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R4 N Ecosystem

  1. 1. Ready For The Net Ecosystem Concept The primary product that ReadyForTheNet offers its customers is a service that remotely delivers, manages and maintains software applications and servers. In a sense, the business is an outsourcing business, although the R4N service removes applications and systems from the customer premises into a secure off-site Data Center. The ReadyForTheNet technol gy infrastructure is well managedand secure, providing o business continuity and Disaster Recovery services on par with any large enterprise. On the supply side, ReadyForTheNet will offer emerging ASPs, and new wave software companies the opportunity to offer their products to a broader spectrum of potential customers, fully resilient facilities and a pricing model that is based on recurring license fees. Target Market The market we are targeting is the small and medium sized business. We further qualify this by stating that during the initial stages of the company, we will primarily sell to those businesses that are located in a multi-tenant or campus environment. This does not significantly impact the overall size of the market, but does bring a focus on lowering the cost of the sale, reducing the impact of potential account turnover and minimizes the complexity of the Information Systems needed to support the customer base. Property owners and managers can enhance property value and increase building revenue by offering high-speed Internet access and other voice and data services to tenants. An advanced communications infrastructure in commercial office buildings is a value-added amenity that helps attract and retain premier tenants. Because it can utilize existing copper infrastructure, our service in the MTU facilitates rapid turn up of multiple revenue- generating services Value Proposition The customer receives significant value from the service. The ReadyForTheNet service will  Lower their Total Cost of Operations (TCO) associated with an IT infrastructure.  Provides a low risk solution that maintains cost predictability.  Deliver higher levels of service, particularly in the areas of application availability and response time, fast time to market for new business initiatives and knowledgeable technical support.  Gain access to applications and services that are currently not feasible to depl y, yet o provide great business value. Such applications include e-commerce, customer relationship management, streaming multimedia and knowledge management. This will also provide the customer with instant scalability.  Ensure that all software, systems and other infrastructure components are up to date with the latest releases of software and bug fixes.
  2. 2.  ReadyForTheNet will have a Testing, Integration and Staging laboratory to ensure that all IT components operate to customer expectations and are tailored for maximum performance, scalability and resiliency. Clearly the most pressing issues facing IT today, and into the early years of the 21st century will be the cost of acquisition of equipment and the costs of supporting that equipment. The total cost of ownership of computing equ ipment has increased 3 fold over the past 5 years. This increase was related to just maintaining marketshare, not increasing. We anticipate this trend to increase, with the small/medium companystruggling to maintain revenues and profitability. The R4N ASP hosting model makes IT cost effective even when scaling down to smaller companies with less than 100 employees. By sharing the hardware over many companies means less hardware to purchase reducing hardware cost. The same holds true for software. With a central approach, all common software can be used from one server or cluster of servers. This increases security, reliability, and scalability. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) suites (HRS) software etc. is costly to purchase and maintain. Sharing this cost with other smaller companies will allow the smaller company to take advantage of larger enterprise solutions. Solving Network problems before they occur can also reduce cost with little or no down time to the end user. Network problems can be reported with network management tools before the end user calls the help center. ASP support gives expertise and cutting edge experience from a technical staff providing superior performance to keep applications up seven by twenty four. The technical staff will provide ongoing support to modify applications, software and hardware upgrades. Along side this issue is the continuing pressure on IT management to retain staff. IT staff are motivated by a number of factors including the challenge of the position, careers prospects, training offered, the facilities they work in and not least of all their paycheck. Centralized IT staffing in an environment that fosters the sharing of technical knowledge can have a huge cost savings. That’s why many companies are looking to concentrate on their core business and get out of the IT business by using an ASP type of outsourcing model. Further, as the world rapidly adopts the web as a key instrument in commerce there is increasing pressure on IT management to deliver application solutions to the market in a rapid approach. ReadyForTheNet is positioning itself to remove these pressures from small to medium sized companies so they mayconcentrate on their particular core of specialty.