suppsrt ILIrr_‘: dI‘I II is I . —”iu. 'IIIt'. ‘ Itlea Faculty team Fa: :uIt~, (7. I Ifiicists Iljararif Slurjirnl ~1Iir: nt+_—I for R. lffllff‘Flll_)Ii; J(3lll1‘lll W5 l‘ W7-"51 E—‘. Iippc: rrt Ii .9. Ii‘. I'Int= rs II: I<_‘'. lI'I. AI; dI'1r: iIl Ir: '5
  • 15. I T’s contribution is often behind the scenes, but always in support of the mission.
  • 16. “Great technology can be magical - and its end result can look effortless. But when you lift the curtain you'll see a lot of hard work and dedication. Our IT team's work is everywhere we look. .. IT helps make the magic real. .." -- AI Weiss, President Worldwide Operations, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
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