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A White Paper on streamlining order flow in the corporate promotions industry.

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Speed E Commerce

  1. 1. e SpeedeCommerce Overview e SpeedeCommerce, which was founded in 2000, provides a B-to-B marketplace for the customization and procurement of Corporate promotional products through an Internet based e-procurement platform. Participants in this marketplace will be suppliers, distributors and corporations that purchase these products. In the future this marketplace will be extended to model a real-time commodity exchange where all products will be available to all participants and pricing will become a market driven function. The Company will provide its solution through three services: a) A Web based order entry e system (called CommerceExpress), b) Business process reengineering service, and c) Full supply chain customization. eCommerceExpress will serve any company that sells or buys corporate promotional products as a B-to-B intermediary and will be offered as a hosted web application with a startup fee and transaction fees that help streamline the purchasing process within the customer. Distributors will benefit by participating electronically in the exchange of order information, streamlining their operations and more cost-effectively acquiring customers in the competitive promotional products markets. The e CommerceExpress product will be launched in March 2001. The other modules will follow closely thereafter. e SpeedeCommerce empowers Corporate Purchasing departments by offering a fully automated process to buy their promotional products. Our product provides greater efficiencies and is an enabler to Corporations seeking decentralized purchasing with or without defined purchasing policies. This enabling mechanism allows businesses to focus e on their core competencies, with SpeedeCommerce providing a fully automated Intranet/Internet based E-Procurement service. From a simple E-Form participating companies will be able to order everything from off-the-shelf items to fully customized Promotional Materials. This service will also be available 24/7 on a corporate Intranet or via a secure connection on the Internet. Live Help Desk support will also be accessible. Our value proposition is clear. We are looking to host companies that source products and offer them an unlimited audience through the Internet. For the customer, we will offer a streamlined ordering mechanism. This will provide greater discounts and more standardization in the end customers. All participants will have measurable results from
  2. 2. this process, creating an efficient and competitive ecosystem. This will improve customer service levels and enhance the capabilities of existing internal business processes. e The Company’s initial CommerceExpress pilot customer is Cambridge Design Corporation. Discussions with other customers, channel partners and Supply companies will take place as part of the pilot activity throughout Q4 2000 and Q1 20001. The Company is based in New York and has 4 employees as of October 30, 2000.